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  • Saralayar
    01-07 11:14 PM
    Been here since 1998. Filed labor in 01 but was revoked due to tech downturn. Filed again in 05. Fortunately my GC was approved last Aug.

    I think the final goal for most folks is citizenship.. including some of those who dont want to stay here permanently. Waiting 15 - 20 years for citizenship makes no sense.. if they are thinking of giving it to illegals in 10 years, whats wrong in asking?
    Good. Welcome to the good school of thoughts..

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  • ilwaiting
    07-01 11:12 AM
    Why is this a risk? We are doing what we are supposed to do. Send packages based on our dates being current. If USCIS/DOS screws the dates we slap them with a law suit.

    After such mad rush and bad news about visa bulletin revision? How many are considering to file on July 2nd and July 3rd? What is the general advice regarding filing from lawyers and oneself about sending documents on July 2nd and July 3rd?

    My lawyer is sending through FedEx - overnight delivery - going there on July 3rd. My worry - Is it a huge risk on my part? What happens if Monday morning it is revised, or worst Tuesday it is revised?

    How many are risking on this??

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  • chanduv23
    06-29 05:04 PM
    This disclaimer in VB, does not say "mid-month". It takes about cut off dates via bulletin only. Also, this means USCIS put some thought behind the time they will have to announce cut-off dates. They new the demand will ber "very heavy".

    All Employment Preference categories except for Third �Other Workers� have been made �Current� for July. This has been done in an effort to generate increased demand by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for adjustment of status cases, and to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit. However, all readers should be alert to the possibility that not all Employment preferences will remain Current for the remainder of the fiscal year. Should the rate of demand for numbers be very heavy in the coming months, it could become necessary to retrogress some cut-off dates for September, most likely for China-mainland born and India, but also possibly for Mexico and Philippines. Severe cut-off date retrogressions are likely to occur early in FY-2008.

    This was based on information obtained then. Now they can say that they do not have enough visa numbers and all numbers are exhausted

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  • deardar
    01-25 10:54 AM
    stole this from an other DB:

    If you are travelling on AP and dont want the hassle of transit visas, the following airports are AP "friendly" ....
    1) Frankfurt (Air-India or Lufthansa).
    2) Amsterdam (KLM, Northwest, United)
    3) Dubai/Sharjah/Kuwait (Emirates, Kuwait Air)
    4) All Pacific stopovers - Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore (China Air, JAL, Korean Air, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines)

    Thumbrule : Via the Atlantic route (Europe stopover) you must avoid London, Paris, Geneva (other Swiss airports are fine). Via the Pacific route, you are fine with any airport/airline.

    In my case, I used Air-India from Chicago to Mumbai via Frankfurt (twice in 2005). No transit visa issues and great food - hot samosas soon after takeoff from Chicago !

    Hope this helps .....


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  • trueguy
    08-21 12:26 PM
    We need some numbers to back this up. I think you are saying EB2 will not become current even with the recaptured number. There is another thread for requesting numbers from USCIS about pending applications per category, per country. So, participate in that campaign as well.

    We need the numbers. I would have guessed roughly 50% of pending 500K applications are from India, 50% of that is EB2, so recapture of 200K visas should help.

    I am saying Recapture will only help EB2 and not EB3. Bcoz all the recaptured numbers will be used by EB2 first. So EB2 dates will move forward and then people with PD in 2007 and 2008 in EB2 will use up captured numbers and EB3 will still be waiting to get any leftovers.

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  • senthil1
    04-23 09:54 PM
    This is a good bill. The 50% rule will impact Indian bodyshoppers and Top Indian outsourcing companies. But genuine companies like Microsoft,Google, Oracle and other US companies will not be impacted that much as they sincerely search whether US talent is available. But will it pass? In 2007 it did not move as they planned to consider for CIR. This time also same argument may come. But some genuine Indian consulting companies also will be impacted. But system will adjust quickly even if this bill passes.

    B1/B2 is always prone to reject by 221(b). Wont impact that much.


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  • spicy_guy
    03-29 01:39 PM
    Lets treat good news for EB2 as good news for EB3 also.
    If not today, some of us EB3 folks may want to port. So it will help more people to port and also to compensate to some extent the #s coming into EB2 pool from EB3.
    Overall its a good news, and looks to be possible we see this on Murthy site also. Lets be happy.

    Hoping for the best. Can't see waiting for another half a decade to get our GC.
    In 6 months?!?! May be toooo optimistic!

    At least EB2 comrades are enjoying the news at least after quite sometime!!!

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  • InTheMoment
    05-26 07:19 PM
    First of all when it is visa information it is just that!
    Please see answers below

    Hi Friends,
    I am in the process of filling I-485 form and got the following question, can you please help?

    My stamped visa expired 1 year back and I am currently with H1B approval notice. In the 2nd page of I-485 form, under Part 3. Processing Information, I am wondering what I need to fill for the following columns.

    1. Nonimmigrant visa number: Is this the EAC number of my current I797 or the visa number from my expired visa?. If it is from the expired visa, there are multiple numbers in the visa stamp, which one is the visa number?

    ------> The figures in red, not the control number on your
    visa stamp.

    2.Consulate where visa was issued: Is it the name of the consulate issued my last visa or Department?

    ------> If it was issued at a consulate state that, if
    department mention department.

    3.Date visa isssued: Is this is the date of last visa issued or the approval date of my current I797

    -----> Again the one on your visa stamp.

    Thanks advance for all your valuable suggestions.


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  • needhelp!
    01-08 11:29 AM
    Will do this from my side today, and will contact my representative over next couple of days.

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  • gc4me
    11-10 11:39 PM
    For more information, we went to visit our home country and re-entered from JFK with no issue twice after 2004. We got H4 tranfered, EAD advanced Payrole too with no issue al all. Looks like "nunc pro tunc" is the solution according to Murthy. Anybody has experience with "nunc pro tunc" please post your experience.

    I got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences

    01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

    02. Submit current dated EVL for your new employer. No issue. we can answer that

    For my wife also asking for 2 evidences:

    01. About the same medical issue.
    02. Provide her non-immigrant status between Feb 2003 to Jan 2004.

    I don't know what do. Looks like we are doomed. My wife came here with H4 in 2000, was provided I-94 from the airport for 3 years (till Jan 2003), we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.


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  • pop
    01-19 10:53 AM
    You did not turn in your H-1B I-94 at the time of leaving? You have two I-94s right now or your attorney just wants your H-1B approval for filing the extension? Will he also attach a copy of your new I-94?

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  • sc3
    08-21 01:13 AM
    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I bit the bait and got off track. Let us focus on the issue again. Let us agree on a time line and act accordingly.

    I would say, this week we work on drafting the letter (I took a shot at it, available @ page 2). Having 2 or 3 differently worded letter would probably be nice, but not necessarily.

    Next week we start mailing the letters. We have about 500 responses in the poll for EB3, so if we can get most of them to send the mail (email/fax whatever), it should be a start.

    We probably should start drafting a mail for our representatives/senators too, so that they too can follow up with USCIS.

    We will face a lot of opposition, ridicule and nasty posts, but we should persevere if we want to get our GCs any time soon.


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  • singhv_1980
    02-05 05:47 PM
    hi singhv,

    no. VO said.."its approved and you should receive it by courier within a couple of days" now the embassy inquiry centre do not tell me why its delayed..i asked me them is it PIMS or some thing else..they say "sorry maam, we cannot say"
    i got no email, no slip, so i dont know if its stuck in PIMS or some checks ???

    And if its really NOT PIMS and something else, then how long does one estimate ?? how long could an administrative processing take ? how long could security check take ? how long could name check take ? etc etc..


    Well VO told you specifically that your visa has been approved. My bet is that you are stuck coz of PIMS then. When was your visa approved and in which service center?

    I am sorry and hope you will get your PP back soon. This whole system is so scary now. I am going in Feb end in Delhi and believe me I am feeling so tense coz of this all.

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  • ourgcapproved
    08-13 12:45 PM
    Thanks Appas.. I sent an email to ombudsman on tueday and got a response on wednesday with the message. I also attached DS701 form, copy of I140 approved notice, I485 receipt notice.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    We have received your case problem. We will initiate a formal inquiry with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

    Office of the CIS Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security

    did they contact you after this email? or any LUD on your case?


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  • ram_ram
    01-03 12:24 PM
    That is good news.
    Thanks for all your efforts..SunJoshi.

    I got a letter from Cong Tom Price (Rep- GA) saying that the immigration clauses in the Budget Reconciliation Bill did not make it. But he will try to push for those clauses in the immigration bills in 2006.

    I got the same message from his DC staff, when I called to follow-up.


    Edited by admin. No personal names please. Only screen names.

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  • ksircar
    06-29 03:46 PM
    May be trying to increase hits their website.


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  • PlainSpeak
    03-29 11:45 AM
    It may not have any impact on EB3 this year...but once the EB2 is cleared it will have an impact on EB3; may be in a year or two.

    Not sure i agree with that statement. The way the spillover trickle is reaching EB2 there is no way EB2 will become current for atleast 5 years so impact on EB3 within a year or two is a incorrect statement

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  • HV000
    08-04 07:53 PM
    FBI NAME CHECK banners (see below) should be displayed during the september rally to illustrate the painful delay in the NAME CHECK process.




    Media and Congress WILL PAY to this issue!

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  • nrk
    08-17 02:05 PM
    congrats enjoy.

    Hi guys

    Just now (12.30 PM EST) I got a mail from USCIS saying your application has been approved. I didn't do anything (never opened SR or contacted Senator) but last week I did had an info pass appointment which was useless. MY PD was Feb 2005 EB2 INDIA (The fun part is My AP and EAD are still pending for over 4 months)
    Wish you good luck guys

    Thanks again

    05-07 12:26 PM

    did uscis cash the application fee checks?

    08-21 11:58 AM
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