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  • BharatPremi
    07-26 03:58 PM
    India of course. I am here for the same reason that you are - India sucks.

    At least India gave you the oppertunity to develop "High Skill" which can be accepted by USA and so you are here. If India might not have given you that oppertunity then Would it be able for you to rant on this board?

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  • mallu
    05-14 03:09 AM

    Are those returned due to --ssed of immigration system here ?

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  • Lasantha
    12-14 04:17 PM
    I hear you!

    --Improve processing time to consume full quota allotted per fiscal year. If the cases are processed at snail pace, increasing quota to half a million visa doesn't mean squat to anybody. It will fall into another cycle of "waste visas & recapture visas"

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  • smari
    03-29 05:05 PM
    H1-B transfer petition pending. Could I enter Canada for PR and comeback to US with old H1-B (not stamped) and receipt notice for transfer petition. Any suggestions?


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  • gcvision2010
    09-03 10:57 AM
    May his soul rest in Peace!

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  • newtoearth
    05-03 01:36 AM


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  • lazycis
    02-14 09:19 AM
    There are 71 people who have voted for a class action lawsuit.

    Has anyone of them contacted Rajiv Khnanna and spent their own $600 and got an anwer? NO.

    This is because nobody is serious about this. Everyone wants the other person to spend their money and time. They will only spend their time in writing posts.

    I oppose this idea for number of reasons. Firstly people will not become plantiffs. They are scared. USCIS will scruitanize their applications more than anyone. Secondly people will not donate money in thousands of dollars each for it. Unless you can get hundred thousand dollars and above, you cannot go into a class action lawsuit. Thirdly nobody will go and travel on their own money and testify. Forthly, nobody will spend time helping lawyers prepare cases and research. Forthly, class action lawsuits take time and people will disappear after a while. Fifthly nobody will be willing to lead this effort. They will just dump it on IV to lead it and have core spend their time and money into it for them. Sixthly if this fail, they will blame IV for wasting the money and failing in the effort. Seventhly we do not want greencards that bad. If we wanted greencards that bad we all would have written more than 20 thousand letters till now. We should only try to bite as much as we can chew. This is just an overambitious plan and looks good in a post.

    Thus I oppose this idea.

    You cannot speak on behalf of other persons. Speak for yourself. Even though I have a GC, I am willing to contribute (monetary, reviewing lawyers briefs, doing legal research). I will not be able to participate as plaintiff as I have a GC.

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  • GCA
    08-17 01:47 PM
    Collin Powell incident is America's problem. Even after the civil rights movement and equality to Blacks, they are still having discrimination. Just ask Black people in America and how they feel in their daily life.

    So according to you by coming to America we should forget India because you will call us traitor? Have you heard how Jews in America are so strong and care for Israel even after becoming US citizens?

    The fact is Indians are responsible for their own problems and greencard woes. They want to live in this sorry state and blame everyone else around them except themselves. They do not have any pride in their roots and thus flee their own country. They do not come to this country for betterment of their skills, education and experience but because they want to flee the country. There maybe exceptions but this is what I have seen in Indians who are on H1B or who have become US Citizens.

    There could be several reasons for people coming here. But most and primary reason is making some quick money and returning back. And a good portion of that money goes back to our motherland to prosper. People didn't flee the country. They flew out of the country because their skills are valued more elsewhere - its simple demand supply economics that made/makes our skills more valued outside - I don't want to eloborate more and hurt someone which definitely wasn't the intention.

    IF we are after the GC, its purely for the mobility and assurity it provides and not for the path to citizenship. Though most of them want to return back, we still want the GC so we call the shots and not the INS. Long story short, no one is a traitor. They are just common 'smart' people - yah, they are common from the land we come from.


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  • sumagiri
    07-25 08:40 AM
    IMO, both arguments and are valid as far as speculations are concerned. It all depends on perspective. In this thread, we are focusing on statistics and calculations. I my self did lot of calculations. However, objectively looking at Ron's comments, it appears like his concern and underlying message is what if USCIS won't adjudicate enough numbers and wastes visa numbers as it did lot of times. He is basing his prediction on years of experience. With recent pressure on DOS/USCIS to use visa number, I think, they are making an attempt to use up all numbers and that will definitely bring life to our calculations. But what If they do not do that.....and their 'target' is a low number.

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  • NKR
    02-19 02:51 PM
    NKR, my friend, i'm puzzled, u speak of in-state tuition, visa stamping, life insurance.. how is that different for ROWs from others, we are all the same in that, we are all the same being skilled immigrants all of us, when i complain that someone says indians and chinese are here in larger numbers because they are best and brightest and ask them to be sensitive it doesn't mean that we all suffer the same hardships.. when i state the fact that bodyshops contributed to the longer lines for some countries i don't say i'm indifferent to your suffering, but i also say it can't be fixed by making another group suffer

    You have to look at the context in which my comments were made. Somebody said that H4 spouses go to college and pay instate fees but they have to pay international fees. I never said that ROW people do not have any of those problems but it just that we have to endure that for some more years. Having said that, I reiterate that I want my GC fast but not at the expense of ROW people. They do not have to endure a longer wait.

    I thought this thread was given a decent burial, I could trust only you to bring this thread back to life with your hidden agenda of driving a wedge between Indians/Chinese and ROW.


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  • newbie2020
    07-03 09:41 PM
    My LC applied in Feb 2008
    LC approved Apr 2008
    I-140 Applied May 2008

    My 6th yr H1B expires Dec 2008
    H1B Maxout Jan 2008

    I am short by around 20 days Should i recapture the days by going out of country for 20 days and apply H1B 1yr extension, Will i Qualify for 3 yrs in this case...?

    or should i just Apply for I-140 PP in Oct 2008 and 3 yr H1B Extension without worrying about recapturing 20 days.

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  • mallu
    02-12 08:46 PM
    .....USCIS says EBs are retrogressed because there are XXXXX people in the queue. .....

    Do they publish how much is XXXXX per country ?


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  • manderson
    10-18 12:25 PM (

    Immigration board short of staff as backlog grows


    OTTAWA -- The number of immigrants and refugees waiting for permission to stay in Canada has grown since the Conservatives took power last February, the chairman of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada told a Commons committee yesterday.
    "This year, the IRB has a complement of 156 members. As of today, we have 40 vacancies," Jean-Guy Fleury said at a meeting of a parliamentary immigration committee.
    When he appeared before the committee in May, Mr. Fleury said he was optimistic that the backlog of cases would drop below 20,000. And it did fall to 19,800 a short time later, he said yesterday.
    But, because there are not enough people to hear cases, it has since climbed to 20,500 and Mr. Fleury said he expects it will quickly hit 24,500. The government, meanwhile, has made just eight new appointments and 12 reappointments since the January election, he said.
    "In the absence of appointments and reappointments, I cannot fulfill my promises to this committee on processing times and innovative reforms," Mr. Fleury said.
    Lesley Harmer, spokesperson for Immigration Minister Monte Solberg, said the minister has taken several steps to get the positions filled.
    "We have brought in reforms that have reduced the process for applicants down from eight months to four months," Ms. Harmer said.
    "As well, at the minister's urging, to cast the net wide and ensure potential candidates are informed, an advertisement was placed in the Canada Gazette and national newspapers to draw in a new pool of applicants for openings on the board. This resulted in more than 350 new candidates. We're also continuing to look for ways to reform the system and get competent, professional members on the board."
    But opposition members who sit on the immigration committee said Mr. Solberg must act quickly to fill the vacancies.
    "I think it is a very serious issue," said Bill Siksay, the NDP immigration critic. "The vacancies mean that the work's not getting done, that important decisions aren't being made, that people are being left in limbo."
    Mr. Fleury said he has met with the minister about eight times since the election and that the only reason for those meetings is to discuss appointments, Mr. Siksay said. "So I think that the minister is a barrier in all of this."
    Liberal immigration critic, Raymonde Folco, a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, said the backlog that her party started to reduce is now increasing again.
    "I know from experience that it takes an awful lot of people to take care of these hundreds and hundreds of refugee claimants who come in every year," Ms. Folco said.
    "Just in terms of mathematics, when you divide the number of immigration judges we have now by the number of cases that come in, you realize that gives such a load to people that they can't support it."
    Meili Faille, the Bloc's immigration critic, also blamed the minister and the Conservative government for the problem.
    There have been many complaints from lawyers, Ms. Faille said, "but also from people in our constituencies where their hearings are being postponed and delayed and what the IRB revealed to us this morning is that backlogs are increasing since the Conservatives have been in place."

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  • bayarea07
    07-22 12:18 AM
    Here is the response i see in Greg Siskind Blog
    Hi Ash - Hard to say. Clearly, the jump in EB-2 numbers this month was meant to try and ensure that the maximum visa numbers get used this fiscal year. If USCIS is still far off from using the numbers, then I could see the dates going current. Then, of course, you have new numbers available for October so the dates may move forward anyway.


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  • snram4
    01-18 10:05 AM
    The H1b rules and Cap are framed based on the principle that foreigners will be allowed only when there are no avialblity of skilled persons for that job. That is the reason For LCA and salary requirements. You can very well google that why H1b visa was created on 1991. Everyone in congress and also american public expects that American jobs should not be replaced by foreigners. But when there is no clear cut job position there could be foreigner could be hired just because he quotes 10 dollar less than American but same skills.
    But still we can lobby for change of law to get some grace period of 2 or 3 months when a persons job lost or H1b is cancelled. But it is a bad idea to justify bench without pay for H1b. But still USCIS was sympathtic towards most people and most H1bs got green card though they were in bench. One of my relative forgot to renew H1b for more than an year but otherwise perfect. They accepted and applied for extension explaining the situation and got extension. If they would followed the law she would have got 10 year Ban. But I am not expecting any sympathy from USCIS for anyone who violated law or regulation knowlingly.

    Is H-1B working at a gas station a bad apple? Yes.

    Non-Indian staffing company keeps $150/hr, 25 years back. Is this a bad apple? How much can a staffing company keep? Why? Who decides it? Has Hilda L. Solis decided it for for US workers? Why should Janet Napolitano decide it for H-1B?

    Contractor salary and benefits come from his/her billing only. Most US workers are not paid on bench/benefits. Why should H-1B be paid on bench/benefits? Contractor can be paid on bench/benefits only by spreading the billing over bench/benefits (thereby reducing paycheck). Why is this a good apple?

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  • zCool
    03-14 11:09 AM
    If you aren't going to be in US, even if you have an agent, there's is a risk that they might call you up for an interview you may not be able to go to.
    If you are hard-up on info and don't want to go thro' headache, try one of the reputed ones.. stay away from WWICS..
    For couple of thousand.. if you can get little help and good advise, it's not bad.. but most of these shops are akin to Desi consultants in USA. Lie, Cheat and make money .. that's the mission statement..
    Apart from that.. process and forms are on the web. Tricky part is getting a job and living in Canada .. It's a honduras with worse looking people..


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  • pappu
    01-24 12:16 AM
    not just 5 years,
    make it a retrogressed date for coming out of prison for such people. They will understand what retrogression is and will wait endlesslessly for their date of freedom to become current.:)
    stay in jail forever and when the date becomes current ... go back to the home country empty handed to start all over again.

    btw, everyone filing GCs from small companies need to be very careful. Some members are asking about company A or B on the forum these days. You need to directly ask the employer all these questions before joiniing them. Sometimes even after approval of 140 or even till you get the actual GC your application can be denied for GC if:
    - The company is found to be fraud/ involved in any fruad by USCS or DOL
    - the company has excess GC applications and cannot show ability to pay (company profitability per year) for all of them. Small companies typically may be involved in wrongh tax practices by hiding their actual profits. The company may have filed several GC applications and sometimes initial applications may get approved but later can be denied. IN that case USCIS can also deny all previously approved applications.
    - The company is H1B dependent. (more H1Bs . There is a percentage defined by USCIS). Ths will raise red flags in their system.
    - The applicant is related to the owner of the company. This also can be a reason for denial and red flagging of a company for all other applicants.
    - Physical location and legitimacy of the company. In the past some applicants applied through companies in Maine even though they were not working in Maine. This was to get faster LCs before the Perm process started. Sometimes such cases also raises doubts.

    Be careful with every step you take. GC application is very important and you do not want to take such risks and regret later.

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  • aps
    09-23 01:53 AM
    This is not fair and good idea. what about people waiting in line for years and invested their money elsewhere because of this green card delays or those who do not have enough money and job in this market situation. All of the sudden you are brining this idea. This is not fair. This is kind of buying green card. There is a investment based green card category available for that. I request you to go through that channel if you are rich. Not all employment based green card seekers are rich. Please keep that in mind.


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  • somegchuh
    10-10 01:01 PM
    Can someone clarify the following for me?

    1. How hard/easy is it to get TN visa? Is it restricted only to specialized professions like H1 or can ppl with general office (HR/marketing) etc also get TN visa?
    2. Can spouse work or is it same state as H4?
    3. How hard/easy is it to switch jobs?
    4. What does it take to apply for green card while on TN (without switching to H status)
    5. Anyone tried L1 route from Canada to US?

    Basically, my question is it worth the trouble trying to get a GC if you are a canadian citizen?

    09-16 09:16 PM
    Families paid to claim YSR shock deaths (

    Have to see how low YSR's Son can go. KVP used people's deaths as a reason to claim CM post for another Gunda YS Jagan.

    Andhra Pradesh Congressmen are going to extreme lengths to show how scores of people in the state had died of shock following former chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's tragic helicopter crash.

    Ever since Reddy's body was found in the Nallamala forests on September 3, there have been reports sourced to the Congress party of deaths from heart attacks and suicides from all parts of the state.

    However, cross-checking some of these cases revealed an uncomfortable truth that many had suspected all along - that these people had died of natural causes and their deaths could not be linked to Reddy's accident. The investigation also exposed how cynical local Congress leaders, and in one case allegedly a state minister, had paid the families of those who had died from natural causes since September 3 to say the deaths were due to shock following the former chief minister's accident.

    07-04 09:03 AM

    Could you look at the following report and try to find email of the reporter and let him/her know what happened with us.'s+Most+Popular+Stories&more=/news/newspopular.asp


    We need multipal people working on different action items.. Lets spend our holiday doing something for us/IV.

    also sent it to the drudge report...if he picks it up other talk show hots will pick it up too.