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  • whitecollarslave
    01-11 03:53 PM
    Can somebody comment on the following two things? This has been asked twice before on this thread (once by me and again by somebody else) but has gone unanswered.

    1. How many unused visa numbers can be re-captured? Out of those re-captured, how many can be applied to EB categories? I know this is difficult to estimate this but if we believe that recapturing unused visas would help the retrogression issue, we ought to have some idea (in hundreds? thousands? more?) as to how many visa numbers can be re-captured and used towards EB categories.

    2. Does the President have the authority to implement an administrative relief in this matter, particularly to recapture the unused immigrant visas? Elsewhere I have read that only congress has the authority to do this.

    Please provide links/references or analysis to back up the claims.

    Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anybody, rather just a healthy skepticism.

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  • Edison99
    08-12 02:49 PM
    Congrats MeraNaamJoker and enjoy freedom!
    Priority Date : December 30, 2001
    State Labor : November 12th, 2002
    Federal Labor : October, 2006
    I140 Applied : November 2006
    I140 Approved : February 2007
    I485 Applied : July 24th, 2007
    I485 Receipt Date : September 13th, 2007
    Biometrics : October, 2007
    Biometrics for kids (second one) : August 2009
    3 EADs : October 2007, August 2008 and August 2010
    3 Advanced Paroles : October 2007, May 2009 (never arrived. lost in mail), December 2009.
    One extra Advanced Parole for family in between.
    Employer Changed : April 2008
    AC21 filed : April 2008
    Second Employer Filed I 140 on July, 2009
    Second I 140 was approved on September 19th, 2009
    Opened SR : August 2nd, 2010
    Status : Approved on August 5th
    CPO Mail : August 6th
    Recieved Approval Notice (797 Notice of Action - Welcome to United States of America) on August 11th, 2010
    Center : Texas Service Center
    Permanent Resident Card : Still awaited

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  • jay75
    10-29 04:58 PM
    I realized that this is important to me and to everyone, so I did. It took me just 5 mins....and I'm requesting my friends and co-workers to do this...

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  • factoryman
    06-18 06:09 PM
    in my opinion:
    sealed medical cover
    his passport copies - all pages
    his/her birth certificate
    your receipt
    employers letter, again

    ( am I missing anything)

    Hi all

    I request some help on how to proceed and what is required for self filing 485 for child born in India. We have already filed 485 3 yrs ago and awaiting Approval( delayed due to retrogression). Now since the dates have become current we would like to add our child who was born in India and currently living with us here ( we are still maintaining H1 and H4 status valid). I wanted to find out what documents and letter( to build the case) is required for adding our child to the application. Also would like to find out if we need to attach our child to existing application(mother or father) or file is seperately. Anybody please advise



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  • jsb
    09-25 10:59 AM
    Thanks much for providing this info..i will be contacting my local congressmen..I need small help..where can i find my A#?

    USCIS declares in weekly updates that actual package receiving date will be recognized as the Receipt date. However, as filings are shuttled between centers in an effort to push work around, when data is entered, a different date appears. This needs to be corrected. Further, as there are still cases not owned by any center, weekly updates are misleading. Each center just reports on what it has accepted to deal with. This needs to be addressed as well.

    I think congressmen should be approached with the larger and collective problem, which is likely to get attention/action. Individual cases just receive standard replies.

    I am a July 2 filer still waiting for an action

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  • sledge_hammer
    11-25 08:37 PM

    So then we all need to agree that the person foreclosing has no right to blame the lender. It is people like you and me whose tax money will be used to bail out banks that have the right to blame them AND the borrower! :)

    From the punjabi's perspective, it is entirely punjabi's fault. Because he knew what he is getting into when he signed the contract. From the public perspective, the banks were stupid to loan money to everthing that moves and later asking for bailout money from tax payers. I think this is what RDB is trying to say.


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  • kk_kk
    10-07 09:27 AM
    One of my friend got approved yesterday.

    He interfiled from EB3 to EB2.

    His EB3 PD - 12/2003
    He got the EB2 approved sometime in Jan 2009.
    His RD - 05/2009 (Yes it is right, he applied his 485 in May 2009).

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  • needhelp!
    01-13 01:09 AM


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  • sheela
    10-07 07:27 PM
    BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

    Leo & Dhundhun,
    If it AP is not a immediate necessity, I will wait for few weeks and hope for the best.........

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  • WaldenPond
    03-02 05:33 PM
    Here is the news that is very important but often overlooked in the immigration spectrum:

    "Senate OKs Patriot Act renewal sends to House"

    Why this is the news is good and relevant from the point of view EB provisions?

    Because EB provisions (section 8001) were thrown out of S.1932 because of the differences between key players over the Patriot act. Now that this is out of the picture, at least there is one less thing to worry about.


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  • pappu
    06-20 04:05 PM
    question: can I file without employer letter
    For an employment-based petition, in order to proceed and be valid,
    need to still INTEND to be employed by the sponsoring employer if and
    they get their green card. The employer however, does not need to sign
    forms per se with relation to the adjustment petition. If the alien is
    currently working for the sponsoring employer (on H-1B or other) he or
    can port or transfer employers without penalty or without losing the
    card process 180 days after they file the I-485 petition. At that
    they can change employers and work for whomever they wish (provided
    have a valid work permit)

    The forms which need to be filed with the I-485 include;

    Form I-485 for EACH applicant with $325 filing fee ($225 if under age
    Proof of approved I-140
    Form G-325A for each applicant
    G-28, if attorney involved
    Form I765 Work Permit (optional) (filing fee of $180)
    Form I-131 Travel Permit (optional) (filing fee of $170)
    Fingerprint fee of $70 for each
    Medical examination by INS approved doctor
    Passport, visa, approval notices and I-94 card showing all years in the
    in valid status and maintenance of status
    Marriage certificate, birth certificates of children.
    Form I-134 Affidavit of Support (notarized) or I-864, with tax returns
    year must be attached, but income for three years must be listed); job
    letter from the alien's current employer; and pay-stubs.
    If the alien is NOT yet working for the sponsoring employer, I like to
    include a letter from the employer stating that if and when the alien
    his residency, they still intend to hire him or her.

    Hope this answers the questions.

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  • nlalchandani
    05-23 10:06 AM
    I would like a second opinion on the below comments from my attorney:

    1. On the 131 the last page (having signatures) has this question:

    On a separate sheet(s) of paper, please explain how you qualify for an advance parole document and what circumstances warrant
    issuance of advance parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered.
    [Atorney's reply] not relevent to your application leave it blank.
    Do you think it is not relevant if I am filing for Advanced payroll...

    2. 325 PART 3 B and also EAD Question on 765- For my spouse, the A# - Should this be filled up from her last EAD card (vald from 2003-2005 when she was on L2) OR left blank.?
    [attorney reply] BLANK
    any comments ?? If my wife had an EAD even though not valid, should that not be mentioned?

    3. I asked my attorney for copy of the final documents submitted to USCIS and I was told that they do not share the cover letter the attorney writes up. Other forms, I can print online (they have a database after fnal corrections).
    Upon asking for the employment letter they submit, I was told that I should request from my employer?
    Any comments??

    4. If I get RFEs or I need to use AC21 in the future, what all do I need from the 485 application that would help me if I do not decide to use my law firm?
    I do have the 140 approval copy (1 page) and details of the labor skills, title and salary and not the actual labor copy that was submitted for 140 approval.


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  • rodnyb
    04-06 09:37 PM
    I am sure this post be deleted by admin. I am just stating few facts I know here
    QSHEMK set up his own blog, and put some ads.. why?
    I said this before (and it was deleted, and now I cannot even post a new thread.. I am all green on post, lol). Everyone has his/her own interest, to make the IV work, we have to work together, donation or not, effort or not... all the time, writings ppl put here are contributions....
    I appreciate what IV is doing, just saying.. no offense


    We rode the same wave even last year with many of the same Guru;s predicting the same movement to 2007 and what we saw 2 weeks movement . There was one person called QSHEMK who after that went completely out of the picture or has rejoined with a new name .

    Also I have analyzed that people who have a date in 2008 somehow predict that the dates might move to 2008 and people who have a PD of July predict that dates will move to August . This is just an observation and nothing more , and if you go through the threads thats exactly what you will see.

    I will be equally benefited as you all will if the predictions come true , but be well prepared for a major heartbreak also like last year .

    While it takes a lot of effort from some of the members to crunch such numbers I would be first to extend my sincere gratitude to them for doing this , I would also recommend you all to take the analysis and predictions with a grain of salt and not to raise your hopes too much on these predictions.

    It has seldom worked for the last 6 years at least . Hope it does this time . I speak from experience in IV since 2006.

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  • javadeveloper
    01-09 04:06 PM
    We have it in about us page if you scroll down

    Immigration Voice Achievements

    1. September 18, 2007
    1. DC Rally: Thousands of high-skilled immigrants march in the US Capital!
    2. Lobby day: IV volunteers attend close to 125 meetings with lawmakers� offices to lobby for congressional intervention
    3. Paid Advertisement in the Roll Call- the newspaper that covers the Capitol Hill
    4. Media coverage: New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo, BBC, OC Register, Business Week
    2. July 2007 Visa bulletin reversal
    1. IV breaks the good news!
    2. Flower campaign

    i. USCIS takes note of the flower campaign

    ii. Media coverage: Business Week, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Others, Video coverage

    3. San Jose Rally

    i. Media coverage: Business Week

    3. CIR 2006: Manager's amendment
    1. IV lobbies to ensure that this amendment contains favorable provisions for high-skilled immigrants
    2. The amendment was PASSED, although the bill itself did not survive
    4. Access to lawmakers
    1. IV is in close contact with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren�s office on several issues related to Employment Based Immigration
    2. IV closely worked with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren who played an instrumental role in bringing about reversal of July Visa Bulletin
    5. Contact with USCIS. IV was the first one to bring news of the July 2007 Visa Bulletin reversal
    6. IV Spokesperson invited to conference at top US University
    7. Only organization FOR high-skilled immigrants BY high skilled immigrants
    1. Most visited site by high-skilled immigrants in the
    2. Number of registered members has risen from 50 to 25000 in less than 2 years! The following are approximate figures:

    i. 1/2006: 60

    ii. 2/2006: 600

    iii. 7/2006: 4500

    iv. 1/2007: 7500

    v. 7/2007: 15000

    vi. 8/2007: 20000

    vii. 11/2007: 25000

    I may be wrong but we should have achieved more than this ... Let us know what we have to do to make this happen


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  • mrsr
    06-25 12:42 AM
    Any issues if we sign the papers with date of june in I485 ,I 131 and I765 for AP and EAD filing.

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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 06:41 PM
    I feel really happy, for once USCIS acknowledged our efforts and also the end results is really good because the injured will recieve flowers from some one they will never meet.
    There is strength in the ways of GandhiJi.


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  • gc_maine2
    01-05 09:39 AM

    Its good to see some of the Very active members of s-1932 again in this site.
    This site looks very good, I followed the S1932 thread in very closely, but was disappointed after its defeat inspite all the guys aggressive enthu and hardwork. As most people i too feel that we failed because of lack of Lobbying. If everyone can contribute for noble cause that will be great. I have a small suggestion I am not sure whether it sounds right to everyone or not, but in order to start collecting the funds i would suggest that Moderator open a new thread/link about the contributions so that members who are joining eveyday in this forum will get the momentum to contribute. It would be good if it has name(Registered name), amount and date and the sum collected so far. This is just my suggestion if it sounds illogic please disregard.


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  • anura
    04-07 11:05 AM
    And then people will argue about how many arms does an octopus have :D

    We have sufficient data to predict that.... more or less. Cheers.

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  • eb2_mumbai
    09-25 10:24 AM
    I agree the numbers seem to include dependents. I mean while looking at EB2 numbers you can see average 1000 - 1500 applications per month which translates to roughly 400 - 700 primary applications (labor) filed each month. That looks reasonable.

    01-24 12:44 PM
    wow...u guys have made my decision easier...better to go via ny directly to mumbai

    08-21 04:21 PM
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