Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • newtoearth
    06-16 03:33 PM
    They should
    1. not be based on client location (only visit and communicate), must work from sponser's worksite.
    2. not be managed by client. Must be managed by sponser.

    if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer

    READ again

    L1B's work will be controlled by the same employer related manager not by client manager. Client manager's are just facilitators there!

    Also please note that there is a difference between
    L1B - Blanket and L1B - Individual

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  • kaisersose
    03-25 02:45 PM
    Just talked to a recruiter from a software giant.

    She specifically wanted to know if I was on EAD and if yes, unfortunately they cannot hire EADs during the fourth quarter (now) due to hiring budget limitations that are typical during the fourth quarter.

    Q: Why does budget come in to picture here?
    A: Because policy requires the legal dept to be consulted for visa holders and EADs which means additional hiring costs plus time.

    But she said once the fourth quarter passes, EAD hiring is not a problem.

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  • nat23
    04-05 05:19 PM
    Let's assume the date moves to Aug 07 by September of this year.

    What will happen after that? I mean what would be the rate of movement

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-07 10:20 AM
    Untill that happens, if you dont mind, PM me your e-mail address and I will be more than happy to e-mail you the docs.
    Anyone who are not able to download the documents can do the same.

    at baleraosreedhar @ yahoo dot com



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  • pbuckeye
    04-01 04:09 PM
    This is not I-485 and its a CP case...

    Thanks. That was an obvious oversight indeed.

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  • FrankZulu
    06-25 01:40 PM
    PERM EB2 India
    PD:Feb 2006
    I-140 Approved

    BEC EB2 from same company
    PD: Dec 2004
    Just approved today

    I am applying I-485 on July 2nd based on approved I-140 PD Feb 2006
    as I don't want to take chance with refiling I-140 for PD Dec 2004.

    In future can I apply I-140 for labor with PD Dec 2004 & on approval can I switch the
    PD for my pending I-485 if dates are current for that PD?


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  • Praveen20
    09-16 12:00 PM
    I guess it is better to call republicans also who are opposing the bill and if possible give them our side of story too. There is no harm in doing that. We may be able to convince one or two members who are opposing it.


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  • abhis0
    09-18 12:11 AM
    Happy for those who go the receipts notice.

    Mine was signed by J. Barrett on July 2nd @ 10:25 AM and got no update so far.

    Tried calling USCIS they don't answer properly.

    Lawyers saying can't do anything but wait and watch.

    Any idea after 90 days if it's still not in their system then what to do

    What else....Will call them...

    In ur boat buddy...


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  • senthil1
    04-23 09:54 PM
    This is a good bill. The 50% rule will impact Indian bodyshoppers and Top Indian outsourcing companies. But genuine companies like Microsoft,Google, Oracle and other US companies will not be impacted that much as they sincerely search whether US talent is available. But will it pass? In 2007 it did not move as they planned to consider for CIR. This time also same argument may come. But some genuine Indian consulting companies also will be impacted. But system will adjust quickly even if this bill passes.

    B1/B2 is always prone to reject by 221(b). Wont impact that much.

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  • justin150377
    07-09 06:43 PM
    Call the place where you've ordered flowers and ask for a refund if flowers are delivered elsewhere. It should be up to USCIS to recieve and then ship those flowers to the hospitals.


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  • PBECVictim
    02-08 03:32 AM
    On FEb 4th my wife and myself went for H1-B visa renewal interview at Chennai Consulate. Both visas got approved. My wife passport was returned with in 3 days. It seems they have found her petitition online. My passport stuck with consulate. I called consulate today, and they have asked me to call back next week end. She said they were not able to locate my petition online.

    How long it can take? 1 week or 2 weeks or 1 month? Please provide your experiences for those passports took more than 3 days. I have seen max 1 month in the forum.

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  • pat123
    10-01 12:05 PM
    Hi All

    Today I received email for me
    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    On September 25, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    and for my husband it says

    Your Case Status: Decision

    On September 24, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    I dont understand why his case is in decision when he is the primary .. Has anyone come across similar situation ?
    My PD is sep 05 and service center is TSC.

    Congratulations. Could you tell me that Notice date of your I-485 application? Is it somehwere in AUG 2007 or Sept2007?



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  • jbr
    03-10 05:36 PM
    We could also do a signature/petition campaign that would focus on 'American Citizens' supporting our effort. We should aim at getting a lot of signatures. Afterall there have to be hundreds of thousands of formerly H1B holders who are citizens now; at least they would support our effort.

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  • rajsat
    10-01 10:12 PM
    I recieved 2 notices in mail today.

    One is the welcome notices which says that I-485 is approved.
    Another notice which says that they reviewing or reconsidering the decision previously taken.

    Called 1-800 # and the infopass. They say that reopened or reconsidering the case as the visa numbers retrogressed.

    How can that be when am current in oct as well.

    Mine is EB2 and the priority date is Dec 2004.

    Any suggestions to have this fixed.


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  • kushaljn
    01-07 11:23 PM
    Here is the email response which I have received from Mumbai N IV.

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your correspondence, regarding electronic verification of H, L, O, P and Q petitions through the Petition Information Management Service (PIMS).

    PIMS is now the sole source for confirmation that a NIV petition has been approved.

    All questions regarding this new service should be directed to the Bureau of Consular Affairs� Public Inquiries Division of the State Department. You may contact them at the following numbers and e-mail addresses:

    Fax Number: 202-663-3899

    Public Inquiries: 202-663-1225

    Public e-mails (automated replies only):

    In case we do receive the electronic verification an email will be sent to you regarding the same. Once you receive the mail you will need to submit your documents to the VFS. We regret we cannot give any timeframe regarding the completion of this process. I hope this information has been helpful to you.



    Sorry to say, this new system has been designed and implemented not taking into consideration,how it is impacting all the applicants. There is no timelines which are published for cases like ours. In short the new system will delay things.


    I read on the website that the UCSIS needs to go through the Kentucky Consular Center to obtain the PIMS verification. The number for the KCC is 606-526-7500. I am going to try and call them to see if they can give me any information on timelines.

    For those people that have not left the US yet, it might be worth it to talk to your lawyers and see if there is any way you can have your names added to this database before you travel - that should eliminate any hassles once you leave the country. Much easier to try and do it from there rather than from here.

    There is no number to call here to check on status - I have been sending emails to but have not received any response from them yet. Not really a surprise. If anyone tries the number above and gets some response please let the rest of us know.

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  • Pineapple
    07-11 01:24 AM
    Please make the New York Times article and the Washington Post article the most viewed and most emailed articles on the site

    The Washington Post article is truly moving.. All those who sent the flowers, know that it was not a wasted effort.
    Hats off to a brilliant campaign, and whoever came up with the idea...
    DO email the article to all the people you know. That will generate a feedback loop which will propel this campaign forward..


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  • NKR
    08-07 01:15 PM
    What stopped (from legal stand point) MBA guy to file for eb3 based GC in 2003? Remember both have BS in Engineering at that time. No employer was ready to file GC for the MBA guy (in 2003) is not a valid legal argument.

    Exactly :).

    If the MBA guy had told the employer that he is willing to take up an EB3 job, he would have gladly filed a GC.

    I am expecting another red now

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  • gimmeacard
    07-12 04:34 PM
    my 485 was filed during Aug 2007 , i had EAD as well that i never used.(EB3)
    i joined another firm and started off fresh using old PD, and EB2, which got ported

    I had 2 RFE on my prior 485 FOR medicals and EVL. that i answered ( company didnt had issues as long as i was paying for it)

    now How do i get my prior 485 to be merged, since its not an easy case, my new firm isnt willing to do so, can i raise SR/IO and try it? is it worth it

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  • reddymjm
    08-07 03:35 PM
    Calling all EB3-I with PD before Nov 2005. Please get 3 desi firm names from Sunny_Surya and start EB2 filing. Then port your PD's.

    May be Sunny Surya has his own company. He is looking for people who want to port and this is negative advertizment....

    01-27 12:44 PM
    The requirement for a transit visa to enter the UK is not a new requirement. They were introduced because a significant number of passengers decided to remain in the UK rather than simply transit.

    Before they were introduced, passengers had the ability to remain in the UK for up to 24 hours, enter the UK, change airports etc (this is called TWOV or Transit Without Visa and still remains for applicable nationals).

    The intent of the Transit Visa is to ensure that the passenger will be accepted by the third country.

    There are still issues with passengers who hold transit visas with a stated intention of transitting the UK. Either they are not accepted by the transitting airline and are returned to the point of origin, or they simply claim "political assylum" when they land in the UK and then they become the responsibility of the British Government.

    06-10 12:09 AM
    I am also from India but the point I am discussing here is clearly a violation of law by Outsourcing vendors including IBM (not just Indian companies), TCS, Wipro etc. I work for a medium size consulting firm based in US and on H1 visa ...and I am impacted by these violations and I think I have the right to oppose this act.... to prove my identity shud I tell you my stories in Chennai consulate... or shud I tell u abt my days in b'lore or shud I tell you all abt my 24 years in India.. you can decide :-).

    BUT regarding the L1 violation we have decided and this time the vendor is exposed to the authorities and justice is done. We have the support of good client managers who understands visa regulations.