Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • vnsriv
    07-05 01:05 PM
    I don't have 15 mts time to search on forum. I had a question and I asked, Lasantha promptly answered. And you further wasted my time by writing your expert opinion and now I am wasting my time further replying to you. No hard feelings adios!

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  • return_to_india
    12-22 08:09 PM
    They should exempt PIOs from this new rules. If back from a vacation and there was an emergency back home ( within 60/90 days?), can't i take my US citizen kid to India ?

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  • alexgeek
    03-10 07:53 PM
    I understand that you can draw circles, lines etc with the Graphics class but can you draw straight onto a panel with the stylus? As in I drag the stylus across the panel and a line appears?

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  • abhi_022001
    12-22 07:05 PM
    It's ok for outside people to wait longer rather than get tourist visa quickly for indefinite time to explore possibilities which are dangerous for the country .....


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  • anjans
    07-09 07:58 PM
    GOK= god only knows..if you know anything about USCIS you will know that such things are impossible to provide guidance on.. ;-)

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  • satyasaich
    06-14 08:16 AM
    I'm also seriously planning to file on my own. Well, there is no law that stops us, but certainly needs some tips from experienced people.
    Infact as per the checklist, i have all the documents except a letter from employer. That i can get anytime. my big question is are there any other documents that need to be put together (which are not in checklist)

    Any help seniors????


    Can I file 485 on my own. My 140 is approved.

    If so, what is the procedure.



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  • sukhwinderd
    11-15 04:00 PM
    has anyone thought about this :

    if DREAM act passes. children staying here illegally will be able to sponsor GC for their parents staying here illegally, after 5 years. and we will still be DREAMing about our GCs.

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  • andhrawala
    01-30 08:53 AM
    Once you are on EAD, you cannot go go back to H1B. The reason is by working on EAD you showed an intent to immigrate and where as H1B is a non-immigrant visa


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  • Alien
    03-17 04:57 PM
    but but you will still need to wait for 9+ months to get your new 140 approved right?

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  • MatsP
    July 27th, 2006, 06:23 AM
    The English name of the bird is "Heron", there's several different types of Heron, and I can't tell you which kind this one is.

    I'd love to come and fish in your rivers... But perhaps a little bit further inland, sort of up were the Amazon comes into Brazil (near Venezuela/Peru) or so.. ;-) [Fishing with a net so as not to harm the fish, no hooks please...]



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  • newtoearth
    03-15 12:26 AM
    Please reply

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  • shivakmr
    08-09 02:47 PM
    Those people who are all stuck in Labor certification.

    1. What are the options going forward if our labors are not certified?.
    2. What are the chances that BEC people are not able to meet their deadline (sep 30) in clearing LC?
    3. Is there a justice and truth in life? Or everything depends only on time and luck?.
    4. What if some of us get laid off.........our path ends?.
    5. Is there something GOOD waiting for all of us?.

    Waiting .......waiting...........waiting................wa iting sucks!.


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  • unseenguy
    06-22 07:30 PM
    USCIS kept on updating the total number of cases received for H-1B for FY 2009-10. However, the recent USCIS H-1B ( cap count indicates decline in number of cases than what had been previously reported. The updated count reports the receipt of 44,400 ‘Regular’ cap cases, by June 12, 2009 which is lesser than the prior count of 47,700, given as of May 22, 2009. There is no explanation too from USCIS for this decline in trend. Thus, this reduced number may reflect either withdrawals by employers, denials by the USCIS, duplicate filings, or an error in the prior cap counts.

    As of this writing, both the Advanced Degree and Regular caps remain open. We will continue to provide updated H-1B cap count information.

    More... (

    USCIS financial loss:

    cap : 65000 (minus chile, singapore 6800) = 58200

    cap count : 47,700 (max) , 44,400 (min)

    H1B filing fees: 2320 USD per application

    shortfall : 24,360,000 (min) , 32,016,000 (max)

    Assuming 15% premium processing 1000*1000 = 1,000,000

    Total shortfall for new applications : 25 million USD. (min)

    Also since I have 2 year EAD now, I may not renew my H1 this november. I am sure, L1, H1 extensions etc are having similar revenue impact.

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-09 07:20 AM
    H1B Visa Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA) recently affirmed the final determination of a Certifying Officer (CO) denying certification. The Employer filed an Application for Permanent Labor Certification ( for an alien worker for the position of �Programmer."

    An Audit Notification was issued on September 11, 2007 for the purpose of providing evidence of recruitment and documentation. The Employer submitted the necessary forms for the audit: a copy of the ETA Form 9089, recruitment report, prevailing wage determination, Notice of Filing, copy of the job order; evidence of employee referral program, and copies of newspaper advertisement. The CO denied certification due to the lack of documentation from the Employer that showed the job was advertised on its website and job search websites. The employer then requested a review on December 13, 2007 stating there was no copy of these postings and they couldn�t make a print out due to an internal error. The CO issued a letter of reconsideration indicating the Employer did fail to provide adequate documentation and did not overcome the deficiencies in the determination letter. The Employer filed a Statement of Intent to Proceed with the appeal and an appellate brief but the CO still asserted that there wasn�t enough documentation and that was a valid reason for denial in its appellate brief.

    PERM ( regulations 20 C.F.R. �656.17 (e) (1) (ii) controls and it provides that when an employer advertises a professional occupation, there are additional steps they can take advantage of: advertising the position on the company website and advertising the positing on job search websites. These steps should be documented and all applications for employment filed with the Department of Labor must be kept by the employer for 5 years. In the instant case, the Employer failed to provide enough documentation that the position was indeed advertised on multiple websites. The only supporting data from the Employer was a signed recruitment report.

    Accordingly, the Board affirmed the decision of the CO in denying labor certification.

    In the Matter of Trans Atlantic Systems, Inc. (

    More... (


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  • martinvisalaw
    10-06 05:48 PM
    My husband's employer told him that the 6 year H1 B stay cap has been eliminated since the year 2008. Is that true?

    No. There is still the 6-year limit, unless the H-1B holder has reached a certain stage of the permanent residence process.

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  • gparr
    November 28th, 2004, 09:05 AM
    Thanks to all and welcome to dphoto Jamie

    Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news?


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  • n.sravan
    09-04 01:35 PM
    My wife is on H4 and her H1B petetion is filed in May(alongwith Change of Status) and is still in process. She travelled out of USA last month on emergency purposes and returned back recently.
    If H1B approval comes, does she need to go to Canada/Mexico for getting visa stamping(i.e. what are chances of denial of Change of Status)?

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  • SBH
    01-10 12:13 PM
    I am going to Mexico for H1b stamping next week. My I797 does not have my middle name. I used my middle name on all previous occassions like F1 Visa.
    My passport also has the middle name in it.

    Please let me know if anybody you know has faced such a situaiton. Is this a big deal ? Any help in this matter is highly appreciated.


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  • GCBoy786
    06-28 09:34 PM
    The I-131 instructions does provide only the P.O. Box address. I believe FedEx doesn't deliver to P.O. box address.

    Can I have both I-765 and and I-131 forms in the same envelope and mail it to
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S. Street,
    Lincoln, NE 68508-1225

    04-28 03:19 PM
    Received the RFE today. It was asking for my birth certificate copy & translation. My lawyer says this is very common. For me this is stupid, they already got my birth certificate copy and the translation.

    07-02 09:52 AM
    but fedex wont deliver to a PO Box right?where shd we send it in that case?