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  • Marphad
    08-03 01:13 PM
    Government officials as well as immigration lawyers have been implicated in several recent corruption cases. Here are some of the cases that have made news in the last few days: USDOJ announced a ICE official was sentenced in a kickback scheme involving a confidential informant in an alien smuggling investigation. A former official at the US Consulate in Toronto was sentenced to a year in prison for a scheme where visas were expedited in exchange for gifts and trips with exotic dancers. A Utah lawyer stands accused of massive fraud in securing H-2B visas for ineligible workers. A Beverly Hills...

    More... (

    Its really a shame that corruption is attached with immigration too. But its everywhere!

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  • GKBest
    10-14 01:20 PM
    Our payroll agency does the same. They do not even provide D-7 to the company because our payroll is incorporated with their other clients so that they can offer lower payroll fees. But they do print our company name in the paystubs. And if a need arises, they can make a copy for the requesting company for quarterly withholding summary.

    I guess you can just ask certification from the payroll agency that your paystubs came from your petitioning company. I don't think it will create a problem. USCIS can verify if they want to.

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  • rabbitboy33
    03-07 09:32 PM
    What does the certification look like? Is it a form?

    A lawyer is indeed handling my case; but the packet which had only the letter was sent to my employer.


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  • vivek_k
    08-13 12:10 PM
    NSC is going very tough on A2P issues. I have had a A2P issues on my 140 with Nebraska. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. PM me if you need any additional information.

    What is A2P? Thanks.


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  • Administrator2
    11-09 10:16 AM
    That is may not correct. Stuart Anderson was never a lobbist. But he did play a key role in AC21 law. Back then Stuart was Legislative Director for Sen. Abraham (R-MI). Stuart worked with key staffers across the aisle to recapture and pass other favorable provisions in AC21. In that sense, Stuart always had a front row seat to witness things unfold in front of him. This is what makes his book so unique.

    According to the website, Stuart is Adjunct Scholar at CATO institute and he is executive director of another policy institute called NFAP.

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  • Pallavi79
    01-13 01:41 AM
    She can get easily.
    I would like to bring my grandma but worried about her health insurance.


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  • elusive
    10-14 12:31 PM
    I went to Toronto , that was august 2008.

    1) he just asked which school i studied when I was in F-1
    2) who is your employer.
    3) why did you leave studies-- I said I got a good opportunity and I am close to finish it soon.
    4) he looked into my previous 797 to verify whther I was out of status any time which I was not
    5) Then he said the unofortunately you have a very common last name so we he gave the a sheet , kept the original 797 and gave my passport back to me...took 6months before I got email .. went back and got the visa...

    I dont know whether I have to go thorugh that issues again when I go for stamping...

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  • Cmartin
    03-06 08:18 PM
    Really? Thanks...cause it made me quite nervous...


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  • immigal
    08-13 06:26 PM
    Called USCIS.
    Current Immigration status will be same as what u entered US on. SO H1B for me..

    Hope this helps more people trying to find this answer.

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  • ras
    04-12 07:27 PM
    I don't remember the amount of fees submitted while filing I 485. However the filing was done after the July fiasco (Aug 2007). so whatever rates were applicable after Jul 2007 that must have been the fees that has been sent.

    So in that scenario, is it just okay to send the AP application with out Fees?

    How are you July Filers applying for AP? Are you sending in the check for the AP fees too?


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  • jville
    10-29 04:31 PM
    I am planning to file a Fed Court case against USCIS for incorrect denial of I148 with AC21.
    Appreciate if have any input/info on below,

    1. How much typically a Fed court case cost?
    2. Any recommendation of good attorney for this?
    3. Any other information/input

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  • jijiewang
    02-08 09:10 AM
    Hi attorney,

    I know the question sounds weird.

    My husband applied EB2 in 2007. 140 approved and 485 pending. But then we came back to our home country because of layoff. We carried AP but now AP is expiring in 3 weeks. I know after AP goes expired, our 485 will be considered abandoned.

    I heard that PD is still ours even in the case of abandonment of 485. So, I still hope that some day we can come back to US to re-do the green card application. My question is, once PD becomes current, how long will the window to submit 485 be open for us?




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  • desi485
    11-13 01:57 PM
    As far as I know, you can file (or even decide not to file if you have H-1) anytime. This should not be an issue. In fact, one my friend's was in similar boat, he filed his EAD after gap of 3 months and got it approved.

    EAD is only a backup for most of us if we are working on H1B. But it is better to have it renewed as you never know when you may have to use it due to layoff, firing or any other unfortunate event. It is more likely to happen due to current state of economy. CIS allows us to continue working on EAD after 180 days of filling 485 under AC21 rule.

    However there are some unfortunate incidents going on where IO wrongfully denied 485 petitions when a person changed jobs using AC-21. I urge you to take part in IV AC-21 letters campaign which will help you and all of us to survive any unfortunate, unforseen job loss due to current downturn in economy. It is actully very easy, just print 4 pages and mail it thru' USPS. Won't even cost you $2. Remember this for yours and our future and peace of mind. ( I humbly request you to do so for sake of our community. Thanks!

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  • apimvoice
    07-17 05:25 PM
    Hi,My I-140 was approved on 07/02/2008.I recieved an email update and online status also showing Approval notice sent.This monday my attroney send me a copy of Approval notice.
    Receipt Date :01/07/2008
    Notice Date :01/09/2008
    Approval Date:07/02/2008
    Center :TSC
    Category :EB2.
    PD :Dec'2006.
    No concurrent filing.
    Waiting to file I-485.



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  • BECsufferer
    10-20 06:09 PM

    Like me all July filers would get off the H1-B hook come this Jan. I am assuming everybody would use newly gained freedom of EAD to switch employer or jobs. So far, not many employers like to get involved in H1 hassels ( espcialy in midwest), so recruiters had good business by hiring engineers at low rate and syphoning off majority share of the pay check.

    But now, with 180 days (less than 75 days) limit over, all EAD holders are free to switch employers of jobs ( I know in same or similar capacity ... but that's not the point). The point is what would be the effect on current business contracting companies have? What would be the effect of EAD on their cost models and consistent revenues?

    Not saying they would cease to exsist, as H1B's would still need them. But isn't new and bold demands from engineers like me going to affect their margins? ...What do you think?

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  • uma001
    12-05 08:31 PM
    I got laid off recently.

    Now got job with 2 companies. 1 small and 1 big. 3 questions:
    (1) Should I select based on my salary? Big company offers more salary.
    (2) I have to now start Greencard again. So should I choose big company or small ? Both said they will consider sponsoring if performance is good.
    (3) If I transfer H1B Is Big company likely to get RFE or small?

    Go with consulting company.They will cooperate for your green card filing in EB-2. Any full time job never gaurantee green card.


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  • rag_1970
    11-10 08:51 AM
    I came to US on H4, 3 years ago. Later I took my H1B with a recruiter and got it with I-94. It was valid up to 2007 oct. But I couldn't take up any work due to some problems. Recently I went to India and came back. At the port of entry I got new I-94 with H4 stamping. Means My H1 Is not valid now ? In this case, is there any way to apply for change of status again as my H1 is valid up to 2007. Or else do I need to apply for my new H1B again ? Pl. any one clarify.

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  • sameer2730
    02-05 05:45 PM
    My parents are going back to India in April'10 just before completion of their 6 months. But they want to come back again after 3 weeks. They have got their visa for 1 year. So they can stay another 4 months on their 2nd trip from May'10 to Aug'10.

    Is it going to be a problem during their next visa stamping or immigration at airport as they will end up staying 10 months in US out of their 1 year approved visa ?

    Please advise.
    It can get difficult at the POE. My parents in laws returned in 4.5 months and got questioned a lot. They will not deport them but they could give them at 15 day I-94 in which case the trip will cost you/them a bomb.

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  • aadimanav
    10-19 01:27 PM
    H1, H4 (spouse) and H4 (kid) living happily.

    File 485 and gets EAD/AP.

    H1 doesn't use EAD.

    H4 uses EAD and hence looses H4 status.

    I-485 is denied.

    Now, my understanding is that spouse has to go out of country and come back again on H4.

    What about the kid?

    When does the kid loose his/her H4 status? (When both mother and father use EAD)?

    06-30 04:56 PM
    Can I go for this change of status any time or do I need to wait for new H1B cap which will open in April every year?

    08-28 10:28 AM
    I am planning to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. Will there be any problem if i have company on H1B. I opened in 2003 and My friend is working in that company. I am working for my employer only. Will there be any problem if i have company either in GC stage or getting Visa in Canada.

    You can venture business interest even if you are on H1 unless you dont work for that company..

    Good Luck With Your Stamping!!!