Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • royus77
    07-09 09:55 PM
    This is awesome even before getting the flowers we have achieved what was intended.

    I request members to refrain from making personal comments.
    Everyone has got their opinion but if that is against our idea and thoughts we should tackle it fairly.

    Anyways KUDOS to Everyone participated in this cause.

    The message was reched to whoever it needs to ( Media) and USCIS make it easy by posting the same in website. This is a big victory for IV and the next step is to have a big rally to carry the message forward. Please vote to join rally in DC for the week end

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  • ppayalv
    02-26 05:06 PM
    Hello Everyone
    We had our visa interview for H1-H4 stamping on Jan 29 in Mumbai Consulate as my hubby had changed his employer and also applied for the 3 year extension.The VO asked him questions about his job,company,profile ,etc and told us the visa was approved and we will get it in mail the next day.We got our passports with new visas the next day.I don;t know about others in our line cause we were the first one's there.

    Am not sure how the PIMS thing works if it is for every one or only some ppl.

    All the best to all you guys ,apologies I could'nt post this earlier as I retunred from India only some days back

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  • anilsal
    07-09 09:45 PM
    we are giving USCIS options on how to deal with the campaign.
    If they really do forward the flowers they need to think about seperating notes from flowers.

    What will happen is - they will pluck the notes from the baskets and then forward the flower baskets as a batch to the vets. I am sure someone at USCIS is going to read the notes.

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  • somegchuh
    04-17 01:47 PM

    I have heard from friends that if after 90 days of applying you don't receive an EAD card, you can walk into a local USCIS office and they will issue you an EAD. Is this still true? If yes, what documentation do I need to take with me? Its been 2 months since I applied. Anybody know how long it is taking from NSC?



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  • lahiribaba
    03-04 01:54 AM
    Wanted to update on my Infopass appointment, I have multiple 485's pending based on separate 140's(one approved and other pending) with different A#'s and at different service centers. So was bit concerned. The IO informed me that all my 485's and 140's have been consolidated and all applications are in the same file at one service center so nothing to worry about. She also told me to use the A# from the first 485 for future communications with CIS.

    People who have multiple 485's pending, my word of advise is its not a problem. CIS takes care of it. And this is true even if you have different A#'s.

    Thank you for sharing this information

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  • poddar007
    01-16 08:59 AM
    What is this case#



    I'd posted a note earlier. I haven't received any updates yet. I am in contact with 4 other people who interviewed on 4th Jan and are still awaiting a reply. The kentucky number mentioned in one of the replys confirms the date on which our H1 was approved. When you call up the number, on mentioning your case #, it pulls up the date on which H1b was approved.

    Could anyone who's received a email/ call please post a message to the group, indicating the wait time and date of the first interview?



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  • Milind123
    01-24 11:59 AM
    I personally do not travel through a country that are biased and requires a transit visa for specific countries only. If you think about it, most of the international flights are full of us, Indians. If everybody (including Indians with GCs, that do not require a transit visa) start boycotting such airlines/country transits, then they will have to change this policy.

    As I said before, I am never going to fly thru UK, even though I sill have a transit visa valid till Nov 2008. I can still feel the pain.

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  • gcwait
    09-02 08:34 PM
    please send me email so that i can subscribe this service


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  • vkrishn
    09-23 12:33 AM
    Let me give you an example and you would understand my point. USCIS Customer Services Directorate received 16 million calls from the public and 300,000 from Members of Congress. Add to it, all other items people do to get attention for their case and think that by sending an email or a phone call from Senator or by a lawyer, the officer will realize his mistake and quickly open the file and approve it. If you look at the responses people post to their inquiries, you would see that most responses are standard. USCIS is not just approving 140K greencards but more than a million greencards, hundreds of thousands of H1 and other visa types, EADs etc...every year. Greencards do not get issued on the day date gets current. It is not a automatic process. There is lot of human work involved and many people do not understand that or spend time understanding it. They would rather waste their time either on useless task of tracking or calling customer service every single day.

    I doubt things would have materialized if i just kept waiting and here is why.

    July 12th: I opened a SR to check on my I485. Purpose was to see if Namecheck was cleared. I wish USCIS gave me that info easily on the website.

    July 29th: I get a response by email that they cannot find my I140. I was told to call back with I140 receipt number. This is a bizarre response as i don't know how they accepted my I485 in August 2007 when they can't find my I140.

    So i call back and i was told to wait 30 days from July 29th to give the I140 receipt number since its not been 30 days since first receipt. They were counting 30 days from response they sent on july 29th. Now what do i do?

    Aug 3rd i went to Infopass and showed them my I140 and I485. They told me i can see your I140 but i cannot say whether this is the I140 linked to I485 because case is at NSC.

    So i went to my cognresswoman and based on her enquiry, the PD linked to my I1485 on USCIS system was Feb 16th 2007 instead of Feb 16th 2006. Her office faxed the I140 approval notice and made USCIS correct this error.

    I tried checking with USCIS through NCSC and Infopass to see if the PD and category linked to my I485 is correct about 5-6 times and never got a correct response.

    If congresswoman's office had not helped correct the PD with USCIS i doubt my case would have even been picked up for adjudication.

    Only good thing i got at Infopass was that during my last visit, IO was indian. She told me to write to NSC with a copy of I485 and approved I140 letting them know that PD is current for the past 35 days. She told me that she is not sure why its not been picked up for adjudication as Namecheck and fingerprints were valid and i was pre adjudicated. She was not able to find out if the PD and category linked to my I485 was correct.

    When there is no clear transparency, i don't see anything wrong in contacting the necessary people to check on your case.

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  • drona
    07-11 02:33 AM
    Posted by the Journal News

    Visa mix-up brings flood of flowers in protest

    Hundreds of legal immigrants are resorting to a new tactic this week in their pursuit of green cards: sending flowers to the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    The publicity stunt follows lobbying efforts and lawsuits protesting a sudden change in the rules that govern employer-sponsored immigrants. After rushing to submit green-card applications by July 2, the immigrants were told at the last minute to keep waiting.

    Notes being delivered to Emilio Gonzalez, head of USCIS, along with the bouquets skip over the pleasantries and speak directly to the bureaucracy.

    "Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July," the messages say, "and honor the original DOS visa bulletin."

    The dispute concerns a U.S. Department of State bulletin from mid-June, dictating who could apply for an immigrant visa. The application is the final hurdle in getting a green card, or permanent residency. Because of a backlog, immigrants spend years waiting their turn, but the unusual June bulletin gave most job-based immigrants the go-ahead to apply.

    Jakub Gorecki, who lives in Spring Valley, hurried to get his paperwork together in time. The thick packet of documents - medical exams, vaccination records, a birth certificate from Poland, a $325 application fee - was to arrive July 2 at USCIS, he said.

    But that morning, a new bulletin came out, canceling the offer. No applications would be accepted until the new fiscal year in October.

    The reversal sent Gorecki and others back to a limbo state.

    Continued at..


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  • santb1975
    01-11 10:35 AM

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  • anda007
    07-11 12:24 AM
    Lets look at the pigger picture, instead of nitpicking small things
    Anand Sharma is referred as she. so what

    The main point is conveyed

    Anand Sharma

    I hate to be nitpicking but

    The irony is, in this whole migration debate, our issues are probably easiest to solve," said Bajaj.

    Bajaj its not migrationits immigration. bird migrate people immigrate


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  • pat123
    09-20 03:28 PM
    RD: 7/20/2007
    ND: 9/19/2007

    So our NDs are very close to each other (9/17,18,19), perhaps it is pre-adjudication that is going on? Are y'all NSC as well?

    I am not sure what is happening. When I went to USCIS during Infopass, the officer at the time told me that my case will be looked upon when the notice date comes up.
    MY priority date is april25 2006 and the notice date was 09/18/2007. I didn't believe him. Even I raised the question in one of the forums and other guys shot me down saying the notice date is not important. But now I got an LUD on 09/19/2007 and that was the reason why I raised this question to you as well as HIINVIN66. I am assuming that the applications are looked upon based on the notice dates. If they under EB2, pre adjudcated and visa numbers availaible, MAY BE MAYBE we get green cards. IF not, We have to keep our fingers crossed. Let see what happens.....

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  • akred
    01-27 07:58 PM
    Obviously it must be an attempt to protect India from being taken over by Hong Kong ;)

    You got that right. Hong Kong is part of China.


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  • punjabi77
    09-09 03:42 PM
    called Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) 202-225-3001.. The rep told me that Congressman is supporting the bill.

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  • meghanap2000
    10-26 04:52 PM

    Got an email from USCIS stating that there is an change in status... This email showed new status as Card Prodn Ordered...

    This was early evening 22'nd Oct.... Got two emails - one for me and one for my wife... exactly identical email.

    Then later at night (closer to midnite NSC time i think), i received the same two emails for me and my wife again.... not sure why.

    Since then no other emails.... So far, i have only recvd CPO email.... no other emails at all...

    Donot worry about 2 emails. That normally happens for alomost any approval email from USCIS. I always got 2 emails from USCIS in approval of my every case like h1b ext, 485 etc..
    You may not receive any more email from USCIS about your 485. But USCIS will send 485 approval courtesy copies to you and originals to your attorney. So please contact your attorney after 3 or 4 business days and collect your original i485 apporvals. You will receive your green cards with in 1 week. I received CPO mail on oct 17th and received green cards on oct 24th.

    Please let me know if you need any more info.


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  • kumar1
    11-20 02:42 PM

    Yes, it is that simple. If you just walk away from your home, bank can only touch your home and credit history. They can not go after your automobile\gold\savings\other property....anything. You are not missing anything. That is why we are seeing so many people around us just walking away from their homes. Thank God I rent but if my property's value go down 200 k in 2 years, heck I would walk away with a smile on my face. No strings attached.

    Walking away would have been difficuly had you put 20% down, i.e. involving your hard earned money in the deal. In that case you would have waited to see the market and hoped that it would revive. If put 0% down and bank has given you 100% loan, then it is the bank who has taken all the risk. You have practially no risk in that deal. Just like cloth....return it to the bank. don't have to even clean it you do in the case of apartment move. ;-)

    0% down, ARM, interest only.....when all these goodies were floating around, it was hard to resist.

    Correct me if I am wrong. If a person has a good paying job and if he decides to foreclose, isn't he responsible for the loss incurred by the bank. It is a different case if you have no income, but just because you lost money because of a wrong decision, how could you walk away free with just a dent in your credit history. Maybe I am missing something here.

    BTW, I am not judging OP in any way, just curious with how foreclosures work as they make headlines everyday now.

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  • tempy
    09-09 07:38 AM

    Yes, it is normal , you will receive welcome letter in USPS mail not email in next couple of days and then GC.


    Today I got one more email (See below) and my status changed from CPO to Decision. What does that mean? Did they send an RFE?


    Your Case Status: Decision

    On September 8, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • ArunAntonio
    06-21 02:21 PM
    OK I will help in the research.. but this is what I have seen.. all the lawyers are just advising or strongly advising.. no one has metioned why one should NOT do multiple applications, the only reason I have heard so far is that multiple applications (4 - if both the spouses apply for each other as dependents) may cause confusion in allocating the A# and that may lead to problems and complications and eventual delays....
    but both me and my wife already have A#'s so does that mean that there wont be any confusion as uscis need not allot A#'s for us.....
    jeez.. man ... some one should know better......
    anyways I will do more research and pm you if I find any more information apart from what I have stated above.

    ArunAntonio, can you pls help search other threads so that we can lay all arguements in one thread and see how different lawyers approach this issue. Only pick answers from lawyers and no opinions. Once we have all advices in one place it will be easy to decide and see pros and cons

    06-29 04:43 PM
    Sure go ahead and make a call... If AILA doesn't know then do you think they will tell us? USCIS always screw our friday but this is really big one.

    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.