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  • ajm
    04-13 09:08 PM

    I am in the 8th year of H1b and I have been juggling this idea of changing my job because of a sucking work environment. I have Eb3 labor(it was applied in eb3 even though my job required and i had the eb2 experience) approved and 140 approved so can I get 3 year extension by changing my job or do you suggest to first get 3 year extension and then change, in which case will I still get 3 year extension is the question.

    Once you find a job, ask the new employer to apply for a 3 year extension based on the approved I-140 (the courtesy copy should be enough). You can retain the old priority date when you re-start the GC process with the new company (if the current employer maintains the LC/I-140: not sure what happens if either is revoked).

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  • rajuseattle
    06-04 12:46 PM

    Which state you are working in? If USCIS thinks Nebraska Service centre has the jurisdication for your I-485 based on Job location then their is nothing to worry.

    Maybe your PD is current and USCIS wants to complete processing of your I-485.

    I am in the same situation, my I-140 was approved from TSC about 3 months back in March 2008, and I-485 pending at NSC since august 2007. I work out of WA state.

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  • jungalee43
    11-17 10:31 PM
    Great Job. I left NC just a year ago. Wish I was there with you to be a part of this. But anyway I am active in my new state IV chapter.

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  • sgupta33
    08-28 05:12 PM

    The dept. of labor uses two types of codes, one of which is the SOC code. Yours may be a SOC code (Standard Occupational Classification) or the other one (name I can't remember). If you look at and search for articles on AC21, you'll find information on the two types of codes the DOL uses. The go to the DOL website and do a search for the two types of occupational codes and see which classification system your code matches. Once you access the classification, just look for your number and it should give you a brief description. I did this for my code.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 10:24 PM
    Sodh thanks for your responses

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  • greensignal
    01-04 02:17 AM
    I have a curious situation. I have filed EB3-485 as a secondary applicant to my wife. I am currently in a job where I can't file a green card ( this is my 5th year of H1b). My understanding is one can't have a seventh year extension for H1b unless his I-140 is approved.

    Should I consider changing the job and filing another GC by myself. I know I can continue renewing EAD but I still want to keep my H1b


    Just apply for labor and once the labor is approved apply for I140 (Apply in premium if USCIS starts accepting premium by the time your labor is approved). If premium is not started by the time your labor is approved then apply I140 in regular and wait for premium to start. you can change your I140 Application to premium even though you filed it in regular processing originally.

    Who knows you might get the I140 approval in regular processing also before your 6 years is complete.

    just do what you can



  • Suva
    07-18 04:05 PM
    This discussion is already going on in another thread.

    Here is the link

    Please search in the forums before opening a new thread.

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  • ImmiUser
    11-26 07:15 PM
    I have a unique situation, my laywer sent I-485,EAD and AP together in July. I got the receipt for I-485 but still awaiting for the reciepts for EAD and AP. Please advise what could be done in this situation, its already been almost 5 months ?


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  • saimrathi
    07-18 09:52 AM
    lets fight to recapture Visa numbers from the previous years.. As this article rightly points us, the road ahead:

    Not the End of the Road

    Still unresolved is the issue of green cards that have gone unused in the past decade or more. USCIS estimates that 10,000 green cards of the 140,000 allotted for employment-based applicants were not issued last year. Immigration Voice estimates that 200,000 in total have gone unused in the last decade. Immigrant advocates have been urging the federal government to offer make these green-card slots available to help relieve the backlog of those waiting for green cards, an estimated 500,000.

    Using green cards from previous years would require legislation from Congress. Lofgren says there have been "some discussions going on informally" about whether such a move is possible. But it's no sure thing. It would be difficult to pass such legislation in a Congress that is leery of any immigration issue after a comprehensive reform effort with the support of President George W. Bush and bipartisan leaders in the Senate got shot down earlier this summer.

    Meanwhile, immigrant advocates say they will continue to press to speed the process of turning workers with visas into permanent residents. "This [decision] helps us move from a more painful limbo to a less painful limbo, but it's limbo nonetheless," says Immigration Voice's Pradhan. "Adjustment of status is not our final destination; green-card status is."

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  • snathan
    01-16 10:24 PM
    hello all,
    Has anyone in Charlotte, NC got a extension on the Driver's license on the basis on the H1-B renewal application receipt.

    My spouse's driver's license expires this month end. I have applied for h1-b/h4 renewal, yet to receive the application receipt.But wanted to know if anyone here in Charlotte,NC got a extension/grace (30days or 90days) on the basis of the receipt.


    In Dallas I couldnt get based on the receipt. They asked me the I-94. But it was for the H4.


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  • pnjbindia
    07-08 07:09 PM
    are you guys saying that the "costs" for the medical exams can be reimbursed by our insurance companies? I did not know that... In case that is true, I will submit mine for reimbursement...
    thanks for the info..

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  • Rb_newsletter
    05-04 06:51 PM
    I am not a lawyer, so make sure do discuss with a good lawyer. I am just sharing the info that I know.

    US labor laws are good that no organization can stop an employee from joining any organization/company. Even if your company made you to sign a agreement, that doesn't hold in front of the law. This law could vary little from state to state, but not to great extent.

    If you are receiving calls and emails from your employer, I would suggest, change the phone number, apartment/house, etc. and ignore him. But you should know that at 140 stage you need experience letter from employer. Make sure you can get it from your colleagues. Or you must cut a deal with your ex-employer now.


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  • dale
    04-09 07:15 AM
    OFF TOPIC: Ya3, i just found out that i'm two days older than you :to:

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  • Antonio Trivelin
    July 26th, 2006, 06:31 PM
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  • GKBest
    10-14 01:20 PM
    Our payroll agency does the same. They do not even provide D-7 to the company because our payroll is incorporated with their other clients so that they can offer lower payroll fees. But they do print our company name in the paystubs. And if a need arises, they can make a copy for the requesting company for quarterly withholding summary.

    I guess you can just ask certification from the payroll agency that your paystubs came from your petitioning company. I don't think it will create a problem. USCIS can verify if they want to.

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  • royalchallenge
    02-03 05:07 PM


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  • samcam
    10-27 05:00 PM
    Could you share information about your attorney?

    I paid $350 to my attorney. However there is no filing fee.

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  • Pagal
    07-25 07:39 AM

    As H1-B visa is tied to an employer, you should get the new H1-B stamp with your new employer as the sponsor.

    At PoE, the IO may ask you to show the current employment letter, especially as you are coming to US after a long absence.

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  • moonrah
    07-29 09:31 PM
    Again, any help will be appreciated.

    08-19 12:58 PM
    the question is about the type of visa needed to enter canada. I have pending I-485 in US but need visa to go to Canada. I have tourist visa for Canada but was wandering if I need to apply for a diferent visa to visit a client of my company for a few days. The reason of my visit is obviously not tourism...

    Does the question make sense?

    I think Canada has one single visa for both tourism and business. Post in the Canada Immigration/Visa forum in britishexpats which you will
    find knowledgable people about Canada immigration as this forum is mainly about US immigration.
    However below is the official link.

    Application For a Temporary Resident Visa to Visit Canada (

    In the purpose you say: business

    02-27 01:50 PM
    how far do u think the PD will advance id the DOL hopefully eliminates all backlog by 2007?

    Well, How do you think it will move fwd. On the contrary, it will further retrogress..more labot with earlier PD's will generate more demand ,and PD's will retrogress,,,,am i missing anything here,,,