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  • java_jaggu
    06-26 12:33 PM
    Multiple 485 and EAD filing



    My wife and I both got our LC approved. She filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently for both of us in Nov.2006 (Nebraska Center), based on her LC. Then I filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently for both of us again in Jan,2007 (Texas Center), based on my LC.

    The EADs she applied got aproved pretty quickly. Several days ago, my EAD applications got denied. The denial reason is, we already have approved EAD.

    Originally our plan is: My wife will switch to a Finance related job soon (her LC is based on Software job), I will wait for GC. (The reason we still filed for multiple 485 and EAD is that we want to postpone the decision on who should wait for GC). Now I'm totally confused on whether she can use the EAD, and whether I can renew the approved EAD (because they are based on her application).

    Any inputs or clarifications will be greatly appreciated.

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    I really don't know why someone would file the 485/EAD through the spouse when the spouse is planning to change the career field, and you know that you need to be in a similar job description to work on EAD. It almost seems like a no-brainer that the guy in this case should have filed for the 485/AP/EAD.

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  • pop
    01-18 11:26 AM
    What does your attorney say about it? What is his choice?

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  • admin
    02-02 03:29 PM

    Can you post the article here? I'm not able to get to it.

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  • polapragada
    04-26 07:49 PM
    Well One thing is for sure ...

    Every time When US Senator Chuck Grassley introduces a bill ... He and His Anti-I
    Are getting succeded in two ways
    1. Bill is getting passed
    2. Dividing the immigrent family into narrow tiny pieces...

    If you wants to protest against L1 they will do the same with US...

    Guess what they can lobby more than us.. they invest more than us... you are talking about the gaints companies.

    Stop fussing about L1 and start disscussing about the billl

    This is what I did I sent the bill text to my friends (L1 and H1) and explaning them that this Bill is equally bad for us both and let their employer knows and act against to it...

    I sent E-mail to my sanator to vote against to the bill


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  • unseenguy
    06-16 12:55 AM
    Dude are you kidding me ... I am reporting a violation/fraud and I should hold my head down?? what kind of moral/ethical values you have.. I am keeping my head up (may be an inch or 2 higher than last 3 weeks) as my project manager and director (middle management ) fully supports me in this crusade. Most of the cases, upper management decides to replace all the local contractors with these outsourcing firms and once the contract is signed these companies dump all their L1 resources to projects and middle management who deals directly with the resources has minimal say in the process.

    Let me ask you a simple question.. WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING THIS FRAUDULANT ACTIVITY??? .... think for a minute and then decide whether to reply me back or not.. bye.
    'Mileage for this complaint'.. in an economy when millions with eligibility are job less .. case regarding this fraud will have ZERO mileage! want to bet me on this .. come on dude.. come on. If you are on L1 visa talk to uer management and get it changed to something legally eligible to work on your project, instead trying to measure the mileage of L1 fraud, ICE/USCIS will measure that and we'll see whos head is going down here...

    I am not supporting any fraud, but what I said is, if you find workplace discrimination and contact a career guide, they ask you to find another job. Most sincere career guides will not support lawsuits or retaliation against employer unless you are not in a position to find other work. Even read career sites for women and advice, even in cases of sexual harrassment, they ask the victim to move on as a sensible thing to do, because in the end the company will somehow make the victim lose her job. There have been 1000s of USC Vs USC cases. I am not supporting any fraud but what I am saying is retaliation leaves bad taste in the mouth and world is a small place. For larger good of your rest of career best thing to do is move on.

    Only some crooked lawyer who wants money will tell you, you are doing the right thing.

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  • ganguteli
    05-09 01:46 PM
    As usual typical stereotyping devoid of any reality and isn't even worth a reply. It is clear that knowledge of the above poster about ameriacn teenager comes from watching MTV.

    No wonder otherwise tolerant americans are saying "F*** You" to fraudulent indian companies trying to commit fraud under the guise of globalization.

    Usual Xenophobic rant.

    Which site have you come from? Who do you represent? Tell your masters to open some education classes and help you learn new technologies so that you can find a job. That is better use of your time and money.

    They say, idle mind is devils workshop.
    It is because of people like you USA is losing is competitive edge.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-09 04:39 PM

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  • fatjoe
    10-26 03:39 PM
    Try these to contact ombudsman.
    Operator Number: 202-282-8000
    Comment Line: 202-282-8495
    Got those #s from DHS | Contact Us (
    I called one of these #,s and said I wanted to talk to some one in charge of immigration. The call got transferred to some other person, and the person asked for my last name and told me that he would contact uscis and let me know the status.


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  • ChainReaction
    01-04 01:23 PM
    U.S. Faces Severe Worker Shortage in Future :)

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  • coolcat
    05-16 05:03 PM
    I was told I can't travel international after filling I-485.
    I can travel international only after receive the receipt of I-1485.

    Is this true?

    I don't see an answer to vsoni's question. I don't know the answer either. Can someone answer vsoni's question and also mine, please?
    Here is my question:
    I'm currently on an H1 visa status. I'd be applying for 485, EAD, AP on June 1 (my PD becomes current then. :) ). Currently I don't have a H1B visa stamp in my passport. I'm planning to leave for India immediately after applying for 485, EAD and AP and apply for visa in India.
    My question is if my H1B visa gets rejected, can I come to the US on AP (someone in the US will mail me the approved AP)?


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  • starscream
    09-11 01:38 PM

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  • seeking_GC
    10-02 12:41 AM
    service center is Nebraska.
    Infact my 485 got denied in August 2009 and in september 2009 filed MTR,which got approved on 22 sep 2009 and today we got 485 approval emails.
    Hi pro,
    could you please check your PM?


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  • hopeforgcfast
    08-16 01:31 PM
    Am a new member here. Thought of posting the follow-up activities I have done till now and the results for the same.

    PD: Oct 2005
    Center: NSC
    I485 RD: 07/26/2007
    I485 ND: 08/24/2007
    FP done only once in 2007 (forgot exact date).

    08/03/2010: Opened SR for primary (self)
    08/05/2010: Sent email to NSCfollowup. Got reply that this account address is for following up on open SRs.
    08/09/2010: Infopass appointment, did not get any useful info other than that case is being processed
    08/09/2010: Opened SR for Secondary (spouse)
    08/12/2010: Got response for 1st SR. Main gist of reply was that due to pending caseload in Nebraska, the processing time for my case has been extended :(. But the statement that got my attention was "Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made. The Service is waiting for VISA availability." So called helpline again and was able to get to 2nd Level IO. She said that this statement is a mistake and that Visas are still available. Also confirmed that my case is with IO. However she said that I might be required to do FP again. The FP might be causing the delay.
    08/13/2010: Contacted local congressman and asked help for following up.
    08/13/2010: Send letter to Ombudsman

    Latest status: Still waiting, not sure what other action I can take.

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  • pmb76
    07-14 04:03 PM
    Please sign the petition below


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  • vbkris77
    04-01 11:38 AM
    Don't drag me into this.. It is totally cool if you want get information from multiple sources.. IV intention is not to provide news updates..

    IV is a platform for fixing legal immigration.. That takes money to do that.. So there various innovative ways an organization can try get money to reach its goals.. This is one way..

    I support and understand this initiate and hence I am writing in Donor forum..

    I am not sure if u were born as an idiot or became an idiot after being turning a so called "donor".
    To be frank I stopped contributing as and when IV started having donor forums.

    There are thousands of websites and forums througout the internet to get info and what VKBris posted may not even come close to what Q and Teddy and so many others used to share as a group.

    Now coming on to freebies,What benefit does IV provide to past contributors.I have contributed in the past, have been active at the initial stages,have spent my own money and booked airtickets to meet senators.Been a leader in a state chapter.But later realised that it was not worth for this forum which has partitions among so called donors.

    Why the heck does any one want to see in a home page about posts on a donor forum.Just hide it and keep it among yourself and discuss .

    Now red may follow,and a possible ban.

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  • imneedy
    05-19 10:49 AM

    05/17/2007: USCIS Terminates 05/18/2007 PPS for Labor Certification Substitution I-140 Petitions

    USCIS announced today that beginning on Friday, May 18, 2007, it will terminate Premium Processing Service for Form I-140 petitions that request labor certification substitution. USCIS anticipates a substantial increase in the number of petitioning employers that will file Form I-140 petitions requesting Premium Processing Service and seeking labor certification substitution prior to July 16, 2007. The volume of such petitions filed requesting Premium Process Service is expected to exceed USCIS� capacity to provide the Premium Process Service according to the program guidelines. For the announcement, please click here.

    Well, bad news for those looking for labor substitution. But I believe you can still file I-140 with premium processing if you have your own labor.

    EB 3 India PD : 21 July 2003
    I-140 (Premium) Approved : 15 May 2007
    I-485/AP/EAD : Waiting for dates to become current :rolleyes:


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  • abhis0
    09-14 08:50 AM
    Wait...wait ....wait.....but how long?

    guy next door is jumping when received his EAD....I am still waiting for Texas to issue me reciept........

    July 2 Filer

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  • n_2006
    11-20 07:43 PM
    How come others are stupid and you are not? They did the same thing what you did. They also thought they can make some money by selling their house in few years. They are stupid because they took ARM loans? Or foreclosed before you? Did you thought about consequences before buying the house?

    Yep. You are wise. All others are stupid.

    Thanks for the feedback so far from people on this group.
    Answering to the question about making bad decision and having a good job..well it is not my bad decision that has brought down the whole market but the banks and stupid people who took loan and didnt knew the consequences of ARM loans and then started filing for foreclosure.. because of those foreclosures the property rates have went down and i cannot get what i paid for the house.
    if this whole mess was not there then anyone can find a good job and sell his house, if not profit then atleast with no loss..

    i hope u got my point..

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  • vshar
    08-20 03:11 PM
    I also just changed my plan from unlimited residential to world. Wow.

    Now lets see how is the call quality to India.:)

    09-24 04:18 PM
    According to the report Mexico EB3 has 2240 pending cases till the end of 2001
    and India EB3 has 1630 pending cases till the end of 2001

    Then according to current visa bulletin why does PD for India way behind Mexico???
    and even China is behind Mexico when they have only 108 pending cases till end of 2001.

    Something is wrong with the numbers or they mean something else??

    01-13 03:56 PM
    Looks like Obmudsman office have acknowledged the problem. Just read this on their site

    However, the Ombudsman understands that USCIS may deny the Form I-485 in cases of portability (the ability to change jobs) before first issuing a Notice of Intent to Deny in certain limited circumstances. These include, for example, where the beneficiary is ineligible for the benefits of the Form I-485 by statute, or the Form I-140 is withdrawn before the Form I-485 was pending for 180 days........

    Once again a big Thank You to all of the volunteers behind this campaign.

    Good News! Thank you for sharing. This shows that if we are united, we can have our complaints heard. Those who started this thread, pursued, promoted and participated, you all ROCK!