Sunday, July 3, 2011


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  • snddlth
    10-12 04:45 PM
    USCIS blocked the #4 option in POJ method since today morning. There is no way we can reach TSC/NSC IOs.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-29 07:55 PM
    its ok, you misunderstood my point. I dont want to divert OP of this thread.

    Anyways the fact of the matter is that we are in a limbo, all indications point to Obama becoming the next president of US. if CIR 2008 was any indication , we as EB applicants are royally screwed if Sen Durbin dictates his immigration policy. What is the use of talking about wars and innocent people when chances are that the advocate of his immigration policy is opposed to my main issue of EB reform. high low Taxes, 401k's, houses, Medicare etc will matter if you get to stay here in the first place. A average 6-9 years of paying taxes, supporting medicare and Social Security and we now need to think about moving to different countries where skilled immigrants are welcome....think about it. Just look at the CIR 2008 discussion to understand what i am talking about. Read the senators transcripts.

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-29 04:36 PM
    DOS has to be utterly dumb, insane and ludacris....

    what makes you think they cant blame USCIS statistics for this? USCIS gave us wrong stats, we made it current, then they said that no, they have enough visa numbers.

    If its written into law that DOS can only issue VB once per month, and cannot update it during the month, they cannot do a damn thing.

    its not written into law that they cant update it mid-month. They are allowed by law to update it whenever they want.

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  • sledge_hammer
    11-25 02:23 PM
    It would have been ideal if they mandated 1:5 ratio. Unfortunately, with lax lending standards and unregulated banking, people made almost zero down payment (instead of the normal 20%) and bought into loans they couldn't afford in the first place.

    I would still blame the borrower 95% for all the mess.

    Almost similar except:
    1. You can't sell with a single click on E-Trade
    2. Unlike stocks You pay taxes on your house every year.
    3. You are leveraged 1:5 in your investment.
    4. Your real estate investment is based on debt while stock (with an exception of margin calls) is purely on cash.
    5. In stock you can never loose more than you invested. (again margin calls are exception)
    6. You don't pay to play or you don't constantly have to pay to keep what you have invested.
    7. Govt don't give you tax breaks to buy stock.
    8. Equity holders are never bailed out by govt.

    That makes real estate much leveraged and bigger liability than stock could stock ever be. And somehow govt. wants to promote home owner society but discourage stock ownership or saving minded frugal individual investors like us.


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  • amaruns
    07-09 06:53 PM
    Sending flowers was a way to register our protest. That I believe is being accomplished. USCIS forwarding them to injured service men is OK with me.

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  • GC08
    07-09 09:22 PM
    why do you keep parroting the pro USCIS, pro -antiimmigrant line all the time?
    there are times when your realism makes sense, then there are others when it's plain silly.
    this was not a mistake. this was not an accident.
    civil servants do not show up on weekends by accidents. and they do not do 6 mnths of work in 15 days by mistake.
    it was intentional, directed and planned.
    you can believe whatever motives you want and you can sympathize with uscis till kingdom come. but pleaaasee don't tell me it was a random event, some act of god that is our destiny or such crap. please!

    I wish USCIS could stand out and answer those questions... do whatever they can to clarify those "rumors". :confused:


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  • test101
    06-29 04:14 PM
    This does not make sence at all. Why the USCIS would make visa number current then retrogress again? I do not think they make all visa current and not expect a flood of applications. .
    I do not thisn that the USCIS did not plan for this. This does not make sense?Did this ever happen before?

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  • godbless
    05-04 10:24 AM
    Should your address showing up on your w2 and pay stub be matching with the address of your parent company that filed your LC for Permanent Residence? My parent company that filed for my GC is in MI and so my Labor was also filed from there and currently I am working in IL and have been filing tax return for the state of IL for the last 3 years. The addres that shows up on my pay stub and w2 is for the state of IL. As my I485 is already filed so would it matter at the time of adudication of I485 about this address issue?


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  • swamy
    01-09 11:17 PM
    i know there are plenty of temples in the dc metro area so someone please let them know abt it. same holds for other big metros. some of them have web sites too so email them if you cant make it there -

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  • ChainReaction
    01-04 01:23 PM
    U.S. Faces Severe Worker Shortage in Future :)


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  • pani_6
    01-04 11:28 PM
    This is the time to push for such a Bill..and who could be a better person than Hon congress Woman Joe Lofgren..Please start writing to her..

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  • Saralayar
    01-06 09:39 PM
    Can any one take a lead on this and volunteer?. As I am not an expert in it, I am asking any of the members of IV to take initiative. We will support in what ever way..
    Want to keep this alive...



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  • mchundi
    09-14 01:51 PM
    i am waiting too, for the full month of june my attorney was sitting on my case not filing it as they were busy preparing the doc's for the july filers, finally they filed on july 2.

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  • vivek_ut
    06-21 11:43 PM

    I have an approved I-140 (EB2 PD Jun-06) for a 'software engineering' related position. I recently moved to a 'product marketing' role within my company and was told that we would need to refile my PERM since this move constitutes a material change. Is this true?

    1). Will I be able to retain my original PD of Jun-06 if we were to file for a 'marketing position'? Or would this be only possible if I needed to refile for a 'software engineering' or similar role?

    2). Is there any way I can benefit from EB2 becoming current in July given that I have an approved engineering I-140 despite the fact that I have moved to marketing? (By the time I refile a new marketing PERM, I suspect retrogression will be back in effect)

    3). My H1B was recently extended by 3 years (I complete 6 years in a few days) based on my 'engineering' approved I-140. They also filed an adjustment of my job duties to reflect my marketing role. I will visit Calgary, Canada next week (June) to renew my H1B stamp. Any chance that I might have problems during my interview since my 'engineering' I-140 is really not any more use since I moved to marketing? I'm just concerned that there might be problems since the 3 year extension is approved based on an 'engineering' I-140 and now I am no longer in an engineering role? Am I being paranoid :)



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  • h1b_forever
    06-10 01:48 PM
    We as a community should oppose major violation done by these consulting firms.
    The only reason these companies send people on L1 is to keep them as bonded labour giving them no chance to switch jobs. These companies can always apply for H1b for such folks, there are enough H1 visas available this year.

    There is a reason there are two visa categories L1 and H1. They should not be used to circumvent immigration laws.

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  • vivache
    05-16 02:18 AM
    My company will only apply for an EAD for the spouse.
    For the employee .. they ask that the h1 be extended.

    Now in case I am laid off .. this pretty much puts me in the spot.

    I've heard that it is possible to apply for EAD on my own.
    1. Any idea if this is true and what info is needed to apply for the EAD.
    2. Any issues with having both h1 and EAD?
    3. Also if my wife is on EAD .. and I get laid off on h1 and am looking for a job .. what happens to her EAD?
    4. If my wife is on EAD .. and I get laid off when on EAD and am looking for a job .. what happens to her EAD? And do i need to seek a smilar position in new company .. or anything works?



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  • jchan
    08-07 11:03 AM
    As a US Educated Master and originally EB2 filer. I think this is one of the most stupid action ever within the EB community. So you think we are not weak enough and want to divide us more?

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  • qasleuth
    09-23 09:22 PM
    No one is answering for this question in this forum. It makes one to think that no one bothers about EB3 guys.:(

    huh ? You cannot google ? Let us know if you need help with the math.

    Employment-Based Visas (

    7 % country limit.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-26 04:39 PM

    if you have a name there is a possibility that you might get stuck :) thats about it...

    01-02 12:10 PM
    Hey guys

    I was a mostly passive observer during the S 1932 battle, and really admire all of your perseverance. I think all of you did very well with the limited time and zero funds that you had. A little bit about myself: I am a physician from India currently doing medical research here. I am currently busy interviewing for the medical residency Match 2006 (for those of you who know or care) and therefore will not be able to spend as much time here as I would like. I myself am not a GC applicant yet but am extremely interested in the cause you guys are taking up and want to see this thing being worked through. I believe our demands are just and fair, and perfectly in line with the American tradition of fairness. Our demands are just waiting to be intelligently articulated and brought to wider public attention, and will resonate well with all lawmakers irrespective of ideology. We will have to be careful about distinguishing our requirements from competing and confusing interests like illegal aliens, security issues and even H1B visa seekers.

    No American, from the most socially conservative Republican to the scared-about-job-loss Democrat will grudge a legal immigrant -who has played by all the rules all the time and pays all taxes- to reduce his immigration wait period from 7 years to 2 years! We have to play on this sense of American fairness (which exists btw to those who are skeptical) and spread the news about our legit demands (and indeed our existence) to the wider American audience. We have to carry this issue from the arena of policy debate to the personal - tell Americans how it feels like for spouses to waste their time and hope, to not be able to buy a home or plan any kind of life beyond the wait period for the green card. We have to tell them that we are not just potentially controversial legislation, but real people, with dreams, hopes, fears and sensitivities- just like them. After all, we are a significant number among their physicians and software engineers, scientists and nurses, professors and graduate students.

    But we should present these facts well to our audience, and not let communication glitches convert a no-brainer into a close contest. We should not let bad English or an unprofessional approach towards lawmakers/ media feed into stereotypes of “cheap labor” class peddled by the anti-immigrant groups. We have to be savvy and creative about our PR. We have to collect funds and organize the enormous mass of people affected by this issue. Among other things, we have to be politically sensitive and not pass judgments on illegal aliens or protectionist Democrats or anti-immigrant groups in our dialogue amongst ourselves or with others.

    I am aware all of this is tall order, but if we can manage this, I think America will give us what we ask for inside of 6 months. I will contribute as much as I can, as will be allowed by my current pressured situation ; ) Like many others here, I can put forth ideas and suggestions. I think I am politically aware and because I (used to) closely follow the general political media, I will probably be able to provide the American perspective on things, which again many others here regularly do.

    Thanks for your time and may 2006 have the very best for us!

    01-05 10:16 AM
    If you want to make changes in the existing law, we have to do far more than a letter campaign. In the coming months, there maybe opportunities where we can try provisions and bills as we see any progress on immigration reform initiatives. Lobbying effort for big changes will have to be huge.

    The most important work we can do at this time is to increase our numbers. We must get as many high skilled immigrants on H1B, EAD, F1, J1, H4 etc visas under Immigration voice. Once we have good support, we can try to work on various projects that helps everyone. We must try to spread the word about immigrationvoice on various forums, websites, communities etc and seek everyone's participation.

    Why are we not on Facebook? Or are we there??