Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • saimrathi
    07-11 02:34 PM
    Wouldn't it be nice if he could speak for the peaceful rally in protest of USCIS in San Jose... Just a thought...

    I'd be surprised if Arnie is anti-immigration considering he is an immigrant himself.

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  • CADude
    09-20 01:25 PM
    I sent same message which i sent to congressmen and senator(please see page 4). I provided following info.

    Details as provided below:
    Name of Applicant: XXX
    “A” Number of Applicant: XXX
    Date of Birth: XXX
    USPS Tracking No: XXX

    if this helps.

    What case related info you would add in an email?
    SSN, dob, 140 info, approval date, Alien number?
    Pls. share this detail

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  • bobzibub
    05-07 12:49 AM
    Hi friends,

    My husband and me work for the same company now. He applied in EB3 (India) and PD date with December 2006. I-140 approved and I-485 applied in July 2007. Got EAD and AP for both but still working on H1B (Not used EAD and AP).

    From other company, in 2007, I applied for labor substitution and it is approved yesterday, which has PD Nov 2004 (EB3 - India). One of my friend working for this company and I got the reference last moment and I was not hoping for this approval.

    Now I have to switch to this company as the company management are asking me to join the company. I read many threads in this forum and this thread too about multiple filings of I485s and withdraw one while applying other.

    I read some people had no problems with multiple I-485s. But Murthy's advice is against this while others like Rajiv in favour of this.

    Please advice me what could be the best in my case.

    I have PG in engineering (CS) from India.

    Thanks in advance

    We may be talking about the same thing...I believe that ALIA as asked USCIS for clarificatin about spouses both filing (my wife and I both have.) Only I have no EADs or AP on my application. Just straight 485. My wife's 485 has EADs, APs, for both of us. Now both of our lawyers said it would be fine. It is not about what USCIS wants, however--it is about what they will lose court cases over. They can't possibly dissallow multiple applications after the fact, after we've paid for them. If USCIS was going to x-nay this, their window of opportunity is over. By not barring it, they've defacto allowed it.


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  • gc__aspirant
    05-06 01:20 AM
    Just wanted to mention here that i got an email from my attorney's paralegal that they got receipt notices on friday and will let me know about them soon.

    As of now i do not have any idea the receipts are from which centre.

    Thanks for the responses.


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  • puddonhead
    10-16 11:40 AM
    As I had mentioned earlier in this thread - I had received 3 referral credits through IV. (actually I had sent out more invitations - but not everybody accepted/used my invitations).

    For this, as I had promised earlier in this thread - I will contribute $75 to IV once I start using these referral credits (which will happen from next month once my own sign up referral bonus runs out).

    Two of the three referrals who used my invitation also promised they will contribute $25 to IV for the referral.

    To me, this appears to be an acceptable use of the IV message board. Anybody benefitting from IV by getting referrals may want to do the same.

    OTOH, I think it is unfair to abuse the IV platform for personal gain. No other respectable message board allows that. Try these referral spam or other trolling activities in fatwallet of SD, and see how fast you get banned for it even though they are explicitly for deal hunting. Online anonymity is a great thing since it masks a trolls true identity. But think again - your identity is not really as secure behind online anonymity as you think unless you are a professional troll and have taken elaborate measures to obfuscate things. Trolling may come back to bite you.

    Now, a question for mods - I went in to sign up for another recurring contribution for 3 months for $25 today (in addition to my normal subscription). However, I cant find any option for $25 recurring contribution now.

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  • jungalee43
    09-09 07:10 PM
    First of all the progress of this thread so depressing.

    Finished calling all in the list. Generally the response from Dems was better, I felt good after talking in Dem's offices.
    Similarly general response from Repub's was short (even curt), not very enthusiastic.


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  • Lisap
    09-11 10:59 PM
    Collected from some other forum . Just google search your name combinations ( within quotes ).

    For eg. if you have FirstName MiddleName LastName .

    The search should be ( put within quotes )

    "FirstName MiddleName"
    "FirstName LastName"
    "MiddleName LastName"

    and all the reverse combinations.

    If you get hits in 100s or 1000s , yeah you can wait 2 -3 years.
    This is observed from the names of Indians.

    well this is great news there were no hits for my husbands name and only 1 hit for my name! Hopefully we will be ok and not get stuck in name checks then! Thank you for your response!

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  • Hassan11
    05-24 03:41 PM
    Can someone explain to me what is advance Parole and why it is needed?? My lawyer didn't mention it.

    also how long do you have to wait after you get the medical exam done to get the results to file for I-485??? Thank you


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  • Sri_1975
    06-17 11:58 AM
    Keep posting updates once some one contacts ICE and how the process is going.

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  • karthiknv143
    09-28 02:30 PM D


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  • inderman
    10-12 04:55 PM
    Is today a holiday for NSC / TSC?
    Is that the reason why we cannot reach IO's?

    I hope that is the reason...

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  • l1fraud
    06-16 09:38 PM
    OP Do you know how many L1 visa types are there???

    Who said L1 can't be at claient place? Who said L1 can't do programming?

    Don't spit on other community becoz you are loosing some thing...

    Blanket L1s

    L-1A - Managers (lucky ones eligible for EB1), offlate not abused much as L-1A visa petitions are scrutinized well by USCIS (lot of RFEs).

    L-1B - Speciality Skilled ones.. MOST ABUSED category of L visa... petition for these resources would be for a internal tool / custom product and they tell the same during consulate interviews BUT mostly gets deployed to consulting assignments. For Eg. A java programmer would have a petition which talks about a custom product / internal tool where programming language would be java once the visa is stamped these resource would be placed on Java project which has nothing to do with his petition and HENCE THE VIOLATION.

    Blanket L1s - Blanket petition for a large group of resources from a company ... now a days USCIS & consulate doesn't allow these companies to use this category as they found this was one of the most abused category. Once again the process of sending these resources to other projects remains the same once the visa is stamped.

    ALL THE ABOVE VISA categories are banned from either

    1. Working on a client managed project (staff augmentation purpose).
    2. On any technical skilled projects other than the specific internal tools/products mentioned in their petitions (both when client/their own company manages the project).


    Approved L1 petition is the final word in deciding what kind of work the resource can do here in US... not outsourcing companies greed.
    Hope your doubt regarding the L1 visa categories is cleared.. I'll give the details of how these outsourcing companies work and how to bust them by reporting to ICE/USCIS in the next post.


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  • english_august
    07-11 01:27 AM

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  • gandu_no1
    07-13 10:56 AM
    Good idea kumar1, once this rollercoaster ride is over and settled.. we should start an anti-Lou Dobbs Youtube session. I will definately contribute in whatever way I can.. uploading videos, editing etc.

    Lou Dobbs and CNN runs an hour long "Hate Immigrants" Program every night Monday to Friday. He repeatedly calls US immigration as a failed system, H1-B and cheap labor and stealing American jobs, he has big problem with China and China's developing economy, He blames foreigners for bad economic condition of California. He proudly uses the word "Illegal Alien". His program "Lou Dobbs Tonight" is nothing less that someone in Iran running a hate show against America. Lou Dobb always called CIR as "So Called Grand Amnesy"! Once this July visa bulletin fiasco settles down, we need to get together and attack this guy, every night so that he can stop his hate propoganda.


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  • Bpositive
    03-24 11:34 PM
    I think you have a good case here....I really don't see why they can't hire EAD's. Especially because it is 'discriminatory' as per regs to do so. If the reason is something else, then they should say so.

    Maybe they just want you to sue them and then declare bankruptcy..with all their sub-prime credit card exposure, they must be in bad shape..

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  • jungalee43
    09-15 12:38 PM
    I am going as per the last update from IV core. Thay have asked us to start calling from Monday. I am just following that message.
    Personally I feel the hearing and the vote in committee may happen suddenly. So don't think you will be able to watch it live.
    On the side note I am feeling a very positive energy about this bill. In fact I am feeling passage of this bill right through to the President's desk without any changes. I am sure all are feeling the same way.

    Hi Junglee, when is HR5882 scheduled again?

    Is it tomorrow or on 18th?



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  • Bpositive
    02-10 01:33 PM
    Bpositive, thanks very much for the verification. At first, I thought my friend was just scaring me by suggesting the senator/congressman route, but seeing your case now I feel foolish as I should've been doing this in early January. I will check my status tomorrow (monday) with the Delhi consulate once more, and then, if need be (fingers crossed), will talk to my boss in Houston about your suggestions regarding congressman's letter. By the way, what if I call DOS tomorrow and they say the I've been cleared, would it still make sense to have congressman approach them? Too many questions, I know, but I guess you know this feeling. Thanks again.

    the first contact for the congressman's office is the relevant consulate. so it doesn't hurt. it is a simple process. your boss has to sign a confidentiality release document for you and attach a cover letter. to help your boss, identify the congressman, go to the congressman's website and find out where the forms are, write a draft cover letter etc . you can do this yourself i.e enquire as a constituent just in case you don't want to involve your boss. i think it may be better that it goes through your boss

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  • bomber
    06-29 06:12 PM
    My $0.02. This could be a pre-emptive measure on the part of AILA. There must have been some talk at the state department of mid-month regression. This might be a strategy to scotch that. Raise a ruckus and send a message that we are prepared to file a law suit. Who knows? We are mere pawns in this grand game. Whatever happens, I hope people keep some perspective and not lose sleep over this.
    - Sri

    Good reasoning here. I truly hope it's true and USCIS realizes what they are planning to do..

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  • rakesh_one
    05-10 10:09 AM
    My wife is on F1 visa and I am hoping the dates will move soon and we will be able to file 485. I would like to know if

    >she can file 485 by being in F1 ?
    >Once she files being in F1, can she still continue to be on F1 and travel in and out of US on F1?
    >What will be her status when she starts using EAD if she filed being in F1?

    07-09 11:56 PM
    You said
    "Do you think that by sending flower to USCIS will force them to make EB2/EB3 current for 2005/2006/2007 guys??"
    My answer:
    This is not about forcing USCIS into doing anything. The sole purpose of this is to bring awareness in mainstream media(and in doing so the american public) to the need of reform in american immigration system for skilled migrants. Immigration reform is not just reforming illegal immigration but this is one of our chances to put focus on legal employment-based immigration.

    You also said
    "My sincere request, please don't do rally, you might be never know what they can do..... Don't you think that, it is better to go back to India rather than being embarrassed here in US???"
    My answer:
    Why should I be embarrassed about protesting how sheer incompenet USCIS/DOS decision making is on this visa bulletin fiasco? about how my tax dollars and my application fees are spent by these departments?
    Infact for people to be coming out of thier little cubicles to protest on something they feel is injustice says something about how embarrassed the government bodies should be about thier failure in doing their job. I have no shame in expressing an injustice done to me.

    You also said
    "Exactly that is now 2006-2007 PD guys are expecting to happen a miracle, right? I mean, apply 485,EAD ASAP."
    My answer:
    My PD is Jan 2006(been living here since 99). When Visa bulletin became current, my only expectation from it is that my wife can start working on EAD. I don't think anyone who was planning to apply for 485/EAD/AP based on the old july bulletin realistically expected that they would get their greencard in few months. This outrage is only that USCIS/DOS couldn't keep their house clean in how to solve the unused visa numbers and insensitively moved the dates forward and then backward causing emotional strees and hole in our bank balances. They did us wrong and might do it again.

    For your information

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006

    I have MS in EE from US and working since 2001,filed my GC in 2005 May(PERM).

    However can you please tell me anyone who got GC in Eb2/Eb3(India) in 1-2 yr in the last 15 yrs?
    Exactly that is now 2006-2007 PD guys are expecting to happen a miracle, right? I mean, apply 485,EAD ASAP.

    If you guys really care about 2002-2003-2004 guys, then please please wait for OCT 07 bulletin and after that you can do anything you want. If they will retrogress the dates, then please fight but not before that.

    This is just a suggestion. If you like follow it, otherwise ignore.

    07-09 08:29 PM
    How did he came to know about this, where as many big media heads are unaware of this........any idea?

    Perhaps something as simple as the florist's confirming delivery address etc?

    That is the reason they ask for recipient's telephone number. They do warn that they may call the recipient to confirm delivery details.