Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Leo07
    09-23 04:15 PM
    I guess we'll need to ADD to that number:
    1. BEC stuck folks who could not file in July 07
    2. PERM approvals starting August 07

    to the 47,728. Plus multiply by 2.1( for dependents ). That'll give the total VISA numbers required for this category to make it Current.

    If I have to guess-- (1) would be very less, may be 100-200 max
    (2) around 5000 ( just a PUMA)
    So, there are about 53000 EB2 I applications. and 2.1 * 53000 = 111300.

    If we can create 111300, EB2 I visas then it'll be CURRENT. easy:)

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  • pappu
    01-07 03:19 PM
    One way "in which we can get more people involved on IV" is to remove some of the barriers to such participation. And the infamous red/green thingie comes to my mind.

    Any updates on when IV is going to get rid of the red/green dot thingie?

    I think we are making a big deal of red and green dots. It is only in recent times that people are complaining so much about misuse. We can get rid of it, but then moderation will be tough. I do not think that is the reason for not participating. We do not have much awareness about IV in the community. When we say half million applications are pending, why are we not getting those on IV?

    We need help in raising awareness about this cause in the community. Let us make that as the first action item this new year. All members can take initiatives and help. It does not cost any money and IV is not asking any money. We just need more participation.

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  • indio0617
    09-26 10:13 AM
    Though I like Obama as a person who promises positive change, I am afraid this will turn into disaster for all of us.

    If all of you had watched the drama unfolding last year with CIR and Durbin's proposed draconic measures you will all know what is in store for us. We all know who will be pulling the strings as far as immigration policy making goes with democrats in the white house.

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  • styrum
    07-12 01:01 PM
    Although much older anouncements and news are still there.
    Apparently they want everybody to forget about this ASAP, let alone attract any further interest or god forbid inquiries. I don't know who in the world can still beleive that they are a "service" and we are "customers".


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  • greencardvow
    06-26 02:26 PM
    What is the Period of Stay Form. Is there a format for this form.

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  • satyasaich
    01-11 11:18 AM
    The text is at the link below.

    Section 501 and 503 would help retrogression a lot.

    Section 503 will do more harm and add fuel to retrogression. Either it shall be redrafted or we shall oppose without any doubt


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  • eb3_2004
    08-20 03:00 PM
    It actually comes down to the language. I haven't read the rollover from EB to FB (if at all it happens), but look at the language for EB1. It talks about regular number + any not used by EB5. The language for EB5 is lost when it trickles down.

    Does it mean: 1. EB5 can only be used by Eb1 and not rolled down further?


    2) Does it mean that any of the EB5 unused numbers that are also not required by Eb1 rolls down to EB2.

    If it is choice 1, then I suspect we have no case. If however, it is choice 2, then it is clear through the language that spill over Eb1 goes to Eb2 and EB3 at the same time. If not, based on the language of EB1, Eb3 would have just said "unused numbers of EB2", which means it would use Eb1 numbers only if Eb2 did not need them.

    Suggestion to go via AILA is a good one, but do we have contact into AILA??

    I feel it is Choice 2 as Choice 1 is not possible..If Choice 1 is the case how is EB5-->EB1-->Eb2 happening now justified???

    Also, Is EB1-I/EB1-ROW quota used up every year???If not that has to trickle down to EB2 and EB3 if they change the EB3 allocation interpretation.

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  • delhiguy79
    08-13 08:27 AM
    yes if you are filing another 485 with your spose as primary and you as dependent..
    you need to fill out A#'s assigned with first applications..

    if both r filed on the same day ....then there is no way u can mention each other on application...

    my lawyer said if if it is filed like that ...u can combine the two applications when u get the receipts...


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  • lvinaykumar
    09-09 09:33 PM
    just saw the post today. will be calling at lunch tomorrow

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  • desi3933
    06-17 02:29 PM

    Thanks for the link.

    But these 1 out 100 are in jail, since they are convicted of crime. Don't you think that people who are committing fraud should be punished as well?

    This is no where close to 1 out 10 you wrote in your post and later changed it to 1 out of 100.

    Educated Smart! :D



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  • gc_check
    01-30 09:55 AM
    Hmmm - not sure because, if the job requires that someone must have security clearance - the job must clearly mention that someone with security clearance is needed. What is the point in hiring a citizen without security clearance (unless they want you to get clearance aftewr hiring)

    Non discriminatory postings look like this
    (1) Authorized to work in US for any employer
    (2) Requires a security clearance

    One cannot specifically say - I don't want EAD or GC or I want only Citizens.

    Desi3933 and other knowledgable folks out here - please write your comments. I hope I am not worng.

    Agree, One must not specifically say - "I don't want EAD or GC or I want only Citizens" and they need to specify the reason like you had mentioned. But you never know, the Dice and other job posting sites, just post what ever the client submits. With premium accounts, you manage the posting and I do not think, these sites control the contents. I also surfed the company website, and looks like they do have some federal clients and based on VA. It looks more like a clerical error than intentional posting. May be, an email to the HR of the company, with supporting links that does not encourage such posting legally will educate / prevent such posting in future. Any other members with in depth knowledge on this.. post your comment. Also job websites like Dice / Monster, etc...should ensure Quality of posting rather than having a disclaimer :)

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  • gc28262
    01-24 04:03 PM
    Taking the Emirates or Kuwait airlines is another option. They have flights that doesn't need transit visa. Service quality ? better than Air India !


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  • pappu
    06-26 12:22 PM
    Multiple 485 and EAD filing



    My wife and I both got our LC approved. She filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently for both of us in Nov.2006 (Nebraska Center), based on her LC. Then I filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently for both of us again in Jan,2007 (Texas Center), based on my LC.

    The EADs she applied got aproved pretty quickly. Several days ago, my EAD applications got denied. The denial reason is, we already have approved EAD.

    Originally our plan is: My wife will switch to a Finance related job soon (her LC is based on Software job), I will wait for GC. (The reason we still filed for multiple 485 and EAD is that we want to postpone the decision on who should wait for GC). Now I'm totally confused on whether she can use the EAD, and whether I can renew the approved EAD (because they are based on her application).

    Any inputs or clarifications will be greatly appreciated.


    Yup. One should be ready for the consequences when they apply. Think carefully before you do something and do not make any errors in decisions.There are both advantages and disadvantages. A lawyer office that has done this in the past quoted a case to me. Another non-desi expensive lawyer who always gives accurate information and is not greedy told me that he would not advice multiple filing.

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  • funny
    09-09 04:49 PM
    Just finished calling 10 congressman's office. Will continue until the list is finished.

    ^^^ Don't let this thread slip down^^


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  • Nil
    01-04 11:45 PM
    Very true - ultimately naturalization is the goal for many. Green card is the only first legal step.
    Hopefully far-sighted folks will support this thoughts.

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  • arunmohan
    04-22 02:03 AM
    I agree with Saralayar. Could someone please take an initiative to draft a letter?

    Once letter is drafted, I believe that lots of people will send it to President.


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  • akhilmahajan
    05-16 02:36 PM
    Yes there is a clause. So i think that covers us consultants.


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  • pat123
    09-20 12:18 PM
    Hello axp817

    I had soft LUD's yesterday (9/19) on all I-485 applications in my family and on the (July 2007) EAD's for my spouse and me. My PD is May-30 2006, so I'm wondering if they are looking at low-hanging fruit for the next month (or to hang the fruit!)

    Hi hinvin66,

    What is your I 485
    NOTICE DATE? IS It 9/18/2007?

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  • sanjay02
    08-13 01:47 AM
    Finger print notice received for spouse( dependent) not for me , Im primary PD Nov 2005 EB2.

    Should I be taking an Infopass?

    08-07 01:55 PM
    All this verbal fight from SunnySurya and Rolling_Flood reminded me of a similar situation:

    All talking .. no action...

    01-04 01:25 PM