Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • leo2606
    08-09 09:11 PM
    You are right, with second set of application I just filed 485, did not apply for EAD and AP.

    every lawyer who has OKed multiple 485s has specifically asked us to apply for EAD/AP on only one of the applications.

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  • dontcareaboutGC
    04-05 05:48 PM
    I would like to think that by now DOS combined with CIS probably have a good estimate of the spillovers based on historical trends, current demand, pre-adjudicated cases, existing I-140's and porting cases. Assuming they have this data and the current availability of visas including spillover for 2011 as someone pointed out they might take the dates out towards 2008-2009 possibly since the CP cases are also coming to a close. Hence they could open a 2 year window so that the pipeline can move consistently instead of opening the pipeline by making EB2 India / China Current and flooding the system causing endless delays.
    I think most of us ignore the CP cases which DOS/ CIS has to ensure has a full workload possibly explaining the NVC updates of fee requests-

    I would bet that whatever they do they will work together with CIS is to ensure that workload with CIS and consulates all around the world is maintained and if anything a smooth consistent pipeline is also established for the future- this is just a guess- most of it is anyways.

    We will see....

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 04:22 PM
    Guys - if u havent been paying attention, this discussion have been ON since yesterday as reported in many threads.....Thisis not new....
    If it happens we will start sagain to get a Relief Bill passed in Congress....IV go!! Get 'em

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  • intbuz
    08-19 02:36 PM

    is it NSC or TSC

    thanks guys, it's NSC


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  • GC08
    07-09 09:22 PM
    why do you keep parroting the pro USCIS, pro -antiimmigrant line all the time?
    there are times when your realism makes sense, then there are others when it's plain silly.
    this was not a mistake. this was not an accident.
    civil servants do not show up on weekends by accidents. and they do not do 6 mnths of work in 15 days by mistake.
    it was intentional, directed and planned.
    you can believe whatever motives you want and you can sympathize with uscis till kingdom come. but pleaaasee don't tell me it was a random event, some act of god that is our destiny or such crap. please!

    I wish USCIS could stand out and answer those questions... do whatever they can to clarify those "rumors". :confused:

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  • ys2jax
    06-29 03:57 PM
    has a link "Update on July Visa Availability"
    but only members can access it.


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  • amitjoey
    07-09 09:29 PM
    just curious .

    to fwd all these flowers will it cost uscis anything ?

    btw i m very happy that he has acknowledged our issue :)


    Ofcourse, they have to put up resources, van, driver to drive these flowers and deliver.

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  • pd052009
    03-31 12:12 PM
    How do you guys know that 12K visas will be allotted in one single month(May)? From USCIS point of view, won't it make sense to keep some numbers as reserve, if the EB1 picks up in the 2nd half?
    Thanks for the info....I believe it will be either Dec 2006 or Jan 2007


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  • nrk
    10-02 10:28 AM

    Got the card production ordered e-mail!!..

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  • royus77
    06-29 02:12 PM
    I read somewhere in the forum that one guy contacted USCIS regarding I-140 PP and he was told by USCIS representative that they honor Postmark date. If USCIS honors Postmark date not the receive date they one must be careful sending application on June 29th.
    Edit/Delete Message

    I think the classis example of April 1 2007 . If that was true USICS might have to reject 1,30,0000 petitions .Received date is important .


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  • aristotle
    06-26 10:22 PM
    Can anyone answer this question please?

    In I-485, when we enter I-94 information, I am not sure which date to use in the valid field.

    The date on my white EAD card expired already. I have a new I-797 which is valid until 2010. My guess is I should enter this date. Can any one please confirm?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • singhv_1980
    01-22 05:18 PM
    my interview is on feb 1st week and at mumbai.. it will be my second stamping.. my current H1 is approved in April 2007

    Good Luck! and keep us posted.


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  • hopeforgcfast
    08-16 01:31 PM
    Am a new member here. Thought of posting the follow-up activities I have done till now and the results for the same.

    PD: Oct 2005
    Center: NSC
    I485 RD: 07/26/2007
    I485 ND: 08/24/2007
    FP done only once in 2007 (forgot exact date).

    08/03/2010: Opened SR for primary (self)
    08/05/2010: Sent email to NSCfollowup. Got reply that this account address is for following up on open SRs.
    08/09/2010: Infopass appointment, did not get any useful info other than that case is being processed
    08/09/2010: Opened SR for Secondary (spouse)
    08/12/2010: Got response for 1st SR. Main gist of reply was that due to pending caseload in Nebraska, the processing time for my case has been extended :(. But the statement that got my attention was "Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made. The Service is waiting for VISA availability." So called helpline again and was able to get to 2nd Level IO. She said that this statement is a mistake and that Visas are still available. Also confirmed that my case is with IO. However she said that I might be required to do FP again. The FP might be causing the delay.
    08/13/2010: Contacted local congressman and asked help for following up.
    08/13/2010: Send letter to Ombudsman

    Latest status: Still waiting, not sure what other action I can take.

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    01-13 11:53 AM
    I sent a hand written letter to the President and CC'd it to CA IV PO BOX. and I feel a lot better after writing it.

    I have also sent a personalized hand written letter to the local Congressman. I will set up a meeting once I get a positive response or in the next few weeks, whichever is earlier.



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  • sumagiri
    09-23 07:25 PM
    I thought each EB category could get upto 28.6% of 140000 = 40000 visas every fiscal year. So if EB1 uses up 5000 and EB2 takes the remaining 35000 and its annual allotment of 40000, EB3 does not get any spillover.


    knacath, I am hoping that EB2 will be current this year and EB3 begins to get spillover though very little this year.

    Some more specifics

    Annual Quota ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 140,000
    Pending EB1, EB4, EB5----------------------------------------------------------------> 7,653
    Estimate of all categories current applied this year and approved this year -----> 10,000
    Remaining visas -----------------------------------------------------------------------> 122,347
    All pending EB2s (includes retrogressed) -------------------------------------------> 74932
    Remaining visas available to EB3(includes retrogressed) --------------------------> 47415

    The only flaw in above is ignoring CP and assuming all 140K Quota to AOS. The majority of EB1, EB2 and EB3 are AOS. So I am safely ignoring CP. Even if CP is 15% of annual quota as some one put it, EB3 gets its allocated 40K quota and around 65K pending EB2s get out of queue.

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 01:27 PM


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  • mchundi
    01-01 01:20 AM
    Any idea when the new proposals will be implemented if they become law :confused: Do we have to wait until Oct for these new proposals to take effect.

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  • mallu
    09-25 12:33 AM
    I guess only a minority of people get stuck in name check ( unlike immigration portal forums , the FBI namecheck discussion thread doesn't move much) or may be that majority still in the 'waiting for receipt notice/FP' mode.

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  • krish2006
    04-04 03:33 PM
    A simple calc to find out how much EB3-EB2 porting going on as of today:

    If you look at Demand data released last month by DOS, It lists
    Prior to January 1, 2007 , EB2- I pending : 13,200

    In my opinion Demand data includes EB3- EB2 porting as well since Demand data reflects overall demand for one category.

    Now if you look at inventory data released on Jan 5 ,2011 ,
    EB2 India Pending Prior to Jan1st 2007 : 13,516
    But if you exclude all the data prior to May = 13,516 - 1,110 - 103 - 133 - 74-108 = ~ 12K

    EB2 I demand from the inventory btwn May - Dec 06 = 12K
    But Demand data says EB2-I demand is 13,200

    Diff : 13,200 - 12K = 1200 ( This number has to be porting)

    We know EB2 - I dates have not moved since Oct ,2010 .
    So India regular quota for the last six months : 2800/2 = 1400 .

    Since dates have not moved, I am assuming 1400 should also be considered towards porting.

    so my conclusion is so far 1200 + 1400 = 2600 porting already took place. (though only 1400 really got GC)

    EB3 Porting could use up to 8K though, and new filing could be 2K
    and EB2 I/C pre-07/2007 still have about 34K at the beginning of oct/2010
    So it is even at most...

    There are lots of uncertain
    1. EB1 is now the biggest uncertainty
    2. EB2 ROW
    3. Porting
    But EB1 and Eb2 ROW, EB2 I/c new fling (ppl who missed 07/2007 w/ PD before 07/2007) have to file in May to get it approved by Sept as processing time is 4 month.
    So After May, from June to August, it is all spill over game for EB2 I/C
    That is why i guess Charles is saying the trend is now, and will start use the numbers in May

    08-20 12:14 PM
    Dear IV friends,

    One news, call to india free for 24.99 from vonage plan starts today.

    Thanks Ivar.... You made my day...


    01-10 09:56 PM
    I am on a h1b currently. I changed empoyers in the US but the old stamp is still valid till semptember 2008. I has taken a visa date for jan30 in mumbai consulate and was going to fly back on feb9. Now planning to cancel the visa stamping because of the PIMS delays. I hope i am still valid to fly as i have a valid visa stamp and a new petition from current employer too which i can show at port of entry. Do let me know your views on the same and if there are any probable issues....

    you will be fine. i have done that earlier.. make sure they stamp I-94 with the expiry date of your current H1 approval... that is important..

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  • gccovet
    11-24 04:17 PM
    My co-worker sent emails and letters today.

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  • styrum
    07-12 01:01 PM
    Although much older anouncements and news are still there.
    Apparently they want everybody to forget about this ASAP, let alone attract any further interest or god forbid inquiries. I don't know who in the world can still beleive that they are a "service" and we are "customers".

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  • anjans
    09-20 08:00 PM
    July 2nd

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  • dskhabra
    09-04 01:38 PM

    Lingo came up with the same is the link below....

    I am not sure how to navigate from LINGO.COM, but the link gives the info...share if any body has exp. with this company....

    2 years aggreement. 5000 mins with the below condition (from Terms & Conditions)

    Lingo�s advertised rates for international calls are generally the rates charged for calls to landline telephones. Some calls to international mobile telephones, or to international telephone numbers considered to be special services calls, are charged a different (usually higher) rate than calls to landline telephones. The rates you will be charged are set forth in the calling plan rate tables and are typically designated by a "MOB", "cellular", "mobile" or "M" notation.

    Not sure if this applies to the new plan.


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  • simple1
    06-10 05:24 PM
    Are you referring to special "The B1 in lieu of an H1B" ?

    Nonimmigrant Visas
    B-1 IN LIEU OF H-1B
    Any person holding a B1 or B1/B2 visa may be eligible to perform H-1B work in the United States as long as they fulfill the following criteria:

    Hold the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree
    Plan to perform H-1B-caliber work or training
    Will be paid only by their foreign employer, except reimbursement of incidental travel costs such as housing and per diem. The employee must not receive any salary from a U.S. source.
    The task can be accomplished in a short period of time.
    These travelers would be admitted as B1 visitors, and may only stay in the U.S. for the time allotted by the Department of Homeland Security upon entry.

    Like any other B1/B2 applicant, travelers must still show strong professional, familial and financial or other ties, which indicate a strong inducement to return to the country of origin or another country other than the United States.

    Consulate General Mumbai is prepared to issue B1/B2 visas to qualified applicants for this purpose. These visas may also be used for tourism. Current holders of B1/B2 visas may already use this provision without seeking another visa.

    When seeking a visa for this purpose, please clearly explain this in the applicant’s BEP cover letter.

    The Customs and Border Patrol agents at Ports of Entry are aware of this provision. If asked at the border, applicants are advised to explain completely their purpose of travel and that they will not be paid from sources based in the United States. Travelers are encouraged to carry a letter from their host company and Indian employer listing the traveler’s duties, length of stay and remuneration plans.

    Looks like, "The B1 in lieu of an H1B" can work in client location if approved.

    we have lot of folks coming here on B1 and working do you report that?

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  • sheela
    09-28 07:00 PM
    I doubt the USCIS has any rules regarding processing queue. Some people are waiting 10+ years, others receive approvals in 2 months.

    My understanding on this is - after I-485 uscis works on RD and if your FP/NC is cleared PD is looked at for preference in each category but uscis won't wait guy stuck in nc for 10 yr to make way for your gc. If you are lucky you may get it sooner than you expect


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  • checklaw
    06-15 11:39 AM

    Hi everyone ,

    i have three question please please anyone answer ....

    1 - i have previously applied but was returned due to pd not current , what to file in the form where it say if u have appllied before ? ( i am filing on my own this time )

    2 - should the salary be there on employment letter . if so the present day salary or the one with labour approve ?

    3 - i have an A# when my file was returned should i use that or leave it blank wherever it is asked also my wife have TIN number is that what i am supposed to write where it ask her to give her SSN

    i will appreciate anyone answering any question please

    thank you


    Is it mandatory to submit Form G-28 ?

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  • snathan
    04-01 03:51 PM
    Wait a minute, how was this India EB2 case even allowed to file I-485 when that PD has never been current? The lawyer alleges that it has been pending for several years.

    Does this "fee bill" have nothing to do with 485 filing? Is it just plain wrong or am I missing something obvious here?

    Perhaps he meant September 2006.

    This is not I-485 and its a CP case...


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  • sri1309
    09-14 06:16 PM
    Following is my draft. Any and all suggestions welcome.
    I still need a link to the testimony of USCIS director confirming wastage of green cards. I would greatly appreciate if someone compiles list of e-mail addresses of judiciary committee members. Please note I would be making calls myself. E-mail is only for colleauges as I can't ask for their time on telephone calls. Here is my dreaft: -

    Dear Member of Congress:
    Congress has an opportunity before it adjourns to help advance U.S. innovation leadership by
    enacting H.R. 5882, a modest, bipartisan bill that would simply �recapture� employment-based
    immigrant visas numbers that Congress authorized in prior fiscal years, but that went unused due
    to government processing delays. H.R. 5882 is a common sense measure that should be enacted
    without delay this year.
    H.R. 5882, which Representative Zoe Lofgren introduced with Representative Jim
    Sensenbrenner, would help reduce visa backlogs by recapturing Congressionally authorized EB green cards from prior fiscal years that went unused due to bureaucratic delays.

    What is H.R. 5882?
    By recapturing unused green cards H.R. 5882 would address the issues of justice, equality, fairness and efficiency; at least temporarily.
    H.R. 5882 addresses a very important issue of discrimination of high skilled immigrants in the US immigration system on the basis of their country of birth. As per the current law the quota of employment based green card is equally distributed to applicants on the basis of their country of birth. No single country can take more than 7% of the annual quota of 140,000 green cards. Thus the applicants born in two countries India and China, who contribute more than 50% of the high skilled immigrants, have to wait lot longer than applicants born in other country. Simply put an applicant born in XYZ country gets green card in six months and applicants born in India or China with exact same skill sets & exact same contribution to US economy has to wait for years and years indefinitely for his/her green card.
    In addition to this, due to bureaucratic delays, a lot of green cards go unused from the annual quota of 140,000 every year resulting in processing backlog stretching up to decades.

    What H.R. 5882 is not?
    H.R. 5882 is not an amnesty. It does not legalize any illegal immigrant. It does not provide any waiver to any unlawful stay or unlawful activity in the US.
    It does not increase congressionally authorized immigration limits. It does not authorize even one extra green card than what is authorized by congress.
    It does not take jobs away from US, rather helps keep the job in US.

    It is very important to note that the overflow of visa numbers in the family based immigration system is transferred to employment based system but NEVER vice versa.

    All the high skilled immigrants who are in green card limbo are in this country for many years now and contributing to economy, paying taxes. They have steady jobs and during the three stages process of green card it has been established multiple times that a US citizen or permanent resident is not available for that job. Close to million applicants are limbo due to bureaucratic delays and country based quota system. If they get green cards they are in position to buy new house, car, start new business etc. there by making significant contribution to economy.

    I request you to support the passage of the bill through US congress.

    Excellant draft. Please keep it up. I am taking a couple of points from here in my posters. Your "What 5882 is NOT" is also a very good compilation,

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  • dealsnet
    10-09 11:22 PM
    All DECT 6.0 phone have 1.9 GHz signal.
    No 6. Ghz phones available.


    DECT 6.0
    DECT devices made for use in the U.S. and Canada use the term DECT 6.0 to distinguish them from both DECT devices used elsewhere and U.S. cordless equipment operating in the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands. It is a marketing term coined by Rick Krupka, Director of Cordless Products at Siemens, when he was pushing the FCC to accept DECT in the US and is not a spectrum band reference. The term "6.0 GHz" for DECT 6.0 phones is incorrect as they operate at 1.9 GHz, but the term DECT 1.9 might have confused customers, as they may solely interpret larger numbers as signifying a better (or later) product.

    I am using DECT phone. It is mentioned as DECT 6.0

    is it same as 1.9GHz or different 6.0 GHz?


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  • trueguy
    08-21 01:00 PM
    I think it would be fair to split the leftover numbers the same way they split whole year quota.

    50% of leftover should be given to EB2 (based on PD) and 50% of leftover should be given to EB3. Does it sound fair?

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  • Irs
    04-01 04:31 AM
    rodnyb (read your reply from Yesterday at 1:18 on page 7 of this blog.

    All, The data rodnyb used is from Oct 2010 inventory where as I used Jan 2011 inventory data. This is my analysis..... Point out if I am wrong on any of my assumptions and I would be happy to correct myself and the data ...

    The following are my assumptions based on the data available on Jan 05 2011 from ,%202011.pdf

    Assumptions are
    No applications are remaining before May 2006 (based on current priority dates)
    Consolidated information is as follows the data taken is from above USCIS link.

    World Inventory EB2 (

    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

    18850 15918 1073 3383 3411

    India(Assumption there is 1 application(India Born) in every 2 applications received by USCIS Based on Aug 07 (185 applications - world inventory above)Vs Aug 07 95 applications - INDIA below ) based on (95/185 ~ 0.5), probability, the data from August 2007 onwards to end of 2010 is from India born applicants

    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    January 1540 36 78 160.5
    February 1444 30 63.5 172.5
    March 1404 36 102 187
    April 1420 49.5 101.5 189
    May 1110 1070 53.5 114 186.5
    June 1696 1272 46.5 141.5 252
    July 1505 1673 53 122.5 168.5
    August 1677 95 46 163 200
    Sept 1745 15.5 42 163 115
    October 1747 25.5 42 301.5 39.5
    Nov 1737 24 32 175.5 33
    Dec 1881 20.5 70 165.5 2

    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    13098 10003.5 536.5 1691.5 1705.5

    Based on the data of world inventory of May 2005 there are 1165 applications for EB2 and out of which 1110 is for India. Hence there is only 45 applications for the rest of the world for that month.

    For Oct - Dec 2010

    EB4/5 - 348 applicants
    Eb1 - 1252 applicants

    If considered that there are same number of applicants for Jan - April 2011 then from Oct 2010 to April 2010

    EB4/5 - 696 applicants
    EB1 - 2504 applicants

    Expect at least for 6 months

    9.3K from EB4/EB5 (total of 20K for EB4/5 and 10K for 6 months and after utilizing ~ 700)
    18.8K from EB1 (42672 total and 21336 for 6months and after utilizing ~ 2500)
    21.3 K from EB2 including ROW

    I expect a total of 49K and considering porting of EB3 to EB2 & others it would be around 40K

    With that said...

    I dream to be current

    Also, if there are 1 additional beneficiaries to the primary beneficiaries, then this 40K would become 20K in that case, I expect

    Jan 2007 for India

    if there are any 0.75 additional beneficiaries to the primary beneficiaries, then this 40K would become 30K in that case, I expect

    June 2007 India - Complete blog.


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  • jayleno
    11-07 01:24 PM
    e-mailed you the docs.

    at baleraosreedhar @ yahoo dot com


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  • Googler
    09-28 07:05 PM
    thank you for your info on calling uscis and requesting namecheck info.... i called them today, asked about FP 1 and if it had been sent out... they told me to wait for FP notice but they were able to check for name check info..... name check has passed..... 485 RD July 16 2007... thanks again for uscis contact info

    Consider yourself amongst the very fortunate!


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  • eb3_2004
    08-20 02:33 PM
    It is not true. The orignal text in IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT says "Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraph (1), to qualified immigrants who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent or who because of their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business, will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare of the United States, an d whose services in the sciences, arts, professions, or business are sought by an employer in the United States.

    The item mentioned above is for EB2, meaning any spill over to EB2 is from unused EB1.

    for EB3 the ACT mentions the following

    Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), to the following classes of aliens who are not described in paragraph (2):

    The meaning is EB3 gets all unused from EB1 and EB2... This is the catch, does this mean spillover from EB1 after EB2 catches up (or) spillover from EB1 even if EB2 is not current..

    If they have done spillover from EB1 to EB3, even when EB2 is not current...we can give this a try.

    Sorry for the confusion...Just got excited and went over the allocation of visas from the ACT dbe

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  • chanduv23
    07-10 12:57 PM
    Who is Munna and who is Circuit??? :D :D :D :D

    CHeers - just kidding


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  • grupak
    03-25 10:27 AM
    Another reason the companies give nowadays is "Unfortunately it is a government project and we cannot accept EAD status" - am baffled as to why they are OK with Green card and not EAD.

    No reason. They are lazy and don't want to learn a new thing. The link americandesi provided has an address where we can complain to the govt. Time to act. Things are only going to get worse as the wait time for GC grows.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-18 09:50 PM
    Well, I am just stating facts. Just because you dont like them, I cant help it. You got to learn to move on. There is a saying in my native tongue " A smart man should never climb the stairs of a court." My grandfather was a prosecutor and and used to tell this to me many times. But thats just me. If you have a big penis, go ahead and file a lawsuit and let me know what happens.

    And, btw, never did I mention about reference, so check on your reading comprehension skills next time you respond.

    My friend, even exxon valdez guys have not collected money from lawsuits yet. So I stand by my advise. By the time you actually collect something, you will be in no position to sip either mai tai nor travel to hawaii.

    Here is your post on 6/15/2009 @ 4.49pm

    See the words in RED BOLD font. They highlight you mentioning the word "REFERENCE". Kapish?!

    Maybe you should check on your eyesight. And while you're at it, get your head examined as well... memory loss is an early sign of onset of senility.

    Agreed on your point. But there are other discriminations at workplace such as , age, race, sex and sexual harrassment. Those who complain about it effectively terminate their careers. If you want to go , complain against this L1 misuse fine, but you are not going to get mileage, maybe some bad breath and bad publicity and eventual loss of reference & job. If your company / client has decided they do not want to persist with you, there are 101 ways they can get rid of you, legal or illegal, my suggestion is, if you were exposed,

    can L1fraud hold his head high in front of his client and still ask for reference with no sense of guilt in future? If not, he has lost half the game but now wants to lose the other half in a self destructive manner.

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  • See All Bethenny Frankel Pics

  • test101
    06-29 04:14 PM
    This does not make sence at all. Why the USCIS would make visa number current then retrogress again? I do not think they make all visa current and not expect a flood of applications. .
    I do not thisn that the USCIS did not plan for this. This does not make sense?Did this ever happen before?

    10-01 11:59 PM
    both notices say september 28th

    04-01 01:20 PM
    Thanks Admin.Most people know here that reds and greens have much to do with admins here.

    Yes, because there was no other way I could rack up 2300 minus points. I find this game as silly as it is irritating, but letting them know it doesn't work with me anymore. Yeh unka bachpana ka nishana hei.. They're just being kiddish

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  • PDOCT05
    10-11 03:22 PM
    I called up to find that my application is still not in the system. Surprisingly, the IO would not put the phone down and keeps on chatting to enlighten me. Seem to have lot of time on hand.

    1. My application is most likely transfered to texas since my I-140 was approved there
    2. FIFO is valid only if the application is not transfered. Once it is transfered, the receiving center will take the date 'they' received to put in queue for data entry. If your application took continental US tour, more delay.
    3. He is asnwering 5-6 calls every day from July 2 filers. There are several of them. So plenty of July 2 apps still waiting to be entered.
    4. The application is not rejected for sure, since even a rejection would be entered into the system.
    5. he cannot raise a service request without receipt number.

    I sent mail to USCIS withe fedex scanned signature, wrote to Senator. Its frustrating.
    The bottom line is there is no bottomline, except to wait.

    For me also similar reply...From an IO.

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  • doshhar
    09-24 11:30 PM
    add me to the R.Williams list

    buckeye98 - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM

    I am really frustrated now. Whats the use of my doing every effort to make sure my application reaches the first day. Why is USCIS receipting cases from August when so many july 2 filers are still waiting? Should we all send some inquiry into our cases together?

    We should start contacting congress man/woman in our area and need to start escalating it. Do we have any other options?

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  • tiger woods new girlfriend.jpg

  • das0
    05-22 01:13 AM
    Will USCIS mail my green card on UPS rental box (NOT a PO Box)?

    UPS rental box has Suite Address.

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  • woowjj2004
    09-13 01:40 PM
    Hi All,

    As I mentioned earlier, our dates became current from Sept 1st, got
    1. Card production email on Sept 2nd
    2. Got the "we mailed you a notice that we have approved " on Sept 9th
    3. Finally Physical Cards Came on Sept 12th.

    Both of us got the cards. Thanks for IV for keeping the hopes on GC.

    Congratulations to the folks who are getting Greened and Best of Luck to all who are Waiting..

    By the way, I changed jobs for twice after applying I485, and filed AC21.



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  • sri1309
    08-24 08:45 AM

    Thanks for hearing me.
    Other guys, I am not angry with you. We are all on the same boat and not to fight here. Its frustration.

    H1 visas or F1 Visas or for that matter many of such things.. Why do you really think they exist.
    To help people like you and me to lead a different life style or to benefit the US??
    Why do you think so many many people were allowed during the Y2K thing. To make us realize our American dreams??.. You heard me.

    If you go by statistics, PhD holders in this country are mostly from outside. Same case with Masters. You will see not that many Bachelors though. Why do MS, INtel, Oracle etc etc strees so much on H1s.

    Let it be not real, BUT when you say we are ALL going back with disappointment, the system will look at it differently. The system is broken as top US companies agree. Like most people here too agree. Yes, there will be people who say there are more people and less jobs or taking away the jobs. But did they stop the H1 or F1 program, NO.
    SO we must raise a voice to repair the GC system. Who thought all this S* when we applied in 01 or 02.
    Guys, I am also not going anywhere, . I am here for 10 years now and its my life and I like it. But when 100 people say "we re going back, disappointed, it will have some effect".

    Nobody else agrees with me?. I am sending "I am going back unless you fix it" cards again on Monday. Please do, I feel its sending the same message in a different way.

    $100 one time.

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  • CADude
    09-20 01:25 PM
    I sent same message which i sent to congressmen and senator(please see page 4). I provided following info.

    Details as provided below:
    Name of Applicant: XXX
    “A” Number of Applicant: XXX
    Date of Birth: XXX
    USPS Tracking No: XXX

    if this helps.

    What case related info you would add in an email?
    SSN, dob, 140 info, approval date, Alien number?
    Pls. share this detail


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  • inderman
    10-23 11:56 AM
    @overseas, you should follow up with an email to Ombudsman tellin them u submitted DHS 7001...and also try to call Ombudsman... The number was on one of these threads...

    Also, try senator Dianne Feinstein.... Good Luck

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  • 485-485
    10-04 10:03 AM
    I am on the same boat with you. Got a receipt # but it's void in their system while online status is still pending. They said my package was send back 50 days ago but my lawyer and I didn't see it yet. my lawyer only told me to wait and said there is nothing we can do but wait.. really frustrated


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  • willgetgc2005
    05-03 08:06 PM
    bumping up

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  • funny
    09-09 04:27 PM
    Done. Called *.*

    Only Five Pages so far....We needmore guys....Cut short your lunch/break time and Call the numbers..


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  • FinalGC
    08-12 01:59 PM
    I am so emotional now........just got the email, text message and message on the website changed to "Decision"

    Mine, my wife's and my son's cases APPROVED!!!!

    My case was in NSC. No additional fingerprinting, except one in Oct 2007, my son had to do one since he turned 14 this year....

    14 years of wait is over......Praise be to God for his faithfulness and mercies


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  • vinabath
    07-10 10:13 AM
    I still think, the USA is the best place for democracy loving people. Govt and its agencies try their best to be accountable to law. Now if you want our Immigration issue to be put before IRAQ in the Congress, I would think that is selfishness. I have colleagues whose sons are in IRAQ. For me their lives are more important than my GC. Now that does not mean we stop making our point to Congress.

    PRECISELY My point. First it is IRAQ, then it will be the Presidential Elections then something else. The Government has NO time to question the USCIS and NO real motivation either.


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  • vicsthedude
    09-24 11:10 PM
    My turn to share the most anticipated emai. I got it today.

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  • SDdesi
    07-10 08:41 PM
    Good media coverage on the flower Campaign....Please digg

    Currently at 18...please digg


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  • danu2007
    11-10 10:40 PM
    Recieved a standard reply letter stating, thank you for your inquiry and you can track your inquiry through our tracking system. It is dated Nov 06 2008 A.M 01 and is attached to the letter we sent along with the envelope. I don't know if anybody else has recieved the same reply. We will have to see what we receive from other centers if we receive one. Thanks

    I got the same reply from texas service center!!

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  • TeddyKoochu
    04-01 12:12 PM
    Don't forget EB5

    You are correct I missed that it can act as a very good buffer if I go by my extrapolated inventory which also factors in PWMB and if the May VB news actually materializes then yes Jul - Aug 2007 will be very easily crossed.


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  • santb1975
    01-09 03:22 AM
    We have to work diligently on this Action Item

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  • tempgc
    07-09 09:30 PM
    I don't understand why some section of educated people doesn't understand small things...
    1. Intention in sending the flowers is to gain attention from USCIS and the media.
    2.Do you know one thing, USCIS director himself helped us more than half to gain media attention by making a statement and forwarding those flowers to the Hospital.
    3. If there are 'n' flower orders, they will reach 'n' families in the states with our message in them. Our initial goal was to gain the attention of USCIS director and media. Now we are getting a bonus of 'n' families and their mouth publicity to our problem.

    If you sent flowers, and you differ in thinking atleast have patience and see the result in couple of days. Don't do any bad at this point.

    Lets hope the best.

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  • danu2007
    07-09 08:38 PM
    Flower Campaign - Media published urls D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    From page got deleted recently)

    U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services News - U.S. Politics Today
    ... changes in US immigration rules are planning to deluge US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez with flowers on July 10. ... - Jul 7, 2007 - Similar pages - Duly noted

    10-31 11:49 AM
    Just posted letters

    01-22 04:48 AM
    worst case? yes.. it's mine..

    My H1 revalidation appointment was on the 12-Dec. Visa was approved immediatly but haven't received the passport yet. I receive the same response when I call.. that its under PIMS verification. No ETA of when I can expect it to be done..

    I had a H1 transfer to a new employer and 3 year extension happen at the same time. I am not sure what the problem is and what I can do. I am totally stressed out and really depressed ..

    If someone has done something thats helped their case move along.. please PM me or reply to this post.. Thanks !