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  • vkrishn
    08-13 10:58 AM
    Thanks Appas.. I sent an email to ombudsman on tueday and got a response on wednesday with the message. I also attached DS701 form, copy of I140 approved notice, I485 receipt notice.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    We have received your case problem. We will initiate a formal inquiry with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

    Office of the CIS Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security

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  • hinvin66
    09-20 12:11 PM
    Hello axp817

    I had soft LUD's yesterday (9/19) on all I-485 applications in my family and on the (July 2007) EAD's for my spouse and me. My PD is May-30 2006, so I'm wondering if they are looking at low-hanging fruit for the next month (or to hang the fruit!)

    Did anyone see any Soft LUDs on their 485 or old EADs before their approvals/RFEs?

    My PD is June 7 2006, not current. Yesterday, I had a soft LUD on my 485 and my first EAD. These two haven't seen any activity since early 2009, and I'm wondering if this means anything or if I'm reading into this a little too much.


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  • pappu
    09-21 01:27 PM
    Pappu, what do you mean by "this may have delayed your greencard since July"? What is his mistake? I too have been trying all means since mid Aug. Is there something wrong with that?

    Let me give you an example and you would understand my point. USCIS Customer Services Directorate received 16 million calls from the public and 300,000 from Members of Congress. Add to it, all other items people do to get attention for their case and think that by sending an email or a phone call from Senator or by a lawyer, the officer will realize his mistake and quickly open the file and approve it. If you look at the responses people post to their inquiries, you would see that most responses are standard. USCIS is not just approving 140K greencards but more than a million greencards, hundreds of thousands of H1 and other visa types, EADs etc...every year. Greencards do not get issued on the day date gets current. It is not a automatic process. There is lot of human work involved and many people do not understand that or spend time understanding it. They would rather waste their time either on useless task of tracking or calling customer service every single day.

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  • Mygc200609
    09-14 09:47 AM
    On (9/13), I got the I485 approval emails for me and my wife:

    1.) Priority Date --> 03/09/2006 (Nebraska Service Center)
    2.) 485 Approved on --> 09/13/2010 (SLUD 9/04/2010)
    3.) Pre-Adjucated Yes/No --> Not sure.
    4.) Info Pass Yes/No --> NO
    5.) USCIS Contact Yes/No --> NO
    6.) Congressman Yes/NO --> Yes

    Contacted Congressman on 09/02/2010
    on 09/03/2010 (These cases are currently with an officer. They should receive a decision or other notice of action within 30 days.)

    7.) Service Request Yes/No --> Yes

    opened SR on 09/09/10 "outside processing time"
    Got the Email on (09/10/2010) The status of this service request is:-
    LIN-00-000-XXXXX Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter.

    8.) Contact Senator Yes/No --> NO
    9.) Recent RFE Yes/No --> No
    10.) AC-21 (Employer change) NO
    11.)Ported Case(EB3->EB2) Yes/No --> No

    On September 13, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    For all those who are in line - just hang in there - it will happen.


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  • abhijitp
    07-09 08:34 PM
    Why is everybody so happy? He has just briefly and curtly informed in the message that flowers will be forwarded. They won't be sitting on my desk and embarrasing me. There is no acknowledgement of the issue or any empathy or compassion with the sufferers. Now even the press coverage will make USCIS director look good. I don't see what's the positive development here.

    They probably tried to pass the irritant to someone else. If USCIS continues receiving flowers, and therefore passing them on, one day even the soldiers will say "No thanks!". Then they will pass them on to someone else. But for how long?

    I think this campaign will NOT lose its effect-- as long as we are persistent. Ideally, we should continue sending flowers at least so long as it does not become a MUCH talked about issue in the print and radio and TV media. My humble opinion.

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  • jgh_res
    06-21 01:51 PM
    Its just sad that when it comes to processing immigration applications, we are too many. But when it comes to contributions or calling senators and sending emails, WE ARE TOO FEW :confused:

    Yes it is serious.....and given how many people are raring to islikely...

    As I have said before......we r just too many!!!!

    Not trying to generalize everybody, but people from india(I am from india) dont mind paying any amount of fees to USCIS without complaining, but will not contribute a small fraction of that voluntarily.

    By the way I am a contributing member myself.


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  • meghanap2000
    10-26 04:52 PM

    Got an email from USCIS stating that there is an change in status... This email showed new status as Card Prodn Ordered...

    This was early evening 22'nd Oct.... Got two emails - one for me and one for my wife... exactly identical email.

    Then later at night (closer to midnite NSC time i think), i received the same two emails for me and my wife again.... not sure why.

    Since then no other emails.... So far, i have only recvd CPO email.... no other emails at all...

    Donot worry about 2 emails. That normally happens for alomost any approval email from USCIS. I always got 2 emails from USCIS in approval of my every case like h1b ext, 485 etc..
    You may not receive any more email from USCIS about your 485. But USCIS will send 485 approval courtesy copies to you and originals to your attorney. So please contact your attorney after 3 or 4 business days and collect your original i485 apporvals. You will receive your green cards with in 1 week. I received CPO mail on oct 17th and received green cards on oct 24th.

    Please let me know if you need any more info.

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  • newuser
    11-10 12:25 PM
    I mailed the letters today


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  • drahuls
    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.

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  • Abhinaym
    08-07 09:59 AM
    If you already have applied in EB2 you won't be affected.
    If you have a Masters you won't be affected.

    I have a small doubt here. I'm still trying to understand this porting business. Why is that those who have already applied in EB2/Masters will not be affected?

    If people with earlier PD port to EB2, it will make my processing longer, no? (IFF my PD is later than theirs')

    I'm not for or against this action of yours, but just curious about your assertion. Please let me know.


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  • nogreen4decade
    09-15 12:37 PM
    I received this email today.


    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    485 Journey:

    1) Filed 485 in July'07.
    2) Changed job in September '08 and also filed AC21 in December 2008
    3) My PD got current this month.
    4) Infopass on September 1st,2010. IO said, my case is sitting at NSC and also pending FBI background check. So I lowered my hopes to get my approval anytime soon, because of all pre-adjudicated cases.
    5) Got CPO email this morning (September 15th,2010)

    Thanks for IV contributions to immigration related issues. I am going to contribute more soon.

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  • GCKaMaara
    01-09 01:46 PM
    There is a rumor that Obama is considering Citizenship for people who have paid Income Tax for a certain period. Core is it possible to dig more on this and find if it is just a rumor?


    Googled. Found nothing! Can you post the URL?


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  • Nil
    01-15 07:24 AM

    Pls have one or two brief explanations of our plight and solution ideas on to be voted by all in the community.

    i have received this email from, and believe that the new administration can bring change for us:

    {We wanted to tell you about a new feature on which lets you bring your ideas directly to the President.

    It's called the Citizen's Briefing Book, and it's an online forum where you can share your ideas, and rate or offer comments on the ideas of others.

    The best-rated ones will rise to the top, and after the Inauguration, we'll print them out and gather them into a binder like the ones the President receives every day from experts and advisors. If you participate, your idea could be included in the Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama. }

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-21 11:18 AM
    Along with free india callling you also have the basic feature of calling unlimited in US for 24.99. Which looks pretty good to me. I already have a vonage service for 24.99 and it was a free upgrade to this new plan(after i called the customer service rep) and still i am paying the same 24.99 which is good.

    Thanks for the information about your Vonage plan but the question was if it is only limited to 5000 minutes. Lot's of people like me use Trueroots/ Reliance with no home line so I was thinking aloud if it is worth signing up for the service.


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  • sundarpn
    02-16 09:59 PM
    R u going to Nogales or just called to inquire???

    Nogales embassy number: 52-631-3118150

    I called just to enquire. I am hoping that the PIMS is centralized so if they were able to pull it up, so will any other consulate.

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  • mrsr
    06-27 12:58 PM
    list for reference for self filers

    I am copying into here a great document which I followed to the letter for filing my adjustment of status in May. It is prepared by a major state university who have dozens of people each year going through this process. Thought it might be helpful to some of you.


    The primary applicant and all dependents must each file the following documents. All checks/money orders should be made payable to the �Department of Homeland Security� and stapled to the top left-hand corner of the Form I-485 (Application for Permanent Residence). Place documentation for each application in the order listed below.

    1. Form I-485 (Application for Permanent Residence) and fee. Fee is $325 for each person aged 14 and over, $225 for each person under the age of 14. Check box (a) in Part 2 of the form. Form
    I-485 Supplement A is not required unless you are illegally in the US.

    2. Fingerprint fee ($70) for each applicant aged 14 to 79. USCIS will send notification of time and place for later fingerprinting. Fee may either be included with the check/money order for the Form I-485 or written as a separate check/money order.

    3. Two color passport pictures (click here). Staple an envelope with photos to the lower left corner of the Form I-485.

    4. Form G-325A (Biographic Information).

    5. Sealed I-693 (Report of Medical Examination) and Supplement to I-693 completed by a certified USCIS Civil Surgeon. Children under 14 years of age do not need the x-ray or blood serology.

    6. Evidence of valid nonimmigrant status. Prepare an outline or �history� of all prior periods of stay and visa status in the U.S. Include copies of related documents
    (I-20s, IAP-66/DS2019s, I-797s) and 2 year home residency waiver letter, if applicable.

    7. Photocopies of I-94 (both sides), passport identification, passport validity/extension, and US visa pages.

    8. Photocopy of Form I-797 Approval Notice, showing approval of I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers. If you are filing while the I-140 is pending, write CONCURRENT FILING on the cover sheet and mailing envelope. Be sure to attach a copy of the I-140 Receipt Notice.

    9. Photocopy of birth certificate showing parents� names. Passports are NOT acceptable substitutes for a birth record.

    10. Photocopy of the marriage license of the primary applicant and spouse.

    11. Photocopies of divorce decree(s) and/or death certificate(s) from all prior marriages of the primary applicant and spouse (if applicable).

    12. Current employment letter for the primary applicant. Letter must certify continuation of permanent employment, starting salary, and duties.

    13. If family members are applying, Form I-134 (Affidavit of Support) must be completed by primary applicant on behalf of any accompanying family members. Be sure to include documentation. Employment-based applicants do NOT file Form I-864.

    14. If you or any family members are applying for work authorization, Form I-765 ($180 fee) must be completed. Download page 10 only. Staple an envelope with two additional photos to the lower left corner of the I-765. Mark (c)(9) in question #16.

    15. See attachment on travel to determine whether you wish to file Form I-131 for Advance Parole.

    16. Cover sheet listing all documentation.

    NOTE: Any document not in English must be translated and accompanied by a translator�s statement. You should not translate your own documents. The translation does not have to be notarized, but it must include the certification of the translator. The following is an acceptable example of certification:

    I, [name of translator], hereby certify that I am competent to translate from the _____________ language into English and that the attached/above is an accurate translation of the original [birth/death/marriage] document.

    Signature _________________
    Name of translator _______________
    Address: ______________________
    Telephone: _____________________


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  • test101
    10-05 02:22 PM

    I just spoke to a very nice IO. I asked about my name check , she said that it's pendig and FBI name check is 9 months behind the scheduale. That all the information she gave me.

    does everybody go through FBI check name or only a percentage?

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  • brb2
    10-07 09:28 PM
    Hard to tell. FBI nor USCIS has ever published demographic information on name checks. Out of 1 million USC and and 1 million or so green cards some of them get stuck in name check. Indians and Chinese don't make up more than 10% of these people yet, most of the name check complaints on the web are from these two groups. It is hard to say if this means these are the most affected groups because many family category immigrants may not be very educated and articulate and may not be petitioning the government and being proactive. So it is very hard to say if one or the other group is more or less affected. You can however look up the below link and form an opinion yourself from the 4000 odd signatures of people stuck in name check:


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  • lazycis
    01-24 01:18 PM
    I have send emails to my credit card company and the people who processed the payment and none of them have been able to help me.

    You should just fill a dispute form and send it to your credit card issuer. It's probably not too late. The bank can and should refund you the overpay.

    06-29 09:00 PM
    On another front, if this actually does happen, I will be the first person to sue USCIS for all the expenses, lost time and headaches that I incurred in preparing the 485 application...I think USCIS can't get away without reimbursing everyone for all of the above...

    I like this part ...

    10-26 07:50 PM
    13 years since I landed in this country.....finally, I got the approval email 15 minutes back. I am not sure how to express my feelings (or lack thereof).

    I want to thank the following guys from the botton of my heart.
    1) KubMilegaGC - who gave me support in September or was around for sometime in October to check on my status
    2) SeekerOfPeace, KewlChap and fatjoe - for all the valuable information they have provided. Thank you so much guys!!

    I did the following:
    1) Took around 10 Infopass appointments, with the last one being today morning at 9 AM PST. IO told me that my case was under review since July 2009.
    2) Attorney reached out to AILA liaison
    3) Sent DHS-7001 to CIS Ombudsman
    4) Letter requesting USCIS secretary Napolatino to inquire about the delay in my case
    5) Letter to first lady last weekend requesting to inquire about the delay in my case
    6) Several inquiries were made by Congresswoman on my behalf
    7) Inquiry was made on my behalf by the senator
    8) Opened several SRs - I think around 6 or 7

    As a result, I now have around 30 different responses from USCIS/DHS. Looking at each response, it makes me believe that they have not even cared to look at my case and have just pulled out a response from a standard set of responses.

    I believe what really helped me is a phone call using the POJ method to TSC. I was fortunate to get a hold of a very nice and polite IO. IO walked me through the entire process and to my utter disbelief told me that my case was still sitting in the storage area and collecting dust (this was 2 weeks back). While I was on the phone, the IO sent a request to the folks in the storage area to pull my file out. Luckily for me, the file was in one of the storage areas in Texas itself. Once the file was at the Texas service center, it sat in the holding area for almost a week . It seems like the officer picked up my file sometime at the end of last week or earlier this morning.

    Edit to the post: In hindsight, I think the delay in my case was because I had 4 I-140s (2 from RIR labor and 2 from PERM, one each for EB2 and EB3). I think whenever the IOs looked at my file, they thought that my case was not current. The IO I talked to specifically put in a note for the IO to look at the EB2 140 (June 2004) and not the EB3 I-140 (June 2004) or the I-140s that I have from July 2005. I dont know what to tell my attorney, not sure why they had to file 140s in EB3 for me.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported me to get through this painful process. Last 60 days (since September 1st) have been very painful for me.

    Good luck to all EB2 who are still waiting and to all the EB3 folks, I hope you guys become current soon and get your GCs - I really really admire your patience.

    Keep the faith.....