Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • kushaljn
    01-07 11:23 PM
    Here is the email response which I have received from Mumbai N IV.

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your correspondence, regarding electronic verification of H, L, O, P and Q petitions through the Petition Information Management Service (PIMS).

    PIMS is now the sole source for confirmation that a NIV petition has been approved.

    All questions regarding this new service should be directed to the Bureau of Consular Affairs� Public Inquiries Division of the State Department. You may contact them at the following numbers and e-mail addresses:

    Fax Number: 202-663-3899

    Public Inquiries: 202-663-1225

    Public e-mails (automated replies only):

    In case we do receive the electronic verification an email will be sent to you regarding the same. Once you receive the mail you will need to submit your documents to the VFS. We regret we cannot give any timeframe regarding the completion of this process. I hope this information has been helpful to you.



    Sorry to say, this new system has been designed and implemented not taking into consideration,how it is impacting all the applicants. There is no timelines which are published for cases like ours. In short the new system will delay things.


    I read on the website that the UCSIS needs to go through the Kentucky Consular Center to obtain the PIMS verification. The number for the KCC is 606-526-7500. I am going to try and call them to see if they can give me any information on timelines.

    For those people that have not left the US yet, it might be worth it to talk to your lawyers and see if there is any way you can have your names added to this database before you travel - that should eliminate any hassles once you leave the country. Much easier to try and do it from there rather than from here.

    There is no number to call here to check on status - I have been sending emails to but have not received any response from them yet. Not really a surprise. If anyone tries the number above and gets some response please let the rest of us know.

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  • Michael chertoff
    09-30 08:41 PM
    Dude not all 2004's got cleared..i am still waiting for approval and many more like me are still out there waiting to get greened..dont know when we will be approved..hopeing to get next month..:mad:

    Brother . this month you all will get of luck


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  • abhijitp
    07-11 02:44 PM
    I was pleasantly surprised, although looking back at it, this was going to happen. The Indian media would have immediately tried to cash in on the news and interview the people associated with the movie.

    Nevertheless, this is good news, and I wonder if we should try to capitalize on it. How?

    If IV can get "IV merchandise" (T shirts, caps, etc) signed by a Boman Irani or a Rajkumar Hirani (and perhaps also embossed with a standard message that we all included with the flowers), and put it up for sale (on ebay etc), it might help to
    1. spread the word on this issue
    2. raise money for IV!

    What do you think? Is this feasible? If it is, we should go for it as nothing matches Bollywood when it comes to spreading a message.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • needhelp!
    01-09 05:53 PM
    Those who already sent.. get your friends to send. Its great, I was planning to invite my friends over anyway, and I will get copies of the letter and have them sign it, and I will make it pain free for them and mail it for them as well. :)


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  • logiclife
    07-09 06:45 PM
    Call the place where you've ordered flowers and ask for a refund if flowers are delivered elsewhere. It should be up to USCIS to recieve and then ship those flowers to the hospitals.


    Let the flowers go to USCIS and let them do whatever they want with the flowers. Kindly dont jinx this campaign by cancelling your orders and asking for refunds.

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  • sammyb
    02-25 03:49 PM
    And called the DOS customer help line to check if my H1B info is there in the PIMS system... what the lady told me is unless I submit my application at the US consulate abroad they can�t check the status .. Let me know if others have different experience...

    This whole PIMS thing becoming a pain for people like us :mad: ... wish they did import all the petition info first before releasing this system to all the US missions abroad...

    What number did you call DOS at? I am also going to India and want to make sure my info is there in PIMS database.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-29 12:27 PM
    I understand your point of view, I used to work in solar energy. When i completed my post graduation most of the jobs required a USC (this was 10 yrs ago). I had to switch to software related jobs.

    For me the number one priority is how Obama will handle the Skilled immigration issues. will he guided by Sen Dick Durbin, who at the moment seems to be his policy wonk. That will be a disaster for us. They have no intension of supporting skilled immigrants. We will will have to make some serious decisions if he is elected.

    How many of us want to continue to stay in limbo...i dont.

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-19 10:44 AM
    We got our CPO email today.. so now I know I am approved for sure :D:D

    Still waiting for daughter's approval message.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:59 AM
    If people can move freely between the categories then Why do we have categories?...:confused:
    An EB3 guy had waited patiently after getting into GC queue and you come later with your masters and go ahead of him, isn;t this cutting the GC line?.

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  • arkrish68
    09-10 07:34 PM
    Send email to:
    You will have to fill this form and attach to the email:

    Thank you very much for your update. Went to the Infopass today and as per the IO came to know that my case is in adjudication review and will get the interview. I don't know how much ombudsman will be helpful, but will try all options. My labour was approved in 2 months and I-140 in 18 days but it seems I485 is sturck for ever :mad:


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  • sgsg
    01-22 12:04 PM
    I tried calling KCC and they denied to provide any information on PIMS.

    My H1B was approved in Mar 2007 for 7th year extension. I also had my H1 transfer on May 2005.

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  • nk2006
    07-11 01:01 PM
    Some one from Al Jazeera is requesting for more info. Please contact him (if its not done yet) for a story on the flower drive. Other members who participated in the drive please call and talk a few details.

    His request is pasted from another thread:

    I'm a producerfor Al Jazeera English, the international TV network. I'm hoping to talk with some of the people involved in the flower campaign. If you have time to contact me it would be great- 202-496-4519 or 202-651-1613. Many thanks,
    Kelly Rockwell


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  • sri1309
    08-22 06:00 PM
    One more thing to not miss it to request "dumping of the 50,000 diversity visas done by lottery". Why the hell should that many visas be thrown away like the way its done now. If looked thru the lens, this category makes no sense atall.

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  • Sri_1975
    08-20 11:56 AM
    Nice. Whats next.:mad:


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  • eb3_2004
    06-29 05:15 PM
    Feel like crying..Can't control.poor my wife waiting for EAD...This is sick....Wasted so much time and money to get this done..waited for 3 years to get to this back to trash sucks..

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-29 05:38 PM
    I am joining Law Suit. I am leaving this country, if they make it 'U' for Eb2 and Eb3 for India.
    i don't see a point here. they no need to approve the cases if no visa numbers but what wrong to accept. thoguh I am effecting by this my feeling is that this is just a rumor.


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  • bondgoli007
    08-07 01:52 PM
    I thought I will give you a green but this handful of people couldn’t stomach what I said and spoilt my reputation so much that I cannot give you a green until my reputation goes up…

    I will be glad to give u a gree to up your reputation :-)

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  • dtekkedil
    07-11 02:30 PM
    I think the company should be filing the fees but lawyers fee for filing is not their liability.

    I am paying for everything including filing fees. I thought that the company is no longer involved once you are through the I-140 stage.

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  • drirshad
    12-31 02:12 PM
    Hey Guyz,
    Nice to see the heroes of the last fight together again. I was a little confused with the different forums but looks better now. The PDF doc link above for Comprehensive Immigration Bill (Feb-06) is not working can you please post the full link.

    Best regards,


    08-20 10:29 PM
    One question to all the smart people on this forum:
    In the old system, if EB1, Eb2 and EB3 ROW are current then "all" unused visa from all the EB category be given to which category first:
    a) EB1 Non Row
    b) Eb2 Non Row
    c) Eb3 Non Row
    d) None of the above

    Now second part of the question is :
    If that category already has enough people in line, will the spillover to the next category will take place:
    a) Yes
    b) No

    07-01 11:21 AM
    Lets say DOS revises bulletin on july 2, does that mean applications recieved on july 2 are accepted and all applications recieved after 2 will be rejected or will USCIS reject all applications recieved on july 2 also.