Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • indianabacklog
    01-27 08:26 PM
    Just a couple of comments about Heathrow. The mainland of Britain was plagued with the IRA bombing it periodically for decades which forced them to be diligent about security long before the USA knew what terrorism was. Being security conscious has become a way of life on that little island in the North Sea. Just try finding a garbage can on a railway station platform? There are none so the IRA could not plant bombs in them.

    Now about the staff at Heathrow. Surely anyone with eyes that work can see most of them are not British at all but immigrants of some variety or another. A true Brit is a very friendly individual. The invasion of their island during the past fifty years has changed the face of the entire community, not all for the better that is for certain.

    And finally, transit visas etc. If they are needed and that is the rule and you cannot find a different route then it is something that has be lived with. The US had them and still has them for certain nationalities, the UK is certainly not on its own. I have been living in the US for almost a decade now and have been stung by their immigration rules as all of the contributors to this forum probably have but we chose to come here so have to put up with the system.

    We all have choices so if you do not want to get transit visas just choose a route that precludes the need for one. Ten pages bad mouthing the UK is not helping anyone it is just antagonizing those of us who originated there.

    Just because the majority of immigration voice are Indian it is certainly not all and I think that gets missed on so many occasions. We are in the midst of the US immigration system together, or so I thought.

    Every country has its own rules, some will be in our favor some will not but if we choose to go there we have to live by them. It is entirely NOT appropriate to expect countries we visit to bow to us on any level!!!!!!!

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  • mpadapa
    09-16 11:40 AM
    continuing my second round of calling.
    Called 7 Republican members planning to get through all the members esp. republicans by the end of the day.

    Folks please keep calling...

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  • nrk
    08-17 02:55 PM
    Yeah little excited as my PD is current from next month. want to wish the good luck for the people who just got freedom.

    Looks like you were on a roll congratulating a lot of folks :D
    Thanks bud


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  • vikki76
    10-20 02:56 PM
    Contacting Senator seems to be the best option apart from POJ method..if there is some discrepancy from Service Request Response, you can clear that up from POJ method.
    That said, even I am waiting for GC approval and needless to say, this wait is more frustrating than the wait before PD was current.

    Today got this response from service request.

    Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter.

    If you have any further questions, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.


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  • Winner
    06-17 01:02 PM
    Dear L1Fraud,

    Great job. I could not do this as I was afraid of Personal attacks and pulling down by the Free raiders. I was lazy too. Hope you read my PM reply.

    Thanks for your commitment.

    Once again request you to please contribute to IV.

    Good luck.

    That's something I noticed too. Most of the personal attacks and not-so-constructive criticism MOST of the time comes from free loaders.

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  • bobby
    06-21 08:17 AM
    Another answer from Rajiv Khanna: on multiple 485s
    I recommend both husband wife file for yourselves and for each other. So between the two , there will be four 485 applications. One: Wife as primary, husband as derivative. Second, husband as primary and wife as derivative. We do this all the time and this is the safest thing to do. You will keep whichever 485 set gets approved, first, the other will be rejected by CIS.

    If CIS rejects the other 485, do they keep the fees or do they refund the fees?


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  • mallu
    10-17 07:50 PM
    By Mr. Cannon:
    "NNCPS is partnering with other Agencies to provide contractors and personnel to process name checks. For example, the FBI and USCIS have implemented a key initiative to use contractor resources to prioritize the processing of "Single-Hit" USClS Name Check requests, that is, pending name check requests that have only one FBI file potentially identified with it that needs to be reviewed in order to process the request. By applying contractor resources to process these "Single Hit" requests, the FBI may significantly reduce the pending USClS name check workload."

    Are they interested in national security or just numbers of processed name checks? Why not create a special team to handle requests with the high number of "hits" as those are much more dangerous potentially for the national security?

    When did he make the statement ?

    Also, how to find out whether the case had 1 hit or multiple hits ( and how many ).

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  • gcvision07
    07-10 10:16 PM


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  • nareshg
    07-11 02:02 PM
    Hi Folks,

    In many of the articles and forums I have read that applicants spent a lot of money on medical exams, lawyer fees, and so on towards the Employee based Green Card application.

    Is it legal for one to spend money (out of one's own pocket) towards getting employee based green card ?

    From what I had hear from my company's legal department was that they cannot take any money from me towards the green card application as it is not legal. Employee Based Green Card is for Employer's benefit and not employee's....though it eventually helps the employee -:)

    Any comments ?

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:40 AM
    Zindagi hai to khwab hai
    Khwab hai to manzile hain
    Manzile hai to hosla hai
    Hosla hai to vishwas hai

    (If there is life there is a dream
    If there is a dream there are milestones
    If there are mileston there is enthusasm
    If there is enthusasm there is a confidence )

    May be you will fall from your bed!

    Wake up dude, enough of day dreaming.


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  • patiently_waiting
    09-23 08:51 PM
    These Numbers are based on the Priority dates of the applicants who filed their Labor.

    If you look into the India Category for EB2 and EB3 for July 2007, The Number of Applications filed as per the document are both 1655 and 893 respectively. During July 2007, the dates for EB2-I and EB3-I are current, the USCIS is bombarded with the applications.

    I think the Document shows the applicants who started their green card (labor) process.


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  • jonty_11
    06-21 12:59 PM
    Its just sad that when it comes to processing immigration applications, we are too many. But when it comes to contributions or calling senators and sending emails, WE ARE TOO FEW :confused:
    That the agonizing truth.


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  • bkn96
    11-17 10:34 AM
    How is response to MTRs sofar. Are they encouraging? What happens if MTR not approved what are the options?

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  • needhelp!
    09-09 05:55 PM
    List has been updated with IV members' feedback.
    Lets continue calling.


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  • puddonhead
    06-18 12:58 PM
    >> I disagree. By not reporting the fraud at workplace, it puts rest of workforce not at level playing field.

    Hmmm.. Level playing field. You mean the field where you set the rules? UAW did that in GM - you know?

    If there is someone who can do my job cheaper or better or more efficiently - by all means it should go to him. I need to then find something where I am good at. Thats what competition is! Of course - this "efficiency" can not come by illegal behavior. Illegal behavior (like the L1 fraud) has other hidden problems.

    So on your question about "l1 fraud": by all means I am for reporting it. However, there is another overriding concern for ALL OF US - how will the economy behave? I dont want to worsen things by "reporting fraud" at a mass scale right now and create trouble for companies that are already suffering. I will do that when that will be beneficial for the US Economy (translation - "all of us - even citizens").

    I am not for tolerating or condoning illegal behavior - however, I am all for moderating my responses and prioritizing the fights. I am also for not behaving like the UAW members.

    >> You are right. If you are not impacted by fraud, one will be least interested in reporting the fraud. Only when you get impacted, the fraud appears real and serious.

    You are reading between the lines too literally - so much so that you misinterpret everything like the bible-thumpers. Impact "me" = Impact "us" = Impact "everybody in the US - including the US Citizens".

    >> Taking your example further, due to budget constraints, the manager will be more inclined to replace workers to L1 workers to save cost. Do you want this? This will impact people in short term.

    Same answer as the first question.

    It's a pretty nuanced position. I hope I have been able to explain it properly.

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  • akred
    01-25 11:29 PM
    Check out the link to the p0rn website here. If they think this is going to attract customers, they are seriously mistaken.


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-06 04:40 PM
    As you know my wife got approved yesterday I received her CPO mail I checked the new funky website of USCIS case status and she was at the last DOT that of card production we heaved a sigh of relief.....BTW I was approved on Sept 3rd and I am still at Post Decision Circle....

    Today we got another mail from USCIS....Notice mailed welcoming applicant blah may get card in 60 days barring any ADIT processing blah blah....and her status in that funky website moved backward two holes to "Decision" hole...

    Strange ain't it...I hope it does not move backward any further for any of us...

    Strange are the ways of USCIS

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  • new_horizon
    01-06 06:26 PM
    I am all for it, and would support it in whatever way possible. Although not sure how it would work. It would require a gigantic change in the US laws.

    I am here for past 11 years paying all possible taxes. Fortunately i was able to file 485 in 07, thru my second gc filing. Bought a house in '06 in a bold move, with the hope that gc would come thru sooner or later. Overall happy with the move to my own house (though the house value has dropped considerably since). Waiting is really painful, but I'll continue to maintain a positive outlook till then.

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  • GCVictim
    08-24 12:37 PM
    If you give my reference we both will get 2 months free.

    Srikanth Vadlakonda
    972-798-0307 (H)

    07-31 04:50 PM
    Well suppose they reject your 485 for lack of Initial Evidence then you are in some trouble. The people who applied prior to new Memo was passed had there applications receipted even without EVL. What will happen after the Memo is passed ...can't say. I think EVL is considered Initial Evidence. Thats my guess.

    If that's true, I hope they also accept the missing inital evidence, that is sent later, as long as the A# is provided.

    01-05 12:27 PM
    Yep great idea, i completely agree with other points except point#4. we should utilize,, to bring more awareness.

    good luck for all