Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • zilmax007
    12-08 08:03 PM

    EB2 -> 01-JUN-2003
    EB3 -> 01-OCT-2001

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  • npk1255
    10-04 10:55 AM
    I entered this country (US) on a F1 visa. I've completed my masters and during my post-completion OPT I was offered a job by a company who filed my H1. It was approved in Nov 09 and was valid until Nov 2012. But in Apr 2010 I was laid off and since H1 doesn't have any grace period and I couldn't find an employer ready for a transfer, so I changed my status back to F1. I'm currently working for an IT consulting company (full time) at their client location. The client would like to hire me full time. But since I'm working on my CPT, and do not have a valid H1 visa is it possible that the Client can simply transfer my existing H1 or do they have to file a new H1 as my status has changed. Please suggest as I'm very Confused how to deal with this situation as I do not want to lose an opportunity. Also please do throw some light on any grey areas if present.



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  • djmaddy
    07-18 12:23 PM
    Thanks a lot Kirupa!

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  • jliechty
    September 4th, 2005, 10:31 AM
    Compositionally, the picture feels slightly off balance to me, but I love what QJ did with the shadow detail and color in her first revision of your photo. There's certainly plenty of potential waiting to be brought out from within that image.


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  • sodh
    07-27 12:21 AM
    Folks, let us concentrate on sending the output of all the good analysis done by various members to this person who it appears has a job to identify and recommend systemic fixes. It would be far more useful than sharing woes amongst ourselves in these b-boards.
    If he could fix everything we would'nt be in trouble.

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  • chinna2003
    05-15 10:15 AM
    I realize the miscommunication on my part so I apologize to my previous post that i didnt understand the reply.
    I meant to ask if the primary applicant my spouse can take the extended leave on child care that is sanctioned by the employer .As a dependent I am aware that I can be without a job.
    EB3 PD is Feb 2005
    I 140 approved filed 02/2006
    I485 07/2007
    RFE for EVL April 2009 submitted


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  • Bytes4Lunch
    08-17 11:07 AM
    What annoys me, is that the consulate delays the visa stamping and also keeps the passport. Seems to me that they deliberately keep the passport so that the candidate doesnt travel back on the AP. I was in similar situation in March 08 at the Mumbai consulate, after waiting for around 45 days I travelled back on the AP(back then they had not taken my passport)
    Let us what happened to your cousin when you receive updates from him. Is he working as a consultant (paid by his employer) and working elsewhere ?

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  • GCKaIntezar
    01-15 03:08 PM
    Thanks for setting this up Anurakt. I'll be calling-in.


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  • pyrosleepy
    08-09 11:03 AM
    I joined a new employer in May and also had applied for H1B transfer at that time. Now I have a very good offer from another firm but my first H1B transfer is still pending. The new offer is much more rewarding financially. Is it possible to apply for H1 B transfer to the new employer without jeopardizing my H1B status. Please note that I got laid off in April and I was in a hurry to get the new job then, it was also about just over a month when I applied for my H1B transfer since losing that job so I am kind of nervous about the results from USCIS.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, friends!

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  • coolpal
    03-27 05:20 PM
    I am no attorney... but from my knowledge you are OK.
    The h1b rules state that once you loose your job, you have 10 days to find another way to keep you in status or leave the country... and your situation, even if it comes to a point where you have to agree that you were out of job for that 5 days is no problem at all.

    pal :)


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  • NikNikon
    March 24th, 2007, 12:09 AM
    Can you customize you order? If so check into the 18-200mm VR, I like mine. Also my Digital Camera Shopper I'm looking at right now has a review that sums it by saying "it's quite possibly the only lens you'd ever need".

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  • Pagal
    04-06 08:18 AM

    As was discussed in the past on this forum, USC may have meant something for 20th century, but in 21st, USC does not offer any preferential advantage over other passports (unless you hold passport of problem childs like Iran, Sudan, Cuba etc).

    At the end of day, its a personal choice, so let people be happy with whatever citizenship they choose... :)


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  • StarSun
    04-22 11:33 AM
    We appreciate your past contributions, but cannot give access based on past donations. Will contact you regarding this matter.

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  • dc2007
    06-30 09:41 AM
    Anybody please help me.. If its possible I want file PERM asap.


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  • md2003
    08-28 09:08 AM
    I am planning to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. Will there be any problem if i have company on H1B. I opened in 2003 and My friend is working in that company. I am working for my employer only. Will there be any problem if i have company either in GC stage or getting Visa in Canada.


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  • ivar27
    11-08 12:28 PM
    Thanks for quick response.
    I still do not know wat is query is. My employer hasnt received the details of query yet.
    looking at the worst side, wat if the H1 tranfer Denied/rejected. Can i ask Company D to file for a new H1?


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  • ss1026
    06-14 09:38 AM
    I have a pending I-140 with a Feb2004 PD which may or may not be approved and I have a Feb2005 PD with approved I-140. Which is a better stragety. Risk with the old PD and play safe and wait long for a GC?

    Hi guys, I have a unique situation, thanks to july visa bulletin. I have a EB3 labor and I 140 approved with the PD as May 2004. Recently I applied EB2 PERM in order to port the PD from EB3 to EB2. My EB2 perm is approved now. Now, I am in dilemma to choose between EB2 and EB3. I can apply EB2 I 140 and I 485 concurrently (by assuming that they will port the PD) or I can apply I485 (for previously approved EB3). Please suggest as to what route I should take.

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  • linklinklink
    06-22 04:40 PM
    Both my daughter and I have her old I-94 number on our new I-94s. They did not put my old I-94 number on my new I-94.

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    07-20 10:58 AM
    Its not a surprise to anyone who is member of this forum that how efficient PEBC works!! As a matter of fact I have an excellent example here with my Labor Certification, which I wanted to share with you all.

    My company just received a latter titled as "Confirmation of Withdrawal" which states that your Labor Processing Application filed in November xx, 2004 is withdrawn, as requested by your letter dated August xx, 2004.

    Isn't that amazing that they are so swamped and desperate in eliminating the backlog that they do not know the chronological order of the dates also?

    Backlog Elimination Centers' are the biggest waste of Taxpayers Money, I think.

    06-29 11:09 PM
    Mr Sauer:

    Thank you so much for your response. Need a litle clarification on I-824. Can I file I-824 before my I-485 gets approved? If so, how can i request alternate chargeability to my spouse's country with out her I-485?
    If not what is the best way to claim alterate chargeability to my Spouse country of birth. Gues I have to bring bring my family on H4 and submit I-485 in US or switch to consular processsing. Is there any other possible way other than these 2 procedures?


    04-17 09:44 AM
    Just get another medical done. Carry the 693 to avoid getting all the vaccinations again.

    Easiest way out as the medicals expire anyway in12-18 months.