Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • glosrfc
    10-31 08:43 PM
    Yup..pineapples, corn, cable cars, jugular veins...

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  • kumar1
    02-11 11:18 AM
    You can do it, we can help. --Home Depot

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  • sri1234
    01-30 08:47 AM
    You can work on H1B visa till you get FINAL approval or denial.

    Whats your attorney openion?

    I do not have direct contact with the attorney.
    My company hr says i can work as per the attorney.

    I am wondering will this have any effect on my I-485?

    Can i apply for H1 transfer during this period?

    Please advise.

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  • smartboy75
    11-01 06:26 PM

    Since your I-140 is already approved, you will get a 3 year extension....


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  • let007live4ever
    06-22 10:01 AM
    Can scanned copy be submitted to USCIS for affidavit of birth or we have to submit the affidavit in original?


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  • stemcell
    12-26 01:45 PM
    Does the bill have provisions to increase residency positions ? I heard few months back about hard lobbying to increase the match positions by 15000 to accomodate new patients because of the mandate. Any idea?


    Havent seen any increase in residency positions.
    I dont think the bill addresses the 'real' issues that are plaguing health care in this country.


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  • sanjay02
    02-13 01:40 AM
    Try the FOIA Freedom of Information

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  • nhfirefighter13
    April 18th, 2005, 03:57 PM
    Thanks for the opinions, guys. Maybe I can try taking shots of the dining room after I finish painting it. It's at least more colorful than the stump.:D

    Future Greencard Question [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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  • sunny1000
    11-26 07:34 PM
    I can not take infopass appointment as I don't have receipt number. Alos, I called up USCIS and they informed me that it is taking longer time for entry and so far they don't see my EAD and AP entries in their system. Although they have received I-485 which was sent along EAD/AP. I just wondering if anyone come across similar sitaution, also does it make sense to file EAD/AP again without any further waiting ?

    Once you call USCIS on the 1-800-375-5283, try the following option sequence:

    1-2-2-6 (key your 485's receipt number) -1-1 (listen to the case status) -3-4.

    The last option (#4) enables you to get to an IO since you "filed a few applications together and think that some of them got seperated or lost".

    If you already tried the above and it was not fruitful, please disregard this post.

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  • xela
    11-15 04:17 PM
    Does anyone have last months demand to compare?

    Just curious cus I forgot to save it and I was looking for the breakdown of 2005 for EB3 ROW



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  • zCool
    04-02 01:51 PM

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  • eb3retro
    07-07 05:23 PM

    Need some urgent help. I just efiled my AP for myself, my spouse and my child and when I was done doing it, I noticed that it generated a notice number starting LINXXXXXXX. My problem is this - when I originally filed my I-485 last year during july fiasco, I was located in CA. But currently I am in Texas. That was the address that I input in the application too. But I am not sure why it generated a receipt # with LIN number. May be it was because of the question as to where my 485 is currently pending. The reason I am worried is because, when I filed my EAD exten (thru my lawyer), he had mentioned that he sent the EAD application wrongly to Nebraska instead of sending it to Texas (since I am in texas now), he made me re-do the application and sent it to texas and got me a SRC number for EAD extn. Now, do you think that I am in the right path? Do I need to send the supporting documents to Nebraska or Texas? Or is my AP application fees gone for good. Please help, as this is making me worried too much. Thanks.


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  • upuaut
    08-30 12:41 AM
    try 6.0 version ai as the file type.

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  • masti_Gai
    01-25 08:15 AM
    min GC required:eek:


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  • pappu
    08-18 02:20 PM
    YOu might have already tried this - pls try emailing any school association there (Indian Students Association) - that might turn up good contacts. They are a couple of good universities out there like Chapel Hill...

    Thanks for the suggestion but We need people who are stuck in retrogression. Professionals who have a story to tell. They should be IV members too.

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  • Becks
    02-08 11:48 AM
    I think any non-H1 (including H4) stay wont count. You will have full 6 yrs on H1 visa.
    I am currently in L1B visa , i am in US for 40 Months. The total period that i can be in US in L1B is 5 yrs .

    I am planning to do my H1B this year (2008), having already elapsed 40 months, if i get a H1B will the period elapsed ( 40 months in L1B) be accounted or i will get the H1b for 3 yrs.



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  • rpatel
    12-12 09:51 AM
    I have an opportunity to do some consulting work for a company B on a part-time basis apart from my current full time job with company A. I know that I will need another H1 for the part time gig but what I am confused about is whether the company B has to wait for next years quota to file for an H1 or can it file immediately ? Meaning is the H1b quota tied to max no of individuals ? or to max no of positions ?

    I would appreciate if some one knowledgeable about the issue can comment on my question:confused:

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  • beautifulMind
    11-20 11:27 AM
    I have i485 pending and working on EAD. H1b expired. I am on Eb3.

    I have a opportunity to become a Manager in the same company....The job duties would ofcourse be different from Programmer/analyst position...

    So can I take the promotion and use the EAD...Will I be using AC21

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  • drirshad
    09-16 04:53 AM
    Your husband could have answered this question with his 8th year extension in progress. But here it is, once you start working for a company on H1 and they file ur GC starting with LC and if the process is pending for a year then u get automatic extensions going forward. With PERM the LC is getting approved more faster and you should have it within the year. As for H1 to wait until oct 2007 that will be for new H1's if u were already on a h1 before you can convert to one anytime not waiting until oct2007. :)

    06-19 01:53 PM
    Please reply.

    05-05 10:58 AM