Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • lutherpaul
    09-29 09:00 AM
    What was the LUD you received on Sep 17th? I got the same msg on 09/09, but nothing after that. Is your online status changed to card production?
    There is no message. Just a soft update on the date. I just called USCIS and no news was disclosed and asked to wait for another 30 days for response.

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  • grupak
    08-20 08:42 PM
    What are u guys trying to acheive and how will this help EB3 India?

    Also, how is the spillover going to be distributed among EB3? First EB3 ROW and then EB3 C/I as in the old system?

    Personally, I think the visa recapture bill would help things quite a bit.

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  • bayarea07
    09-12 09:04 PM
    Hello all,
    Will it make sense to put the posters for this campaigns in local grocery stores and mandirs over the weekend, so as to create more awareness.

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  • rongch60
    10-27 03:12 AM
    I have two approved I-140 (NIW/TSC 06/2006 and EB1A/NSC 07/2009) and a
    pending I-485/TSC from 2007. I went infopass two weeks ago, and was told
    that my I-485 was pre-adjudicated and assigned to IO on 08/2009. The
    infopass officer kindly sent an e-mail to my IO requesting for update.
    Yesterday, I received a letter saying "We are actively processing this case.
    However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has
    caused a longer processing time. If you do not receive a decision or other
    notice of action from us within 6 months of this letter, please call
    customer service at the number provided below."

    Does anyone received a similar letter? Is it just some letter or some problem
    with my case. I have been in this country for 11 years, used up all 6 years
    of H1b, renewed EAD three times, and tried service request, called IO, wrote
    to Senators/first lady. Not sure what else I can do...


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  • NKR
    08-07 01:59 PM

    I will be glad to give u a gree to up your reputation :-)

    Thanks Guys, I am from India and I applied in EB2, I do not have to port since my dates are current but I still do not support this idea because I know how difficult it is for one to better his situation just because he is not having a GC. My LC was stuck in backlog centers when perm labor applications was being approved left, right and centre�

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  • mihird
    06-29 04:28 PM
    Damn this green card-If its true-What are they thinking screwing our lives-torture-saddistic I hate this man-thats the limit-all these years we wait-they have no word of honour-selfish cruel people.

    I always thought, the system was fair, it was only the overwhelming numbers of immigrants from certain countries that made it look unfair....but the closer I get to the stage where DOS decisions start impacting me, the more I realize that the system is not fair at all. The game of visa numbers and allocations is driven by white house politics alone...DOS being the spokesperson for the politics. Essentially the white house is directly throttling immigration through the DOS...on its own whims and fancy.

    I wouldn't say they are cruel, but they are certainly selfish..and are bent on sucking the blood of would be immigrants/working non-immigrants...the best way to prevent this from happening is to not come here....let the Indians/Chinese completely stop coming here on H1s/L1s and then we'll see how far can America fly...

    Back home we spend so much for our govt for our own education -here no respect for us-I feel really hurted this time-Staying at home in H4 is a torture-

    So, what made you import yourself here? You could have stayed back in your own the way, coming on a H4 was a wasn't forced upon you...didn't you know before coming here that you would have to stay home on a H4? H4->F1, H4->H1...all these options are always open to you..


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  • gc28262
    09-16 06:28 PM
    any updates about L I N Go?

    Hello World Max for only $23.95 /month provides unlimited calls to india as per link posted earlier by some one on this thread.

    However I see no details if they allow calls from cellphones too, as some one pointed out. That was the major difference between vonage and lingo.

    if anyone has details, please share. Till that time, I would continue using tata trueroots for 2.9 cents a minute promo. Thanks!!!
    Lingo Unwired:
    Make international calls from your cell phone.Get first 10 minutes free on every call to over 100 countries,then just pay dime a minute thereafter.

    Rates: Click here to see rates.
    Service Charge: $.79 per call

    Register the phone numbers you would like to use with Lingo Unwired below. After you place your order, you will see a PIN code for each phone number.The code will be required for calls made from unregistered phone numbers.

    IMO Sign up for vonage

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  • onemorecame
    09-14 01:23 PM
    I've been current since July, 2010 and got RFE on Sept 10, 2010. I don't have letter with me as yet to know about RFE.

    Before REF, I waited for few weeks then tried followings:
    1) Took infopass : Officer sent email to expedite.
    2) Wrote to Senator: got reply they would get reply in 60-90 days
    3) Sent an email via attorney to TSC: got automated response.

    Then I got RFE after about 2-3 weeks of these attempts.

    Sent a Private Message


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  • Sandeep
    02-17 02:15 PM
    reply from john miller

    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your interesting email, which I forwarded to a colleague based in the United States.

    I understand it must be hard for somebody in your situation. But anecdotal evidence and statistics suggest that however hard life is for immigrants in the United States, it's even harder for immigrants in Europe.

    Thanks again,

    John Miller.

    What if I say that my anecdotal evidence does not support his anecdotal evidence? Anyway it is anecdotal. Statistics also say that people are preferring to go to Europe to study - what about that? And I did not know that we were doing a relative research.:)

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  • nshantha
    09-09 10:57 PM

    Today at 9:03 PM I got the following magic letter

    On September 9, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Came to US in 1999

    Applied for EB3 labor in July 2004
    Applied 485 in July 2nd 2007
    Waiting for EB3 dates for India

    Mean time wife applied for EB2 NIW Self petition in March 2006 and got approved
    Again she applied for new labor in Nov 2009 and applied for I-140 in May 2010 in EB2
    Her new EB2 I-140 got approved in Aug 4th 2010 and USCIS ported the March 2006 priority date automatically

    Yesterday she opened SR and today got the approval magic letter

    Special thanks to immigration voice and all the immigration voice members

    Thanks and good luck.


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  • ivjobs
    04-23 06:37 PM
    what's the update on this?

    Did it pass?

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  • pappu
    08-04 06:44 PM
    How to Contact USCIS and FBI to Check Case Status

    1. USCIS Online Status Check
    With a case number, you will be able to see the current status and the last updated date (LUD).

    You can set up a profile, including user name and password, and create a portfolio that includes all your immigration cases. Then log on and see the latest updates on all of them, such as I-485, I-140, AP, EAD, spouse’s cases, etc. Another useful feature for this option is that you can set up an email alert to receive automatic updates. Note that if there is a LUD change, but the message remains the same, you will not receive an alert.

    2. Call National Customer Service at (800) 375 - 5283
    Unfortunately, the customer service representatives don't know much more than what the online system shows. So it is not very helpful in most cases. However, on the phone you may place an inquiry with the service center that is processing your case.

    3. Place a USCIS Inquiry
    If your case is 30 days outside of the current processing dates, you can call customer service ( 800-375-5283) and place an inquiry. The representative will send an online message to the service center, which then mails you a letter in a few weeks to explain why your case hasn't been adjudicated. Recently, the answer is usually "your case is pending security check" or "your case is still within our processing dates."

    4. Talk to a Service Center Representative Directly
    Still by calling 800-375-5283, you will hear a long list of options. Choosing the right options will lead you to the service center that is processing your case. Because each case is unique, you need to listen to the options carefully and choose the ones that fit your case.

    Even if you reach the center, you may be automatically transferred back to general customer service. But sometimes your call will be picked up at the service center. Explain your situation briefly, be polite but persistent, and ask about your case status. They do know a lot more details about your case, but have been instructed not to reveal much information, especially regarding background checks and FBI name checks.

    5. Set up an Infopass Appointment
    An infopass allows you to talk to an immigration officer directly, who has access to more information than the online system. So this is a better option to check on case status. An officer would be able to tell you whether your FBI name check has been cleared. This information alone is worth a trip for many.

    6. Place a Congressional Inquiry
    Writing to your senators and/or house representatives is another good option for people whose cases have been pending for a long time. Go to these websites:
    and find the congressional representatives for your region. Write a personalized letter to briefly explain your case details (a copy of your i485 receipt notice would help), mention how long it has been pending, and ask for his or her help to inquire about your case status. If you are stuck in FBI name check, and have completed an FOIPA request, send in the response as well which might help.

    Some congressional offices are not willing to contact the FBI directly, some will but only if your case is pending for more than one year, yet some will not even respond to your letter. So your mileage may vary. Also you may have to wait several months to receive a response in the mail, possibly due to the increasing number of letters asking for help.

    The FBI has clearly stated that congressional inquiry will not help expedite the name check process. However, due to the lack of communication channels with the FBI, even a confirmation that name check is pending is worth the effort for many people anxiously waiting. Sad, but true.

    7. FBI Name Check
    The FBI is no longer responding to emails sent to, so a congressional inquiry or infopass with the USCIS may be the only options.

    8. FBI Fingerprint Check
    Call the FBI at 304-625-5590, and a representative may be able to tell you when the result was sent back to the USCIS. Since it is usually within 24 - 48 hours, this is only useful to confirm that FP was actually processed.


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  • i99
    09-14 11:59 AM
    no nothing... our attorneys are absolutely useless in addition to this situation.

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  • gcbeku
    08-12 02:37 PM
    it looks like many folks got their approval one day after filing an SR - coincidence or a trigger? Is filing the SR somehow triggering the IOs to look at your file ?

    However, many people who filed SR on the first working day of the month 08/02 were not approved the next day. Also, the many others who bombarded the USCIS with multiple requests/queries had to wait much longer or are still waiting.

    It is almost like the IOs didn't like to be bothered on the first working day of this month (when the begin working on a fresh set of files) and also didn't like to be pushed too much.

    Or is this all just a super coincidence for hundreds of people?



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  • gctest
    08-21 01:57 PM
    Read the visa bulletin for the past 3 months.

    and thanks for the red dot. .. I am in indian .. so a red dot really goes on me :)

    Do you have any link for that apology from DOS? Any doc to support that?

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  • paskal
    06-25 02:13 AM
    i think the card was mailed directly to us
    not sure the University would have a copy
    wondering if the employer would have kept one this long...


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  • spdy_mn
    06-29 06:15 PM
    Nothing will happen. The dates will be retrogresses on Monday. May be we will see 'U' in Visa Bulletin. The AILA will try to pursue DOS and USICS but they will politely say "sorry for the trouble" This will lead to the law suit. Some people will submit their resignation. In the next year you will see those at some higher post somewhere.

    Wow. We are living in the great country built by Immigrants were there is no value of Immigrant. For undocumented immigrants, there are senators to help them. For rich people, they have money so don't have to do anything. For middle class immigrant like you and me IV forum is there to show our frustration.

    I am now seriously thinking of going back to my home country were I would be considered moron who came back from US.

    This is nothing new, things like this happen in almost all parts of the world. Remember Enron, one fine morning thousands of people found that their life savings or retirment savings got wiped out clean with nothing to fall back on. Same could be said of about a lot of dot com millionaires. Life is very very unfair, what other explanation do we have other than that.

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  • Saralayar
    01-05 09:37 PM
    Yes we can consider that too for our argument. 10 years in another country without citizenship is meaningless (most important part of our life is being spent here).

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  • l1fraud
    06-14 02:04 PM
    I cannot help but point out a flaw in your case: You say that your technical skills is a common one. Yet you don't seem to have an issue that you have applied in EB2 - exceptional ability / advanced degree. At this time, you are likely holding a H1B status - a speciality occupation visa. Something does not add up now, does it?.

    However, I'm with you on wanting to stop L1 visa abuse (and H1 visa abuse as well). There needs to be a more definitive way of knowing L1 visa is being misused to replace US citizens and green-card workers.

    Hope any one can qualify for EB2 with a advanced degree / 5 years experience IF the job requirements need the same, my comment regarding the 'common technical' skills was in the context of technical skills available in the market here is US and the way USCIS/consulate considers these technical skills. Java/.Net/Oracle or any of these technical skills doesn't qualify for a L-1B visa irrespective of the no. of years of experience, for Eg. a resource with 10 Years of Java experience may qualify for EB2 (once again, as per job requirement for PERM) BUT WILL NEVER qualify for L-1B visa.

    Hope this cleared your doubt and definetly using L-1B resources for common technical assignments has become a common practice amoung outsourcing companies due to advantages these organisation has (discussed earlier in this thread) and we are fighting against this abusal of L1 visa.

    08-16 01:57 PM
    I got welcome notice last week but no news on wife's application.

    Opened SR, sent email, took infopass but no news..

    Any idea how to move it forward.

    08-21 01:23 PM
    DOS has publicly admitted that they made a mistake in the past interpretation and allowed visas to flow to EB3-ROW and EB3.

    Do yo uguys seriously expect DOS to start making the same mistake they publicy apologized for a few months back?

    We all talk about staying united.. but if EB3 folks are going to get together and start asking DOS to unfairly divert visa numbers away from EB3 (mostly to EB3-ROW... numbers will run out before EB3-Isees it), how are EB2 folks expected to just sit and watch?

    How can we stay united then?

    What would you do if your blood brother was in EB2 while you are in EB3? Would you do the same?

    Do you have any link for that apology from DOS? Any doc to support that?