Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • abhaykul
    01-08 10:29 AM
    Is this letter in Action Alerts ?

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  • hsingh82
    06-15 10:09 AM
    l1fraud if you do not like fraud , report it.
    If you are scared of losing your job, then find another job.
    If you are worried about getting replaced, then upgrade your skills and get competitive rather than crying about it.
    If you are not happy with your salary in your profession and then people will get $5/hr due to outsourcing, then change your profession and accept globalization. You racist good for nothing folks had it good for very long. Do not expect $100/hr for HTML coding anymore.
    If you want to launch a crusade against it, then how about openly declare with your name , phone number and start your website against it.

    If you cannot do anything other than whining anonymously, then join loser's guild. (I guess you are already)

    BS... absolute BS ... how about you stop being his mentor. The guy is losing is job because of FRADULENT means used by a company, he is not complaining that his junior upgraded his/her skills and is replaced by him/her. You are basically suggesting a victim of a robbery not to complain to police and instead go to gym more often!! Stop this nonsense please.

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  • ashres11
    09-21 01:34 PM
    See if you can find the director GERALD HEINAUER @ NSC or any senior executive. I will give a call and demand answers. ---> people search

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  • wellwishergc
    07-10 10:47 AM
    I understand each and every part of that DOS statement.

    Peace! Relax! Let's wait and watch!

    What part of DOS statement

    "All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation have been made available. "

    do you not understand ?

    2007 quota is used up. We need to wait until OCT for 2008 quota. :(


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  • bkn96
    11-14 08:18 PM
    I am new to forum. How to contact PD_reacpturing?

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  • fatjoe
    10-21 01:39 PM
    My labor was filed in July 04 on EB2, but approved under EB3 category only. My attorney contacted uscis to with the amendment saying that my LC should have been approved under EB2 category. Finally, got a letter from uscis in Feb 2007 that my LC was approved under EB2. Could that be the reason that I did not get GC yet even my PD is current.


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  • Caliber
    09-24 02:52 PM
    Since the forecast is EB2-I will be current in a few years. Does that mean that someone with a PD of 2009 (EB2) would get the GC faster than someone with a PD of 2004 (EB3)?

    Unfortunately YES.

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  • andy garcia
    04-18 11:11 AM
    Thanks for the replies fellas, this isn't a renewal I am talking about. This is the first time I have applied for an EAD. BTW, does anyone know what's involved in converting from H4 to EAD status i.e.
    1. Do you need to apply for SSN before you take a job offer?
    A. Yes, you can not start working w/o a SSN

    2. EAD by itself is enough to accept employment?
    A. No, refer to 1

    3. Can you take jobs/resign as and when you please or do you have to somehow get back to H4 status if you quit job on EAD?
    A. You can work wherever you want to.
    4. Does use of EAD by H4, change non-immigrant status of H1 worker?
    A. No, it does not.




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  • brb2
    09-12 09:26 AM
    Finger print will only bring up those names who have a "rap sheet". That is people who were arrested, booked and then charged. A name check will bring out those who are under an investigation directly (main file) or associated with those being investigated. Thus a name check is essential from the national security point of view.

    USCIS is supposed to respond to USCIS OMBUDSMAN report on Sep 11. USCIS has not mentioned about the value it is deriving out of the NAMECHECK process!
    I do not know why USCIS is wasting money and resources in the questionable "NAME CHECK" process while they already have the faster "FINGER PRINT" process!!

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  • omved
    07-09 06:34 PM D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • Winner
    06-17 01:02 PM
    Dear L1Fraud,

    Great job. I could not do this as I was afraid of Personal attacks and pulling down by the Free raiders. I was lazy too. Hope you read my PM reply.

    Thanks for your commitment.

    Once again request you to please contribute to IV.

    Good luck.

    That's something I noticed too. Most of the personal attacks and not-so-constructive criticism MOST of the time comes from free loaders.

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  • vikki76
    10-15 12:54 PM
    Wish there was a way to nudge USCIS on quicker approvals- most people know that there is case is pre-adjudicated,with IO and current. Now, if IO is taking a look at EB-4 applications then who knows..when our apps will get picked up


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  • drona
    07-10 08:49 PM
    Found the Reuters article posted on the NZ site under the section Oddstuff! :)

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  • sgupta33
    01-11 01:46 PM


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  • Brightsider
    09-25 11:12 AM
    I saw this link Murthy's email too. The total pre-adjudicated cases in the chart is matching with the total in the document. Well now there are more un-answered questions:
    1. Does all other pending 485 include employment based ? If yes what % are employment based ? Obviously we do not have any country specific data on these.
    2. Is there any way to know whether individual case is pre-adjudicated or not ?
    USCIS has fooled us again. No good statistical analysis can be done on incomplete/inaccurate data. I am going from hopeful to hopeless again. I am EB2-I Feb 2006.
    Thanks a lot for staying on top of this and posting your analysis.


    If I may suggest.
    Take a look at the pending 1-130 (Pref). Over 800k are pending and adjudication has been deferred in those cases. Those are FB cases for sure. Now if USCIS has deferred action in those cases, can we infer that all the 279k I-485 cases relate only to EB? Cant say for sure.
    However as it was pointed out in another forum, Texas and Nebraska process only EB cases. In their cases, the rate of preadjudication is very high....over 90% in Texas. I cant fathom the Nebraska numbers.
    The preadjudication numbers, in my opinion, are of the EB cases. The data, on the whole, needs to be explained by USCIS, better.

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  • coolpal
    04-24 02:17 PM
    I am in the US for 7 years now, and frankly, I am yet to see a H1B ONLY job posting...
    Hmm... me thinks, I was hibernating in the h1b golden years :(

    pal :)


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  • ksvreg
    09-23 11:32 PM
    Just curious, how come there are some pending aplications in the year 2008 and 2009 where there were no VISA BULLETIN with those years. How they filed without Bulleting entries? Got point? or Am I missing some thing?

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  • AreWeThereYet
    09-13 01:44 PM
    Thank you nrk. Based on this time line, I am expecting my card by Thursday.

    You are right on the approval notice sent - cards sent

    1. It took me 5 working days to receive the cards. (3rd status changed to card production ordered and on 11th the cards are in my mail box)

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  • whitecollarslave
    09-10 11:24 AM
    Isn't it too late to call today? For all the calls today, would the congressman/congresswoman get the message before the markup of HR5882 begins (sometime this afternoon)? Just curious.

    09-20 04:12 PM
    USCIS is not prepared for anything. if this works then great. if not i tried didn't work out.... :)

    I fully agree that USCIS should work FIFO, but "should" does not make that happen. Clearly USCIS is not equipped for FIFI when truck loads of applications arrive. We may complain now, but I believe we should give them additional 10 days they need (to make it 90 days). I am equally worried about my July 2 filing. Nevertheless, I wish and hope the congressman's intervention helps.

    10-08 01:51 PM
    Here is another case of a person I came across recently. This person was stuck for the past 5 years in Namechecks . He applied for GC in 2001. He got his GC just recently after a long wait and struggle.

    That's a shame. But now he is free to enjoy his life and not think 485 updates.Congratulations to him :)