Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • abhijitp
    07-31 03:57 PM
    just a question on #2 above - if you are filing second AOS with EVL, why not just withdraw the first AOS once you get the receipt? Wouldn't this be safer?
    Sorry for the layman's question, but is there an established process for revoking an AOS application? Thanks for your input!

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  • SDdesi
    06-29 05:39 PM
    What if the USCIS suddenly realized that they can make more money in August due to the fee change? So someone in dept had a brainwave thinking - why not move back the dates in July and move forward again for the August bulletin??


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  • pappu
    01-09 03:44 PM
    Small suggestion.I am looking for IV's achievements (Not Campaigns,News updates etc) in IV home page since it's started.

    I do see 1)Success with July 07 fiasco 2)2 year EAD

    We should have a link(In Home Page) to a achievements page(which we have to keep updating we achieve something) which just briefly mentions IV's achievements.

    If it is already there someone please post the link here.

    We have it in about us page if you scroll down

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  • godbless
    05-04 10:24 AM
    Should your address showing up on your w2 and pay stub be matching with the address of your parent company that filed your LC for Permanent Residence? My parent company that filed for my GC is in MI and so my Labor was also filed from there and currently I am working in IL and have been filing tax return for the state of IL for the last 3 years. The addres that shows up on my pay stub and w2 is for the state of IL. As my I485 is already filed so would it matter at the time of adudication of I485 about this address issue?


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  • 485_spouse
    06-15 04:39 PM
    My 485 is pending in NSC where should I file for my EAD and AP?
    What number should I use?


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  • cnachu2
    11-03 09:34 AM
    I sent letters to all including VSC. Can u please request to send letters to VSC also. Sicne there are some petetions yet at VSC, ofcourse mine is also at VSC.


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  • amaruns
    07-09 06:53 PM
    Sending flowers was a way to register our protest. That I believe is being accomplished. USCIS forwarding them to injured service men is OK with me.

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  • n_2006
    11-20 07:43 PM
    How come others are stupid and you are not? They did the same thing what you did. They also thought they can make some money by selling their house in few years. They are stupid because they took ARM loans? Or foreclosed before you? Did you thought about consequences before buying the house?

    Yep. You are wise. All others are stupid.

    Thanks for the feedback so far from people on this group.
    Answering to the question about making bad decision and having a good job..well it is not my bad decision that has brought down the whole market but the banks and stupid people who took loan and didnt knew the consequences of ARM loans and then started filing for foreclosure.. because of those foreclosures the property rates have went down and i cannot get what i paid for the house.
    if this whole mess was not there then anyone can find a good job and sell his house, if not profit then atleast with no loss..

    i hope u got my point..


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  • engineer
    10-03 03:30 PM
    IV should propose a Premium Processing for FBI Namecheck/ Other Background checks. For certain extra fee UCIS/ FBI can do this on premium bases.

    what you all think ?

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  • vikki76
    10-13 04:42 PM
    I was able to contact NSC using POJ today. Got same response- File is with IO for review.


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  • voicerj
    03-30 04:21 PM
    I wish it should be current or atleast near to current.

    Absolutely, the chances for movement to June 2007 is bright but not in May. One of the old models did predict August 2007 by Sep 2011. And then it was noticed that EB3 porting was not properly accounted for in the equation (only 150 per month was accounted). Thereafter, it was stated that Eb3 -> 2 porting is at least 500/m (which I thought was quite a bit). This burden in the model dragged Aug'07 predicted movement date to Nov'06. Now that 12000 EB1 spillover is being claimed, this would account for and balance even 1000/m Eb3->2 porting. Therefore an August 2007 PD by Sep'11 is a good possibility. But the visa bulletin has it's own brains.


    But the visa bulletin has it's own brains. - I like this dude !

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  • laborchic
    07-10 09:09 AM
    I am planning to go to the USCIS office tomorrow for media coverage. Any one in the DC area willing to join? This would be between 10 am and 1 pm. send me a pm with your name, number for more info. I really want to hear from the people who were ready for the protest in DC. This is a good opportunity to explain what has happened and the root cause of the issue.

    WHOA .. nows thats a good move.. way to go Nixstor.. u da best... wish I was in DC neighbourhood.


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  • Saralayar
    01-15 10:01 PM
    Till now I do not see any one voted up for this. It is very sad that our own community is not supporting this. If you are not able to search for it in, give the complete title and see.
    Citizenship if you have lived legally in this Country for 10 years continuously (

    Guys Vote... Vote ... for us, for our kids....

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  • drona
    07-11 01:40 PM
    That's brilliant glus! What was your message? I hope he read it.


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  • bondgoli007
    08-07 01:20 PM
    Hi SunnySurya an Rolling_flood,

    I am EB2 and have a Masters but I don't support your case or even the basis of it. Mostly it is because I don't think MOST of the folks who use PD porting are doing it illegally or even cutting through the line undeservedly. If I am not wrong, these folks will have put in the time (work exp wise and/or added higher education) and should rightfully get the position certified as EB2.

    Now granted that there are always a small minority people who genuinely are not deserving. First, can you define in your view what kind of PD porting is unethical?

    Additionally, can you back up your claims by providing any kind of stats of such cases per year and how much impact it really causes to the GC wait time of those already waiting in queue for EB2? Are they that significant for you and Rolling Stone to feel so wronged?

    In conclusion, unlike the unjust labor substitution process, your case is not convincing because I don't think most people availing PD porting are doing anything wrong legally and ethically. I would love to see stats and examples though.


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  • gtg506p
    01-09 10:17 AM
    Sheela Murthy and Greg Siskind might also be good contacts. I think IV is already in good contacts with them?


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  • anda007
    07-11 10:24 AM
    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for all of you who emailed and called to share your stories
    with me. I tried to get as many of your voices in as possible, but length
    restraints reigned, so I apologize to those that I had left out. Please
    forward this email to anyone you know that may have talked to me, but
    didn't leave me their email.

    A quote that did not end up in the article, but I think you should know.

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, the chairwoman of the House subcommittee on
    "I have a lot of sympathy. I don�t know their names, but maybe I'll see
    them at our hearing. To wait as long as these people have is difficult. A
    lot of work and money has been put into the process. This is a cruel joke.
    [To those who have been affected,] I am sorry that our bureaucracy has
    dealt with you in such an incompetent manner and I hope to make it better."

    here's the link in case anyone is looking for it.

    I wish you the very best of luck in your efforts.

    all best,

    Xiyun Yang
    Staff Writer, Financial Desk
    The Washington Post
    1150 15th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20071

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  • malaGCPahije
    08-07 04:14 PM
    Yes you can -when you were eligible for the EB2 filing at the time of filing for EB3!

    Why would someone do that u ask? Please call my employer and ask him this question. The answer is - so that you are stuck with him for few more years.

    I am in the same boat. My employer decided to file my case under EB3. For that, even the job position was in such a way that required only EB3. I had 7 years experience at that time. So it could have been EB2. That is fine, I am not sad about it.

    My question is, since the original position had requirements that met EB3 and not EB2, how can you now justify moving to EB2 within the same company and for the same position?

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  • rajpatelemail
    04-23 05:45 PM
    Reform H1B and L1 Visa Program - Introduced on April 23rd 2009

    Grassley Works to Eliminate Fraud and Abuse from H-1B Visa Program

    Consulting comapnies will get the major hit due to the below clause:
    * Prohibit the blatantly discriminatory practice of "H-1B only" ads and prohibit employers from hiring additional H-1B and L-1 guest-workers if more than 50 percent of their employees are H-1B and L-1 visa holders.

    We should support, as it puts end to consulting companies abuse.

    08-20 07:54 PM
    Not excatly. eb3_2004 has posted the link of INA. You will find more interesting things if you read through it.

    Non-descrimination rule is clearly spelled out in Section 202 (a). I assume this rule should be generally applied to all applicants, no matter which categories they are falling, unless other rules specifically provided in paragraph (2) and in sections 101(a)(27) , 201(b)(2)(A)(i) , and 203.

    INA does not say to spillover unused visas first to EB2 then EB3. I assume USCIS and Department of State should treat each EB applicants equally (based on their priority dates, not based on EB categories) in according to INA act.

    It is likely the misinterpretation violates the law. We need some one which more professional knowledge to read through it. Can some core member help?

    This is awesome lead. It suggests that barring 203 (which does not talk much about per-country limits) and paragraph 2 (which goes moot when there is spill-over), there should be no discrimination. But does the anti-discrimination apply to "qualification requirements" ?? That will be the counter argument against applying this section.

    10-28 04:23 PM
    Unfortunately these guidelines specified in the memo haven't been adhered to, during processing of I-485’s in cases where the sponsoring employers revoked I-140 petitions.

    Please make this small correction in second paragraph. The "to" in bold is missing.
    Please also post the names and addresses of both California and Vermont service centers as it is not clear who would adjudicate the thousands of I-485 cases they are sitting on.