Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • addsf345
    01-04 01:34 PM
    any updates on this issue? any meeting with CIS officials? Please share latest updates.

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  • ganesha
    08-20 12:33 PM
    Dear IV friends,

    One news, call to india free for 24.99 from vonage plan starts today.


    Just changed my plan from Premium Unlimited to World Plan at no extra cost....

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  • gc4me
    11-10 09:44 PM
    I got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences

    01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

    02. Submit current dated EVL for your new employer. No issue. we can answer that

    For my wife also asking for 2 evidences:

    01. About the same medical issue.
    02. Provide her non-immigrant status between Feb 2003 to Jan 2004.

    I don't know what do. Looks like we are doomed. My wife came here with H4 in 2000, was provided I-94 from the airport for 3 years (till Jan 2003), we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.

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  • WillIBLucky
    06-15 01:58 PM
    I-94s are submitted at the airport when you leave the country. In many cases there are no I-94s coz they have been submitted and no one thought of making copies of them before travelling out of country. I am sure I dont have all the I-94s that I ever used. I submitted them at the airport when I went out and didnt make copies.

    I think it must be ok if you dont have all of them. Can anyone advise if that's the case?
    You dont need all I-94's. They only need the last I-94. But, you will need to give copies of all the H1B visa petition. For instance, if you changed your employer then you will have new petition or even when you extend your visa.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-18 01:50 PM
    They look for criminal hits, why do they care about foreclosure or credit history. The scope is to look for undesirable elements who are a National Security risk. It has nothing to do with credit history.

    The sad part is that we have no criminal history and we still get stuck because of a problem with their process, there is no recourse, you can write to any one you want. WOM can work but thats about it...if people continue filing WOM they might come up with something else to block WOMs too. The term 'national security' is pretty powerful, credit history would mean that half of this country would not be eligible to stay here

    Would appreciate if anyone can reply to my question....

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  • eb3_nepa
    01-07 11:35 PM
    Quick question.

    IV has asked for 2 copies, one to the President and one to IV. Couple of questions on that.

    1) Does the letter addressed to the President need to be in a seperate stamped envelope?
    2) What is the reason behind 2 copies?


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  • letstalklc
    08-25 12:29 PM
    I heard some one telling me that there is a max limit of 5000 mts per month which includes local, long distance and international.

    Is it true or just a rumor ?

    As per my phone and chat conversation with Vonage is that it's a rumor, there is no limit at all, you can call as long as you want....

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  • anilsal
    07-09 08:51 PM
    But do you think that by constantly irritating USCIS, all dates of 2005-06-07 guys will be current again?

    Since when was the flower campaign meant as a irritant?


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  • amsgc
    06-16 12:12 PM
    A# is the alien number that is given to the applicant during the GC process. It is either given at 140 approval or at 485. If you have a A# in your 140 approval then you can use that # in all your 485 forms.
    To answer pranju's question, yes its only for primary applicant. You can leave that field as blank for your spouse.

    Thank yoiu gcnirvana. Your post is very useful. I will use the A# that is on my I-140.

    Here is what I just found:
    - My EAD (from OPT) and H1B approval notice have the same A#
    - My company's rep. did not put an A# in the I-140 app.
    - My I-140 has a 9 digit A# which is different from the one that is on my H1 and EAD(OPT).

    My question is:

    If Spouse has EAD from OPT. Should s/he put that A# on their I-485?



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  • legalservice
    10-09 04:45 PM
    I am a july 2nd filer and filed my second application on Aug 15th.
    Now that I have got receipts for July 2nd applications, I have put stop payments on the checks on Aug 15th application.
    My hope is that my 2nd application will not be processed.

    Hi, I'm in the same situation. I was afraid that my July 2nd application may be rejected or misplaced or ... so I filed a second application in August. Do you think that it's safe to put a stop payment on the check for the second application? I consulted an immigration attorney on that and he thought that it may negatively affect the first application if the second one is rejected. The attorney's suggestion was to withdraw the second application once the receipt notice is generated. Is there an option to combine both I-485s? Please, let me know what you think. Thanks, Leo

    Disclaimer: The opinion expressed above is the result of my immigration experience and the consultations with immigration attorneys as provided through; in no way it constitutes legal advice


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  • natrajs
    10-01 04:29 PM
    Wow Naushit,
    Enjoy luck yet for my wife...But she got a call from USCIS office of Wash DC that it is the biometrics that is holding her approval...they are issuing a biometrics appointment....I told so far she had been issued Biometrics appointment thrice and we have not received anything.

    Also if I got approved without biom availability how come she is not....she is giving crap that our job is approving the primary applicant....I told her that none of my friends have got approval just for the principal they all got approved together.

    I told her Biom does not hold approval ...she was adamant we can't approve her w/o that.


    SOP, The moment you receive the Biom Notice, do not wait unitl the interview date, try to walk in to the service center the next day to do the Biom

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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  • willwin
    08-07 10:34 AM
    But what if it is successful... What will happen then...

    May be you will fall from your bed!

    Wake up dude, enough of day dreaming.


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  • abhis0
    09-16 08:41 AM
    Nope. Why?

    Because pattern shows that LUD on I140 meant transfer of cases to Texas and only few have heard so far from that batch.

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  • mirage
    08-07 04:00 PM
    Your Logic is Illogical in the first place...
    In Labor substitution, a person who lands in US last friday, could substitute a labor and get ahead in line of a 2002 guy.
    In Porting case he/she is the original beneficiary. So you comparing Porting to Labor Substitution is totally illogical...

    PD porting is another labor sub in making. I hope I have presented my case logically to show who all are the people who are in position to be benefitted by this rule. Of course there will be some genuine cases too but on other hand think about the people in Eb2 line that will be severely affected.


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  • shankar_thanu
    07-11 09:07 AM
    Looks like someone already added one of the stories to digg

    please digg this story and any other relevant one...

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  • andycool
    08-18 10:01 AM
    Hi AndyCool,

    How did you open Infopass on aug 5th, because once SR is created they say wait for 45 days before opening infopass, as in the page where we open infopass it asks for SR#?

    Can you please share what option you selected in the web page when you tried to open a Infopass appointment.


    I just selected need Information thats all it has nothing to do with SR


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  • Kushal
    01-09 08:51 PM
    Sending out the letters today..


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  • nkalpana
    01-31 04:06 AM
    My Goodness... Prashanth! this is a total mess..

    This is worse than our software product deadlines!!
    Dont know whether to laugh or to cry!


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  • lazycis
    10-18 08:42 AM
    First of all, lazycis, thank you for all the great information on the immigration portal WOM thread and now on the IV forums. The community owes you.

    Re: this Cannon declaration -- do you mind sharing the case number or case name (X v Chertoff) or the declaration if you have downloaded it from Pacer?

    Hey, thanks, Googler. If we are not helping each other, shame on us.
    I am trying to save people's money so that instead of paying the lawyers they would support IV :)

    I need to ask the person who shared the declaration with me privately. It was not something I found in PACER. If I find similar declaration in other cases, I'll post it.

    05-15 12:48 PM
    I know most of the ppl file EAD and AP along with I-485, but is it possible to file EAD and AP at a later time and not with I-485.

    I know it's a stupid idea but just curious whether we can do that or not?
    Also is the filing of EAD and AP also ties with your PD being current ?


    01-25 04:23 PM
    I recently had to apply for a UK transit visa and the process went smooth as ever. I had to answer a lot of questions for both my wife and myself but after I have done that the process was easy. We just had to show up for finger printing just like for our 485s, send all the necessary documents to the correct address by (reliable) mail and just got emails that our visas have been approved. I have flown with BA before and their service is far better than any other airlines I have flown with before.
    I have flown lot of airlines ..I was in merchant navy before. all airlines suck or are o.k (depends on yr view) i.e. they give you standard service.
    the fact that you need a transit visa is stupid. they want to make money and in my view who ever pays for a visa for transit is a sucker.all the european airports who need TV control their airports ..not even a fly can go out unless they pass immigration customs etc - so why do they need visa !!. service in an airline depends on the mood of attendants just based on one flight experience - dont say that BA is better than others.