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  • pvadiga
    11-10 09:01 PM
    Recieved a standard reply letter stating, thank you for your inquiry and you can track your inquiry through our tracking system. It is dated Nov 06 2008 A.M 01 and is attached to the letter we sent along with the envelope. I don't know if anybody else has recieved the same reply. We will have to see what we receive from other centers if we receive one. Thanks

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  • perm
    06-19 09:36 AM
    What should be the answer to this question on I-485 part 2- out of following 2 options for my dependents ? to me it seems #b is the right answer for my family members 485 and #a for me. BUt some how teh legal guys are changing this from #b to #a for my dependents!!

    a. an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been
    approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or
    special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an
    immediately available visa number, if approved.) immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been
    approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or
    special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an
    immediately available visa number, if approved.)

    In your post both #a and #b are the same text. anyways. any updates on this one? I also have the same question

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  • msekhargc
    01-08 10:25 AM
    great idea.
    I will send the letters after returing from India

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  • vdlrao
    04-01 10:02 AM
    Guys do not feed the freeloaders by telling anything you are reading in the donor forum. Let these people help themselves by signing up for recurring contributions if they want helpful nformation about their EB2 PD movemement. We are still not meeting of our advocacy day amount. It is all because most people want free lunches. This needs to stop. The 200 people going to DC tomorrow are going to speak for you and me for yours and mine greencard. They are taking time off and spending own money for you and me. Nothing is free in this world. IV is also doing this for you and me and we are taking it for granted. Let people do some good deed today if they want to know good information

    Just for your info, I have contributed about $300 for, washington d.c rally in 2007 and lobbying for the recapture of unused green cards. At that time there's no donor forum and donor status.


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  • rodnyb
    04-01 01:11 PM
    Theoretically, you are right. If DOS sees no demand per CIS, they should make it CURRENT for EB2 I/C (assuming they did clear all pre072007 inventory)

    This is why I was saying, they just need to add a couple month to keep the pipe full.
    Also, per law, they don't have whole 2800 to approve in a month, or a day, they have to do it by quarters. So they don't even need 2800, if they have only 800 EB2I in inventory (demand), they don't have to make it CURRENT.

    I would hope CIS inventory can how which are pre-adjudicated, which are new, which are RFEs though. Their numbers are always bigger than DOS demand, so I would think DOS has a better picture which CIS is providing (or at least estimating on a formula)

    If it is the law that they need to make it current, then if they don't, they are opening themselves to a strong possibility of a class-action lawsuit.

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  • delhiguy79
    12-13 08:50 AM
    Hi Canadian_Dream,

    Congratulations on 485 approval...

    Can you please brief us abt the priority dates, ur country of all applications. And also plz tell whether you had same A#s on both 485 applications.

    It will be really helpful for us...Thanks in advance.

    I agree with you on this, there is some truth to this that there could be delays when there are multiple filings. In fact this is the first time when USCIS has to deal with so many multiple filings, a very few lawyers have any direct experience with it. From USCIS Standard Operating Procedure, there is a mention of "second filing" (not duplicate filing) in the following places:
    1. Procedural Overview (Page 4)
    2. File Review (Page 46)
    3. Interview Waiver Criteria (Page 185)
    From the link above:
    In (1) and (2) above it says second filing should be handled under the normal process. Although if different A# are assigned case goes to CRU (case resolution unit). But if A# assigned are same, you are more or less processed like a normal case. The last part (3) interview waiver criteria, multiple filing is mentioned as one of the deviations from interview waiver criteria but it NOT the interview criteria itself. In the end processing time for multiple filing is very much up to the discretion of adjudicating officer. Also, I didn't find any reason to believe that there could be issues with security check with multiple filings.
    I think all of us multiple filers can breathe easy if our cases are filed clearly with full disclosure of information without any intended willful violation.

    I am a multiple filer too, my I-485 application filed in early June was approved last week. I hope this gives some reason for optimism for us multiple filers. Good luck to everyone. BTW: I am still a contributing member and will continue to hang out at IV.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 09:59 AM
    Single Person's Effort Makes Difference
    Everyone should try.
    Please call committee memebers and local congressmen/women

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  • vdlrao
    08-22 12:34 AM
    Just because some one said, VDLRAO predicts right, he has become a Psycic Guru here. Please stop this. Every one keeps saying , he predicts everything right. Did he predict, EB2 with PD2006 will be processed before EB2 with PD 2003. Come on Guys, Give me a break and stop this rubbish. What did he predict and on what basis. I dont have anything personal here, I appreciate him, taking efforts to come up with some number based on the calculation. But Please stop spreading this on every forum that He predicts right.

    You are right. My predictions are not rght all the time.


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  • glus
    07-11 07:13 AM
    Posted by the Journal News

    Visa mix-up brings flood of flowers in protest

    Hundreds of legal immigrants are resorting to a new tactic this week in their pursuit of green cards: sending flowers to the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    The publicity stunt follows lobbying efforts and lawsuits protesting a sudden change in the rules that govern employer-sponsored immigrants. After rushing to submit green-card applications by July 2, the immigrants were told at the last minute to keep waiting.

    Notes being delivered to Emilio Gonzalez, head of USCIS, along with the bouquets skip over the pleasantries and speak directly to the bureaucracy.

    "Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July," the messages say, "and honor the original DOS visa bulletin."

    The dispute concerns a U.S. Department of State bulletin from mid-June, dictating who could apply for an immigrant visa. The application is the final hurdle in getting a green card, or permanent residency. Because of a backlog, immigrants spend years waiting their turn, but the unusual June bulletin gave most job-based immigrants the go-ahead to apply.

    Jakub Gorecki, who lives in Spring Valley, hurried to get his paperwork together in time. The thick packet of documents - medical exams, vaccination records, a birth certificate from Poland, a $325 application fee - was to arrive July 2 at USCIS, he said.

    But that morning, a new bulletin came out, canceling the offer. No applications would be accepted until the new fiscal year in October.

    The reversal sent Gorecki and others back to a limbo state.

    Continued at..

    This is about me. I was photographed yesterday!!

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  • lazycis
    04-17 05:06 PM
    8 USC 1324b
    (a)(1) General rule
    It is an unfair immigration-related employment practice for a person or other entity to discriminate against any individual (other than an unauthorized alien, as defined in section 1324a (h)(3) of this title) with respect to the hiring, or recruitment or referral for a fee, of the individual for employment or the discharging of the individual from employment�
    (A) because of such individual�s national origin, or
    (B) in the case of a protected individual (as defined in paragraph (3)), because of such individual�s citizenship status.

    (3) �Protected individual� defined
    As used in paragraph (1), the term �protected individual� means an individual who�
    (A) is a citizen or national of the United States, or
    (B) is an alien who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence, is granted the status of an alien lawfully admitted for temporary residence under section 1160 (a) or 1255a (a)(1) of this title, is admitted as a refugee under section 1157 of this title, or is granted asylum under section 1158 of this title;

    (4) Additional exception providing right to prefer equally qualified citizens
    Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, it is not an unfair immigration-related employment practice for a person or other entity to prefer to hire, recruit, or refer an individual who is a citizen or national of the United States over another individual who is an alien if the two individuals are equally qualified.

    So EAD folks are excluded from "protected individuals" and employer has a right to prefer US citizens according to this.


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  • gg_ny
    08-06 07:26 AM
    All of this info and more is available in the documents listed in this thread:

    All you have to do is read them.:)
    Hi googler,

    I understand you started the above "reference name check thread". Is there any reason that one has to talk about name check related issues only on that thread? This is a lean period, there are no emergencies or deadlines, the lists are not clogged with any urgent matters. Last week I requested info about name check, and got a similar posting from you. Now someone has put up a set of useful documents and a few others are discussing it, and again you are making the same posting about your thread. Is there an award for "most read thread" that goes to the thread-starters? By discussing an issue that interests you in a different context, is there any reason for you to become overtly concerned for where the discussion should be placed? Why cant you get some web admin privilege from the core and gather all "name check" postings under your darling thread cited above? Maybe your intentions are good - a mega reference for name check-, may be you want to create a resource on the lines of "namechecks r us (or) s me", but give us a break.
    This posting is written more on as an observation, not as a criticism, commentary, or finger pointing. So during your "website-policing-for-namecheck-postings" process, if you come across this, please dont become too defensive to reply to me. Even if you do, I would not respond.
    I did a name check on your pseudonym (of course on Google ;-)) and found this music clip kinda explaining 'organize it all' desperation. Enjoy the song at:

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  • abhis0
    09-16 06:26 PM
    My I-140 approved by NSC and my I-485 now pending with NSC. No Texas listed. :D

    Good for you buddy...Congrats....


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  • pappu
    10-16 11:23 AM
    I also spoke to Terry at NSC once. She is very nice and will try to tell you as many details as possible.

    @ Alterego: Dude, when the responses you are getting are basically "under review, wait 90 days", it is much nicer to know details like storage area, exam area, and where your file is.

    "storage area, exam area, and where your file is"
    It is funny. :)

    Is this information given to everyone or few?
    If it is given to few then why not everyone?
    Is this information accurate?
    If IOs have this information, then this means they have very detailed information about the application. However posts from members show that it is not the case at all times.
    Lack of information is driving everyone in a chaos and people make mass calls frequently to get information. USCIS should be providing all basic information on cases on case status area of the website. This would reduce number of calls to USCIS and reduce such posts where each conversation with an IO generates some information and misinformation on forums. This feeds to rumors and incorrect information circulated on forums. While such information helps generate lot of threads, page views and ad revenue for other websites, As an organization we should be cautioning people about this.

    On the donor forum we have posted some tips what you can do get your greencard. There is no need to make calls everyday trying to get status. If your application is outside processing time, you can simply open a service request. There are other options like Ombudsman and local Congressman's office. We have also posted to our members that if if you have tried all options everywhere and you are in a desperate situation, Immigration voice will help its continued donor members.

    In my opinion posts such as "storage area, exam area, and where your file is, pre-approved" only drive curiosity and mass calls that will not help processing of your case. We as an educated and mature community should not fall for such information on the forums.

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  • gc_closed
    10-01 02:21 PM
    I just verified the online status and the case is approved.I got approved in july-07, then applied for my wife (I got married after mine was filed). I have registered to post this message so that it might help anyone who is tracking...

    RD:July 24th-07
    RFE:July-09 on bonafide marriage & late registration of birth

    This actually ends my GC journey as my 9 month old was born here.

    Good luck to all who are current.

    Question, though, does it really take 60 days to get the card?

    On October 1, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.


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  • pmb76
    07-09 07:26 PM
    What you guys are talking about ... Walter reed is the best place for the flowers to go, with all what is going on in there ... the media will eat this news . DO not Cancel whatever you Do do not cancel instead call the media and let them know........... This is even better.

    Can we do a blood drive next as protest! seriously. Donate blood as protest and for media attention.

    I totally agree with this. A blood drive is a WONDERFUL idea. If we can get enough media outlets to cover this story it will send the right message to the Federal government. I think this will be HUGE. test101 - you are a genius !!
    IV core - please consider this.

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  • sc3
    08-21 01:00 PM
    If I am not wrong VDLRAO is predicting Eb2 will be current with in a year if USCIS continue horizontal spillover. What is wrong with you..

    I dont know what VDLRAO is predciting, I was responding to someone, oh wait a minute, it was your post a couple pages back that said " from VDLRAO's post Eb2 does not need much visa to become current ..".

    So nothing is wrong with me, but you better ask that question to yourself.


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  • EndlessWait
    06-29 07:16 PM
    Lets all celebrate yet another screw up of USCIS.

    Pls everyone forget this non-sense.

    Good luck to everyone on July2nd.

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  • niklshah
    08-23 12:40 AM
    every one is saying we should do that we should do this but how many are doing it looks like convention of smart people just planning but no implementation...

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  • DesiGuy
    09-13 04:54 AM
    nice link from AILA where you can search based on party/location/sponsor/co-sponsor/non-sponsor, etc

    once you select the option, there is a email link.

    on as side note, only 3 co-sponsors were added in this month, meaning our efforts ARE paying off but need more momentum.

    ofcourse, many reps like to support it but not co-sponsor it.

    04-23 05:45 PM
    Reform H1B and L1 Visa Program - Introduced on April 23rd 2009

    Grassley Works to Eliminate Fraud and Abuse from H-1B Visa Program

    Consulting comapnies will get the major hit due to the below clause:
    * Prohibit the blatantly discriminatory practice of "H-1B only" ads and prohibit employers from hiring additional H-1B and L-1 guest-workers if more than 50 percent of their employees are H-1B and L-1 visa holders.

    We should support, as it puts end to consulting companies abuse.

    11-23 08:39 AM
    Amicus brief filed in the 1st Circuit appeal by AILF.
    The brief discusses in details three major questions:

    1) why the USCIS has a duty to adjudicate any application properly filed with them
    2) why 8 USC 1252(a)(2)(B)(ii) does not bar jurisdiction in AOS mandamus cases
    3) why the duty to adjudicate does not depend on a specific statutory or regulatory timeframe.

    Amicus brief filed in the 11th Circuit appeal by AILF. Discusses the same questions, a good reading.