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  • Rajk
    06-16 01:34 PM
    That is your receipt number. In my case, the A# is in the box that has the name of the beneficiary.


    I do not have any number in Beneficiary box.

    Does that mean I do not have an A#?

    Is this an issue?

    Will appreciate your response.

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  • bluekayal
    01-10 01:33 PM
    I just got a call from Juria Jones, who handles immigration issues at Senator Arlen Specter's office-- 202-224-5225. She expects discussion on the comprehensive immigration reform sometime in February, not sure of the date.

    Does anyone have the text of the bill?

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  • h_shaik
    04-06 01:47 PM
    Updates on advocacy day posted on


    I am a one time donor of $50 and not able to view the donor threads. If there is some extra step to be done by Admin for my User ID to grant permission or i don't qualify to view this thread. if i am not qualified what is the minimum qualification?

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  • addsf345
    09-04 02:24 PM

    Lingo came up with the same is the link below....

    I am not sure how to navigate from LINGO.COM, but the link gives the info...share if any body has exp. with this company....

    I hate to play "who winks first" game with teleblend. They told that they would come up with similar india plan but not providing any details.

    May be now I should switch to vonage or Lingo. One factor in favor of vonage is: I get two months free with referral and one year contract rather than 2 years with Lingo.

    As per one my close friend, lingo CS is not very good. Vonage is still better than Lingo.

    However here is my question.

    The acutal cost of Vonage with unlimited india calling is $31 - $32 per month due to taxes, misc charges etc.

    WHAT would be ACTUAL COST OF LINGO per month? any approximation?

    Any one who uses lingo? Please advice... How much money do Lingo charges over & above regular monthly charges?

    I used to be a vonage user and Vonage was horrible as they were trying as much hard to charge the MAX to the customer in extra MISC charges.


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  • shreekhand
    09-23 07:37 PM
    Precisely.... many are jumping the gun and are merrily thinking things will be current by 2010 !!

    But, woudn't the 75% of 140K quota for next two years be consumed by ROW applicants who are about to apply. Becoz they are current wouldn't the VISA number go to them..

    All the above calculations I guess are assuming that the entire 140K will be given the pending 485 application..May be I am missing something.

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  • needhelp!
    01-09 07:40 PM
    To find immigrant community everywhere.. at your workplace, at grocery stores, cinema halls, places of worship, where else?

    Lets find them and inform them and CONVINCE them of the importance of doing this.

    Lets offer to make it easy for them by having printed letters ready for signature + name + address.

    We have only 4 weekends to get it done. In my past experience, you will need an hour to yield an output of about 10 - 15 letters. Plan and be prepared.

    If you get a friend to go with you, it will be great, but if not, then plan yourself and execute. I had done this for our signature campaign prior to the rally and I will do it again!


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  • beautifulMind
    09-24 08:59 PM
    Yes agree. The point is that for an example in September 2008 if you used AC21 then on that date you and your employer claimed that your skills are matching for "particular EB3 job classification" . Now if you go interfiling to USCIS in March 2009 then USCIS doubt as logically employer ca not establish the "natural skill progression" within 6 months.

    One more thing - RFEs. Although people used AC21 in 2007 or start of 2008, just recently USCIS sent RFEs to many. All of them have just finished replying those RFEs in which hthey claimed that they are still working on a "same job" matching EB3 skill. My employer sent that RFE response in May 2009. So my clock starts again from May 2009. In December 2009 it is almost impossible for my employer to show that " I am fit for advanced skills". So this is the glitch that lot many lawyers are strongly hesitant to proceed on interfiling.

    But I have already taken the promoton on Jan 2009 (raise and change in job requirements since I filed perm) and moved to the new eb2 position...I dd that after a year and half from eb3 485..... the job is same/similar but requirements and skills have changed

    but as you mentioned
    I should stll be ok and just make sure I interfile 485 after 3 years ?

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  • glus
    05-24 01:06 PM
    I have a question regarding the I-693 Medical exam. it was mentioned that you will need to take a vaccine for MMR, Varicella, Tetanus and Hapatitis B. it was also mentioned that they will do a tb test and a blood test for HIV and syphilis. are these all the vaccinations and blood tests required or are there aother blood test required in addition to these??

    please advise. Thanks

    All you said is correct, except for you don't need Hepatitis B if you are over 16. No, there are no more tests involved, unless your tb is positive. If you tb is positive you need to do chestX-ray. I know that because I was just doing the tests for myself. Varicella must be taken twice 30 days apart. Same applies to MMR.

    I hope this helps. If you go to a good doctor, he will give you a complete list of things that you need to do before coming on the medical exam.



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  • rangaswamy
    06-29 05:08 PM
    America will fly even higher with or without India and chinese those days are gone, look into the future. In the past not many american used to take science and Technology filed but now its different.

    I beg to differ on this argument: I am recent graduate from a top engineering school. In my class (class size varies according to the course, anywhere from 80-120)
    The only people who took engineering were ones sponsored by compaines like Boeing and Raytheon and that too they were always above 35.

    Of these in a class of 40, i would find one american. In my undergraduate courses, there would be 3 in 40. Of those atleast one or two would be pursing double degrees - Music and Science etc etc ..

    So... fact is that 95% of the american youth hates math and science in college. Just a look at companies in the bay area will tell you more.. most of the Americans in technology sector are all over 35. Very rarely will you find a fresh grad hired in these companies because they are not available.


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 08:50 AM

    03/09/2011: May 2011 EB-2 Cut-Off Date Substantial Move-Ahead Predicted

    AILA has reported that the EB-2 cut-off dates in Visa Bulletin in May 2011 may progress ahead substantially because of large unused EB-1 numbers since October 2010 since it has about 12,000 unused EB-2 numbers. Very good news from AILA and Mr. Oppenheim.

    Gimme some greens now,.


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  • mohican
    01-13 04:31 PM
    I read the ombudsman update...

    Have been trying to upload the file, but get an error even though it is within the specified size.

    I wanted to see if others got the same denial notice...

    mine explicitly states "There is no appeal for this decision" that standard or unique to my case

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  • anotherone
    01-29 06:47 PM
    OK, unless you never initiated the EAD conversation, technically they are supposed to ask ONLY if you are legally authorized to work in the US or you need sponsership.

    OTOH I really dont like the idea of having to be quiet and hide my status. Its not something that I should be ashamed of. I have paid my dues dammit and lived here all these years. The immigraton folks should clarify this once and for all, so whoever is waiting for their GCs can think clear and hard if this shit worth it.
    After spending half my life working for this, they turn around and say its not valid for employment ? not fair.

    I was gungho with my EAD, very pleased that I could work for whoever. Seriously, I think sometimes that its better to go back. Its not like this great country is making it easy for people to contribute their skills.


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  • rangaswamy
    06-29 07:50 PM
    Im signing off the web page for the rest of the weekend.. im going to leave my brains behind and go watch Sivaji.

    Lets see what Monday has to offer us. :)

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  • yabadaba
    01-24 04:25 PM
    south east

    delta -atl - dxb (direct) -chennai, mumbai, etc


    delta - atl -jfk -bom direct


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  • jasmin45
    12-08 09:16 AM
    Great job MACACA! you are the man!

    These are interesting facts.

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  • paskal
    01-27 08:42 PM
    Just a couple of comments about Heathrow. The mainland of Britain was plagued with the IRA bombing it periodically for decades which forced them to be diligent about security long before the USA knew what terrorism was. Being security conscious has become a way of life on that little island in the North Sea. Just try finding a garbage can on a railway station platform? There are none so the IRA could not plant bombs in them.

    Now about the staff at Heathrow. Surely anyone with eyes that work can see most of them are not British at all but immigrants of some variety or another. A true Brit is a very friendly individual. The invasion of their island during the past fifty years has changed the face of the entire community, not all for the better that is for certain.

    And finally, transit visas etc. If they are needed and that is the rule and you cannot find a different route then it is something that has be lived with. The US had them and still has them for certain nationalities, the UK is certainly not on its own. I have been living in the US for almost a decade now and have been stung by their immigration rules as all of the contributors to this forum probably have but we chose to come here so have to put up with the system.

    We all have choices so if you do not want to get transit visas just choose a route that precludes the need for one. Ten pages bad mouthing the UK is not helping anyone it is just antagonizing those of us who originated there.

    Just because the majority of immigration voice are Indian it is certainly not all and I think that gets missed on so many occasions. We are in the midst of the US immigration system together, or so I thought.

    Every country has its own rules, some will be in our favor some will not but if we choose to go there we have to live by them. It is entirely NOT appropriate to expect countries we visit to bow to us on any level!!!!!!!

    i do not know why there is any bad mouthing of the English frankly...this has nothing to do with the people or even the city in question. my only visit to London was wonderful, i would happily visit again. i would though avoid transiting through Heathrow for reasons i explained. this is a govt policy- right or wrong and finding historical/colonial reasons is silly. it has a lot do with visa overstays as well, as was discussed earlier.

    just to clarify the issue itself though- and trying to keep it to the narrow focus- the direct airside transit visa is literally a run about created to check people that get off a plane at one gate and climb another plane at another gate- in some cases even the same plane! i do hope our british friends at least realise that it is a major pain to obtain visas to be able to do this- and it's not some kind of anti UK stand to avoid flying through LON (and other such airports) that enforce this. in the end it does create some bad feeling- i wish that were not true- but perceptions are fickle things. it's too bad though that everything seems to become about some wounded national pride or historical wrong or suchlike. wish we could all grow up :-)

    btw, since we have some engaged brits it worth the money to take the chunnel between paris and london? anyone done it? what's the best way to find cheap flights in europe? local insight would be much appreciated!!
    as you can see i'm looking forward to london again ;)


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  • 485_se_dukhi
    07-18 08:55 PM
    Here's the link to the transcripts of the "Tonight" show:

    This can be used as a starting point for fact checking his claims and assertions, without having to sit through his shows..

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  • godbless
    01-16 10:02 AM
    My attorney is asking for my I 94 to file for my h1 extension that is expiring in June 2007. Which I 94 should I give him the one that I currently have which says Parole till 01/26/2007 or the one thay I got with my h1 approval notice earlier that says H1 valid till 06/2007??

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  • illinois_alum
    08-12 11:28 AM
    I have the same situation. CPO change date on 5th, email on 6th. Since then, no LUD, status changes, email, or snail mail.

    No need to worry...I got my physical cards yesterday in the mail - about 7 business days after CPO update. You will get the cards soon...

    05-09 02:18 PM

    I would appreciate if anyone could throw light on this.


    My current situation is that my wife and I applied for 485 separately.
    my wife's PD is 2007 ( 485 applied in Aug 2007 )
    I applied for 485 in Oct 2007, Since my PD is 2003 and is current as of now ( my 140 is pending ), I talked with our companys lawyer on what options do I have with regards to my wife's 485.

    My lawyer suggested 2 options.

    1. File 485 again for my wife as a spouse derivative. As per lawyer, this is very common and has experienced with these kind of situations.

    2. Instead of filing a second 485 for my wife, just write a request letter to move her pending 485 to my 485 as a derivative. If this porting is successful, she cannot move back to her own 485.

    I know some of us have gone with option#(1), but since option(2) involves very less paper work, did any of you have used this option so far?

    I am confused as to which one to choose. My lawyer spelled diplomatic when asked about which option is better/safer:-)


    09-09 01:05 PM
    I spoke all the the reps that someone posted not on this list.
    To add to the list of sponsors/co-sponsors, Congress Debbie Schultz is a co-sponsor for the bill (so don't call asking for support, but you can call to appreciate their efforts).
    I think it would be better to keep it brief. They don't have time, and we can't spend lot of time, or else we won't be able to call all of them. It took me 30 minutes to call all of them.

    I read somewhere that Steve King is not supportive, infact he's opposed to this bill. So it would be wise not to call his office. I don't he'll change his stance 'coz he's part of numbersusa/other nut cases.

    Also note the phone number of Robert Scott is wrong, it shows the phone number of Adam Schiff. I realized only after I called twice. but luckily I realised before I could go through the whole talking points.

    Pls everyone call before its too late. we need to get this passed as this is our only hope. PLS CALLLLLLL!!!