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Nicole Richie 2008

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  • illusions
    03-17 03:14 PM
    Does anybody know how one can (if at all possible) to switch from EB3 to EB2 ? what is the criteria ? Has anybody done it ?

    Any light on this subject will help

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  • greencard_fever
    07-31 05:45 PM
    Can you tell us where that thread is?


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  • Dhundhun
    09-10 06:22 PM

    I got a RFE asking for a copy of birth certificate and bio info. I had sent my BC and bio info before while applying for 485 last august. I was hurrying up my lawyer to send the response as soon as possible.

    My lawyer emailed me that since there is a spelling difference in the way my name is shown in my BC and in all other docs, I will be subject to additional security checks and there is no point in hurrying. Is this true or is my lawyer using this as a delay tactic ?

    My name in my BC ends with .......iam and in all other docs ends with .....iyan. Should this cause a problem ?

    Please share your thoughts and help me.

    Lawyers can usually justfy some minor spelling mistakes and answer to RFE. Usually USCIS accepts BC name.

    Based on inputs from my lawyer, there is some delay if such descrepency is there - he said that he can reply to such RFE and apart from delay there is no other issue.

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  • dan19
    09-07 08:12 PM
    Below is the message She gets from Fedex when she tracks the package.
    Is it normal?

    Sep 6, 2006 10:52 AM Delivered WILLISTON, VT
    9:44 AM Delivery exception WILLISTON, VT
    Rerouted to revised delivery address
    9:44 AM Held at FedEx location for recipient pickup WILLISTON, VT
    Package available for pickup at: 921 MARSHALL AVE


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  • http404
    07-17 10:32 PM
    I got myself in somewhat of a mess here and wondering if there is any solution?

    I filed for my I-485 on June 28th and it reached UCSIS on 2nd July. I wasn't able to do the same for my wife as she was in India at that time.

    She is back now and I want to file her I-485 but my lawyer tells me I can not do that because it either needs to be filed concurrently with mine or they need to have a receipt for my I-485 which doesn't seem to be coming in the next few weeks.

    Is there anything else I can do? Anyone has similar experiences? Will a copy of my I-485 filing do?


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  • 485_spouse
    06-07 01:09 PM
    Ignore my question, found answer on following link
    USCIS E-Filing Forms Concurrently ( D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD)

    Helpful Hints
    Paying for Concurrently E-Filed Applications � You must pay the fees for ALL concurrently E-Filed applications by a single payment method (e.g., credit card or bank account transfer) at the time of submission. Each form�s fee will appear as a separate line item on your credit card or bank statement.

    Attempting to Attach Applications After Submission � After you have certified and paid for your application(s), you cannot attach another application to that submission. If you submit another E-Filing application, it will be treated as a separate application filing.

    Submitting Supporting Documentation � Supporting Documentation for all concurrently E-Filed applications must be submitted as a single package to the same USCIS processing location identified on the Confirmation Receipt notice.
    - If you E-File Form I-907 by itself or concurrently with any other application, please see the list of Special Mailing Addresses.


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  • immilaw
    09-14 08:51 AM
    Here is my situation.....
    My EB3 140 approved with priority date 01June2002 --> Company A

    My EB2 140 pending with priority date 10May2006 -->Company A (different title...future position)

    Can i port my EB3 priority date (June 2002) to EB2 application & apply I-485?.If i do, will my EB3 140 gets invalid?.I will need to file 3 year H1B extn(in Oct) based on my approved EB3 application & don't want to loose my approved 140.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The portability of I-140 priority date should be done at the time the I-140 is filed. So when your EB-2 I-140 was filed, you should have requested it at that time. There is a column on the Form I-140 which asks if an I-140 was ever approved on behalf of the beneficiary.

    Why don't your file your H-1B extension now using Premium Processing? It will be approved for 3 years in 10-15 days then then you can think about porting your EB-2 priority date to EB-3.

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  • amitjoey
    07-24 03:29 PM
    It is illegal to overstay on a visitors visa, for that matter it is illegal to stay on any expired visa.


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  • mmanurker
    06-15 06:13 AM
    Sorry to hear abt your would help if you can share details of what happened and at POE what type of questions were asked and what was your response? what documents did the officer check? did he call your employer?Did they make you you sign on any papers? did they ask you to voluntarily withdraw your H1B petition?Please provide as much info as you can and I am sure IV core might also help you as this is the first time that someone came forward who is on H1B & got deported. All these days we are hearing abt friend and friends friend but nobody came forward first hand who got deported to share thier experiences...

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  • maverick_joe
    05-06 02:35 PM
    Sample of reported job titles from onetcenter for 15-1032.00

    : Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Publishing Systems Analyst, Application Developer, Averaged HEND (High-Energy Neutron Data) Data Product Lead (AHD Product Lead), Customer Information Control System Programmer (CICS Programmer), Program Analyst, Systems Programmer

    Is 'Computer Software Engineer' (SOC code is '15-1032') and 'Lead Software Development Engineer' same? My Labor has 'Computer Software Engineer' as position. New company is offering me ''Lead Software Development Engineer' it okay to take new offer?


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  • KabAyegaMeraGc
    07-30 04:24 PM
    Can you elaborate the process for infopass?

    I tried and got mine but when I tried to get an appt for my wife I got a message saying I cannot schedule an appointment.

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  • kirupa
    10-23 05:04 PM
    Hey m0r,
    Yeah that is a great idea. I hope to have some Swift 3D V3 tutorials out soon that cover a lot of stuff such as movement. Maybe a Swift 3D Open Source section; I won't mind to have that placed on the site :)

    Kirupa :P


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  • gkaplan
    05-17 01:08 PM
    thanks for the quick response.
    SO, lets say my company applies for me to h1b cap sometime after october 1, if by chance the cap is reached by the time we apply, and if my application gets rejected for this reason, am I still be eligible to apply and re-do everything for next year? if the cap is reached by late october or november lets say and if i get rejected for this, then can I do all this again on april 1 2011.
    thanks a lot!

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  • dealsnet
    05-04 04:56 PM
    Even though at will employment, you can ask for ticket. When they applied for your petition, they agreed for all laws governing H1B. No excuse for them. If they do not agree, contact the labor department.
    Hi, I am on At Will Employment, employer laid off on April 30 2009. I had seen in discussions, if employer laid off we an ask him for Return Flight Tickets. I need to confirm because i was on At Will Employment.
    Plz reply me soon


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  • belmontboy
    09-10 05:55 PM
    Hello gurus,
    I woked with Company A and got my I140 approved(PD sep 04 EB2). I had issue with Company A that they asked me wait to apply my I485 in july 2007 wave. I frustrated and moved to Company B and substitued another labor(PD May-2002 EB3), got theI140 approval and 485 is pending from july 2007. In the Meantime, Company A withdrawn my approved EB2 I140 petition couple of months ago to protect one of their employee I140 petition.

    Currently i believe the situvation is not good for EB3 and planned to enable my "Company A" I140 petition to apply for I485. Will USCIS allow company A to enable the withrdrawn I140 petition to apply my I485? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    No, unless the withdrawl was in error from your company.

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  • Queen Josephine
    March 24th, 2007, 09:35 PM
    Thanks guys. Nik, my boss took the decision out of my hands and had me order the 2 lense option. I'm hoping it's compact enough that I can hike with it. If so, he said he'd take my Canon Pro1 for the shop and I could have this. If I take it, then I'll look into your suggestion.

    well queen my long lost thought you were gone forever to never come back friend.Thanks Mark....not gone, just slowing down a bit. Happens sometimes... but thank for the kind thoughts. I aprreciate it.

    GCs quota increase [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : GCs quota increase


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  • nhfirefighter13
    August 7th, 2004, 06:02 AM
    Like I said....I messed this one up and really had no intention of over-exposing it.

    You think it would be better if I darken it? Hmmmm. I'll give it a try. I was looking at it and thinking that the really bright highlights gave a sense of heat.

    I'll give dark and moody a shot. Thanks.

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  • karthkc
    03-17 05:02 PM
    i have read some place in this forum that as long as you maintain your full time primary job you are entitled to use your ead for other smaller assignments without losing your H1 status. But then again I am not a lawyer just sharing what I have read.

    AFAIK, Using EAD either for a FT or PT job should invalidate other non-immigrant work authorization documents like H1B since EAD is a derivative benefit of filing for immigrant status and you cannot mix and match your status...

    If this is not true and there is a discussion on this forum clarifying that, I would like to know too...



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  • sidbee
    04-23 11:55 AM
    I have my PD as Nov 2007 on EB3 , and i dont know how much patient i would be for my GC.
    Can somebody guide me with the PR process for Canada,

    I am Computer Engineer with H1, and i need the requirements for Canada PR,
    eg , Do i need TOEFL or IELTS ? Do i need a Job Offer there? My Dads cousin brother is in Toronto, Do i get ant benefits (as it would be tough to prove the relationship)

    Any help would be appreciated..

    05-13 03:17 PM
    Thanks for your reply.
    Since bs+5 equals ms+0, doesnt bs+7 equal to ms+2?

    03-08 10:21 PM
    I would say best bet would be Matamoros. Pls check out this website