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cliff lee yankees

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-12 12:21 PM
    Your new company must sponsor your H1 before the old company send the request to cancel your H1.
    Once revoked, you have probably couple of weeks to pack up. So, its best you get started on the new H1 before the old H1 is revoked.

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  • Eternal_Hope
    03-02 09:11 PM
    EB1 was applied under the Extraordinary ability. I also have a EB2-NIW I-140 cleared as well. Hope that answers your question.

    As far as I know employer sponsorship is not required for EB-1 EA case; not sure why you had to file I-140 for this ...........

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  • reedandbamboo
    07-24 11:18 PM
    About $1500-$2000 for legal fees. Another $1200 odd for advertisements.

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  • humsuplou
    07-02 05:22 PM
    I entered via advanced parole, so what should I put as the Manner of Last Entry in the E-Filing?
    And I am holding H1B, and also EAd at this moment, what is my Immigration Status?


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  • nlssubbu
    03-22 01:34 PM
    Thanks guys for reading such a big article and taking time to know against whom we are really fighting for. I hope every one read this article and know the people behind the scene, their intentions, the power and clout they have.

    This may help all of us to be united to fight against such powers leaving all our diferences for a good cause, which is a herculian task.

    I only hope all members of IV stand united to achieve success.

    Good luck and all the best,


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  • rosy
    10-18 12:17 PM

    I am on H1B since June 2004. My company filed labor and I-140. My I-140 got approved on Oct 2008. I am on my 6th year in H1B and I got my H1 extension till Apr 2012 (based on the I-140 approval) recently. Based on this information, can you please reply for the following?
    a) Can I move to a different company now? Since my H1 extension is based on I-140 approval, I am not sure if this can be used to transfer to new company.
    b) When I do a H1 transfer now, Will I get my H1 date till Apr 2012 as per my current H1 approval notice or just for the few more months I had on my original H1B?
    c) What will happen to my labor and I-140 after my H1 transfer? My labor was originally applied in EB3 category. Can I file a new one in EB2 category after transferring to the new company?

    Thanks in advance...


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  • buehler
    12-12 05:10 PM

    The last time I came back into this country, I used my AP as I didn't have my H1 stamped. My H1 is valid till 2010.

    My EAD expired last month and my bumbling lawyer did not send in the I-485 copy and hence there was an RFE. So I still do not have an EAD approval.

    Would it be safe to get paid this month or should I have my company process this month's salary after I get my EAD approved?


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  • sreeraghu
    07-16 12:25 PM
    Recently I renewed my Advance Parole (AP), USCIS renewed it for 9 months only. Is it possible to check with USCIS to get a 1 year AP.



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  • wandmaker
    07-14 04:42 PM
    I have 140 approval notice in mail like 1.5yrs back...just today i put the reciept number on USCIS website and it says still pending..i called USCIS and they say they wont be able to discuss my case since 140 is employer specific employer is sayin dont worry and dont bother about online status...i just want to make sure my 140 is really approved and USCIS has the correct update while lookin at my 485 file...i dont want them to put my 485 in hold just because of they thinkin 140 is not approved...

    EB2 - Sept 04

    As long as you have approval copy on hand, you have nothing to worry. You should be concerned only if the status reads as 'case reopened and pending'

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  • vikki76
    04-05 12:02 PM
    me neither though I have donated quite regularly. Well, it is upto Core to decide what to do- I guess. We can keep posting suggestions.


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  • raysaikat
    07-08 07:32 PM
    My H1b application was delivered to USCIS on July 1st. I just find FLC data center has updated new 2008-2009 prevailing wage database which is also effective on July 1st. If based on the previous 2007-2008 database, my salary is above the prevailing wage, but if based on the new one, my salary is a little below that one.
    Which database whill USCIS choose to use on my case?

    Sounds like the new one.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-16 08:11 AM
    funny still interesting.

    in order to reduce the crime rate, they should prolong the GC process!


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  • westh1b
    04-11 11:05 PM
    Can any one please guide me that how to file complaint to DOL against his body shopper?

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  • NH123
    01-13 12:49 PM
    EMC Corporation


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  • drirshad
    03-24 10:08 AM
    it seems they have something technical of every point they make, techpoint ha ha ....

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  • salvador marley
    04-29 05:05 PM
    i want to delete it - send it to the recycle bin where it deserves


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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 05:40 PM
    I am starting this thread for Interview related discussions.

    Here is my question:I live in NY and my attorney is located in CA.I got Interview with Immigration and I want to attend that interview along with my attorney.Is it possible to schedule my Interview in CA where my attorney works/lives? Or is it like we need to attend where USCIS specifies?

    Share your experiances.

    Note to Admin:Please make this thread sticky if you feel it is worth enough.

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  • sertasheep
    07-01 10:36 AM
    As far as I recollect, the Murthy article was about the spouse(dependent) receiving a GC (as part of a derivative spousal application) when his/her spouse(primary beneficiary)'s PD or her PD was not yet current.

    Primary beneficiary had not received the GC, but spouse received it in error. May be that's diff from the situation where the primary beneficiary himself/herself receives the GC while the PD is not current.

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  • Dhundhun
    11-17 11:26 PM
    My wife has very smooth and sweaty hands. When i applied for Canadian immigration during FBI FP process even after n no. of attempts we couldnt get good prints on FP Sheet using INK.
    It is electronic imaging, with very advnced technology. It immediately analyzes, whether it is legible or not, so that if illegible, repeated operations can be performed. I hope that she will not have any problem.

    Blog Feeds
    07-13 12:48 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    The battle for comprehensive immigration reform is going to be tough as Senate Republicans play politics with the critical immigration issue. The Senate passed its $44.3 billion fiscal 2010 Homeland Security appropriations measure 84-6 last week after three days of debate that differentiated the bill from its House companion on a handful of border security and immigration policies. Unfortunately Senate Republicans used the opportunity to add significant new provisions to the less controversial �extender provisions� including an extension to the Special Immigrant Nonminister Religious Worker Program and the Conrad Waiver Program for Physicians Serving in Underserved Areas. The Senate also included a provision promoted by AILA member Brent Renison to allow the foreign-born widows, children and parents of citizens who have died to retain their legal status to seek citizenship for two years after the death. Senate Appropriations Bill a Mixed Bag of Immigration Provisions (

    Senate Republicans added a provision to their chamber�s version of the bill (Schumer: Immigration bill to be ready by Labor Day (javascript:simplePopup()

    Sen. Schumer the lead Democrat expects to have a bill ready by Labor Day that is more generous to highly skilled immigrant workers than those who are lower skilled and is tough on future waves of illegal immigration."

    Even the Homeland Security Department spokesman Matthew Chandler said the Senate endorsement of Vitter's measure prevents real progress on immigration enforcement and is "a reflection of the old administration's strategy: all show, no substance."

    In contrast, the Obama administration is trying to implement effective enforcement, he said. "We hope that the smarter strategy will prevail in the end, because the country deserves a system that works," Chandler said. Reuters: U.S. Senate approves $42.9 billion homeland security bill.

    Lets hope only hope the Senate and House conferees remove the fence building and E-Verify proposals that are obstacles to achieving a much needed reform of our immigration laws.

    More... (

    01-21 03:43 AM
    You have answered your own question. This immunization protects you from most forms of TB and causes you to have a positive skin test since you have antibodies in your system to attack the PPD test ingredients when they are put under your skin.

    Not sure why you are worried about it? This is no different from the other vaccinations you were given as a child that you had no choice on.

    I am from the UK and every child was given the BCG vaccine for decades, normal course of growing up.Thanks for your reply.