Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Foster2007
    07-09 06:48 PM
    You are right! It seems USCIS has an "acceptance" probem...

    Can't accept

    1. Legitimately filed I-485s
    2. Affectionately sent flowers
    3. To top it all, its own "ineeficiency"

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  • skynet2500
    10-13 11:38 AM
    Could anyone successfully reach a IO today at TSC? I tried couple of times and the lady keep saying to call national processing center.

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  • english_august
    07-11 12:27 AM
    You are missing the "Support from Bollywood" article from your website! We will keep reporting here. Thanks for doing a great job.

    It has been updated now with that information.

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  • crksd
    10-16 02:56 PM
    Not been a close tracker all these years, but it all changed at the beginning of October ;)

    But, both my wife and I received CPO e-mails this morning. No welcome e-mails.

    These are some important events in my journey -

    First H1-B - October 2004 (Company X)
    Labor (regular) filed on Jan 20th, 2005 (EB2)
    I-140 filed in August 2006 (Company X)
    I-140 approval in June 2007
    I-485 filed August 2007 (Company X) (EB2, India)
    Second H1-B in October 2007 (Company X)
    Applied for EADs and APs twice since filing our I-485s (Company X)
    Wife and I had a USCIS interview in July 2009 (Company X)
    One LUD immediately after the interview
    No RFEs ever
    Case status showed up as in the "initial review" stage till this morning when the status changed to "Document Production or Oath Ceremony"


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  • rajpatelemail
    01-05 06:16 PM
    Do not think this to discourage or anything like that...

    Guys .. Pls stop dreaming.. you do not have any idea what you are talking about..

    Guys in this thread may be newcomers to the game..

    I was here since 1998... and cud not stop surprised to see the ideas in this thread..veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy yyyyyyyy farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from reality.

    Better to wor for admin things like visa recapture, some admin things within INS w/o any legislative action.

    Do you guys have any idea that it needs legislative approval for things you are dreaming of...

    It means it shd win in 100 members senate and in 500+ members house.

    As Pappu suggested it is better to get more publicity, funds and then work for few admin things first(Gives a big relief) ...

    But guys, what you are thinking is far beyond the dream itself.

    I guess Pappu is the only guy active in Core now...
    However let us concentrate as Core suggested, as they know the realities/pains involved.

    Pappu, any core members active other than yourself, because i did not see a core member other than you fr more than a year...

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  • hpandey
    01-24 02:17 PM
    Flying through Asian Countires is not an option for people residing in East Coast. I am travelling to India in the next week Via Amsterdam. I am told by the consulate that we do not need Transit Visas. My H1B Visa is expired and I am travelling on AP. Did any one hear differently?


    then you do not need a transit visa at Amsterdam.


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  • number30
    09-24 08:12 PM
    Lot of analysis. Here is my part. If DOS properly followed the INA as amended by AC21 act in 2000, EB2-I never retrogressed since year 2005. EB2 I might have been always �current�. EB3 including ROW might have been much worst situation than now. EB3-IN will always be in disaster state. Though it is unfair to (EB3) many, this is what the law. In later part of 1990s EB categories were retrogressed for IN, CH by about 2 years. When AC21 law passed in 2000, it did two very important things. One recapture of about 216,000 EB visas and it removed country quota in each EB category if excess visas available, in that category. That means it enforced horizontal spill over. In simple example, consider Mexico which is most subscribing country. Lets assume in a fiscal year, 40,000 Mexican are eligible for EB2 visa(and no other citizens in EB2), and millions of Mexican eligible for EB3 and in family based categories, still DOS should issue 40,000 EB2 visa to Mexicans irrespective of how much demand in other categories. Because of tons of backlogs in 485 (between 2000 and 2004), particularly in EB3, DOS issued about 185000 (out of 216000) to EB3. That�s why EB3 was current between 2000 and 2004. They simply ignored the EB2 demand by India and retrogressed in 2005, though total demand for EB2 less than the available pool of recaptured visas. Since the year 2007, they realized the mistake and now (since 2007) they are following correctly (though may not fair) the law. If they follow correctly the law, EB2-IN, Ch will become current soon. Till all EB2 become current, EB3 never see any spill over. Till EB3 �ROW become current, EB3 IN will not see any spill over. Till that point EB3-In will get only 2800 EB3 visas.

    Numbers made available from AC21 was the only initial reason to become current. Later after 2001-Sept until 2002- October ( TSC until March 2003) no EB I-485 were approved. Only the cases either transfered to local office or consular processing were getting Approval. It was weird situation because no numbers were getting used hence all numbers were available. So it remained current until 2004. Otherwise it would have been retrogressed by 2003 itself.

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  • sri1309
    08-24 08:45 AM

    Thanks for hearing me.
    Other guys, I am not angry with you. We are all on the same boat and not to fight here. Its frustration.

    H1 visas or F1 Visas or for that matter many of such things.. Why do you really think they exist.
    To help people like you and me to lead a different life style or to benefit the US??
    Why do you think so many many people were allowed during the Y2K thing. To make us realize our American dreams??.. You heard me.

    If you go by statistics, PhD holders in this country are mostly from outside. Same case with Masters. You will see not that many Bachelors though. Why do MS, INtel, Oracle etc etc strees so much on H1s.

    Let it be not real, BUT when you say we are ALL going back with disappointment, the system will look at it differently. The system is broken as top US companies agree. Like most people here too agree. Yes, there will be people who say there are more people and less jobs or taking away the jobs. But did they stop the H1 or F1 program, NO.
    SO we must raise a voice to repair the GC system. Who thought all this S* when we applied in 01 or 02.
    Guys, I am also not going anywhere, . I am here for 10 years now and its my life and I like it. But when 100 people say "we re going back, disappointed, it will have some effect".

    Nobody else agrees with me?. I am sending "I am going back unless you fix it" cards again on Monday. Please do, I feel its sending the same message in a different way.

    $100 one time.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-24 02:49 PM
    You are assuming that the spillover from remaining countries in EB3 will be allocated to EB3 I/C/P/M. The spillover rules that changed in 2007 will ensure that those visas will first go to E1 -> EB2 and then fall to us if there is an overflow. Unfortunately that will not happen because there are many retrogressed individuals in EB2 and they will get the visas first.

    If there are 140K visas then EB3 category will get 140,000%28.7 = 40180
    NACARA program = 40180-5000=35180

    (refer Visa Bulletin October 2009 (
    Employment Third Preference Other Workers Category: Section 203(e) of the NACARA, as amended by Section 1(e) of Pub. L. 105-139, provides that once the Employment Third Preference Other Worker (EW) cut-off date has reached the priority date of the latest EW petition approved prior to November 19, 1997, the 10,000 EW numbers available for a fiscal year are to be reduced by up to 5,000 annually beginning in the following fiscal year. This reduction is to be made for as long as necessary to offset adjustments under the NACARA program. Since the EW cut-off date reached November 19, 1997 during Fiscal Year 2001, the reduction in the EW annual limit to 5,000 began in Fiscal Year 2002)

    deduct 15% for consular processing = 29903

    again consider 5 different Chargeability Areas
    such as CHINA mainland born, INDIA, MEXICO, PHILIP-PINES and rest = 29903/5= 5980

    Worst case scenario, USCIS will have 5980 visas available for FY 2010.
    Now, if you compare data published by USCIS on pending cases can we guess
    we should see forward movement for EB3I at least July-2002 by end of FY 2010 ?

    Is it fair assessment?

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  • senthil1
    07-09 08:48 PM
    Actually I thought they will not accept flowers. But for courtesy and humanity touch they are forwarding. Because of these atleast flowers have some purpose without wastage. This campaign will not have any impact on functioning of USCIS as they are following law. These mistakes are common in every Government organisations and time time mistakes are being corrected. Even congressional hearing happens and finds mistake they will prevent future mistakes like this. It is unlikely for affected persons to get relief immediately. But Many persons will get relief automatically on oct 2007 when DOS sets Cutoff date. I expect cut off date for EB3 2003 or 2004 and for EB2 2005.

    Correct me if there is a misunderstanding due to culture differences.

    The flowers are by no means a complement. They pass them to other people and basically, they are forwarding the shame to them as well. Whoever receives it would feel offended. Don't you think so? :rolleyes:

    If this is not the paramount of their stupidity, I do not know what else is. Oh wait, it is USCIS... who knows what other crazy thing they may do. :D

    This is just getting better and better... Make sure get a screen print for future reference. Maybe a message should be attached to the flower too so that no matter who receive it, they will know who and what that is for. :D


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  • saimrathi
    07-11 09:02 AM
    Awww so sweet... Good job!!

    This is about me. I was photographed yesterday!!

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  • dreamworld
    09-24 09:52 AM
    In essence what the memo seems to state is that I can have another employer file an I-140 petition, and if approved, simply substitute the I-140 in my existing I-485.

    Is that right?


    Not to my understanding.

    I believe you can do interafiling if you have two approved i140 from the same employer and you have a pending 485 and the later 140's PD is current.


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  • yabadaba
    01-24 04:25 PM
    south east

    delta -atl - dxb (direct) -chennai, mumbai, etc


    delta - atl -jfk -bom direct

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  • perm2gc
    05-09 02:04 PM
    When where you laid off Hunter ?


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  • abuddyz
    01-31 09:05 AM
    I havent taken my appointment yet so dont know if that would be the case even for Delhi. But in Mumbai..r they asking to fax the documents (like I-129, I 797A, LCA etc) to them prior to the interview?

    in mumbai, someone has to go personally to VFS center to submit documents... we need to submit passport copy, copy of I-797, appointment letter, etc.. but we don't need to submit I-129 and LCA. we need to carry that when we go for appointment.

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  • gcbeku
    08-13 09:20 AM
    Today we received our welcome notices. The PD on my application is correct but the PD on my wife's application is same as the receipt date. Is this normal for the dependent application?

    Our applications were approved based on substitute labor. Our 485 is based on 140 with PD Aug 2006 but we have another substitute labor with PD Nov 2005. When I applied for 140 with PD Aug 2006, I added my wife as dependent. But in the substitute labor I am not sure if my wife was added.

    Is there anything to worry or just ignore it?

    Thank you

    Check with your lawyers. It should be easy to get an amended approval notice or atleast a letter from USCIS that it is okay.


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  • kewlchap
    10-12 05:06 PM
    Folks, it is columbus day today and federal offices are closed.. Relax. You will be able to do POJ tomorrow onwards again.

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  • wellwishergc
    07-10 11:02 AM
    And it's my wishful thinking for you and my other fellow-members who went through the roller-coaster ride last month. Also, it is a speculation based on the recent events in the last 10 days. I have already filed my I485.

    Cheers & Good Luck!

    I thought so too :) :). Your's was just wishful thinking.

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  • anura
    04-07 09:56 AM
    I do not remember the predictions of last year but the fact is , last year it jumped from Jan 2005 (in Feb/March) to May 2006 (in September). That definitely is a BIG movement.

    You are absolutely right. More precisely, last year with a grant of >19000 visas EB2 India PD jumped an impressive ~450 days. This year's available visa is not definitely known but is for sure >9000 and may be as much as ~36000. Just keep those numbers in memory. And we wait on...

    01-24 09:27 AM

    We are working on it. Media coverage isn't easy and immediate. They check us out, and take their time to research facts before even considering.

    But the process has started.
    If you know of any serious contacts that can help out, or have any suggestions about regional/local media pls send a note to with "Media" as the subject, and it'll come to me


    Though efforts are going on, feel free to point out the Names, Contact Details and Issues they have raised in the past of any good article alligned to our cause. An example
    Name - Sam Dillon
    Contributes to - NY Times
    Article ( U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students
    Contact Details - ?
    A database of such contacts would help expedite the process for the volunteers

    10-30 10:58 AM
    Do I need to sign the letters or just Name and Address ok.

    Please do sign with your name and address/phone number below. Thanks.