Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • ArkBird
    07-26 06:51 PM
    Here is one potential answer...

    Yes, you will retire at 40 because no self-respecting person will come near you let alone hire you so I guess you will have to retire and that $xxxx/per month, please feel free to replace it with disability (of course mental!) benefits from your state! ;)


    I am not with Amway or Quixtar but I think the folks with Amway/Quixtar are under represented on this thread and it's not fair :-)

    Just to add another dimention to this thread I will play the devil's advocate :D

    Here I go ...

    You guys are all wasting your free time bitching on this thread where as we are spending all our free time growing our business. We will retire early as we would make $xxxx/month for nothing when we turn 40 and dont need to work anymore where as all you guys bitching about Amway / Quixtar will still be working hard at your jobs till 60.

    What's your response ?


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  • breddy2000
    09-24 06:23 PM
    This could be due to simple processing issues :

    Filling issues (the application was filled in wrong category)
    REF (delayed response to RFE)
    Name-check (delayed namecheck)
    Other technical issues
    Medical condition
    Spouse of EB2 India/China where the application is filed under wrong charageblity.

    If you see the number of application pending in EB2 ROW for 2007 and 2008 they are huge compared to previous years somewhere in hundereds which can mean having the above said issues. The number of applications related to the above mentioned issues cannot spike significantly in just 2007 and 2008. Either the data is old and can mean that these applications are processed and approved and we wait until the new data is posted.

    You can compare this with the PERM data. PERM data has very low EB2 ROW application in a given year and hence has always remained current.

    Is my assumption correct?

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  • siddhu98
    08-17 10:12 AM
    EB2 India - PD June 2006
    Currently on H1B and have I797 - I-94 until Oct 2010.
    Visa Stamp Expired June 2006.
    EAD approved for me and wife. My wife is using EAD.

    Family went to India last year June and returned to US on July 2007 before we applied I485 on Aug 2007.

    Both my wife and son came on H4. Since my son�s passport is expiring Jan 2009, I94 is given only until Jan 2009 at the POE, though he has H4 Visa stamped until OCT 2010.

    Upon arrival we applied I-485 on Aug 2007. Also I131 AP applied for my wife and son on Mar 2008 and approved on Apr 2008.

    Now, I am applying his passport renewal. My questions are,

    1. Since his I94 is expiring Jan 2009, do we need to go out of the country and come back OR validate his I94 here itself.
    2. If he has to go out of the country, can we use H4 visa stamp and get I94 until 2010 or use AP.
    3. If we can validate the I94 here, what is the procedure?

    Thank you for addressing our questions/concerns.

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  • legal_la
    07-04 04:02 AM
    Thanks for your diggs. If you go and check the Upcoming stories tab - it has made it to the top in "Hot in All Topics" list...

    keep digging....

    Hope some one will pick up that news. we can go to bed now, we have done something fruitful for today.

    keep digging.


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  • mallu
    02-13 02:13 PM
    I am eating 3 times a day and looking for the fourth meal. Meanwhile there is a bunch hanging around the kitchen looking for atleast 1 meal a day. The food supply is limited. If i join with those , i might be in a situation of 2 meals a day. Even though justice is done with respect to whole lot, there was some injustice to me. What is then the incentive to work with IV ? Wasn't that the tone of question ?

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  • rockstart
    09-24 09:11 AM
    Has some one cross validated USCIS numbers against IV Tracker data? Till now we always assumed that tracker data was 1% of entire population. This is a good time for some data guru to tell us actually how many people (% wise) are on IV. A break-up by month (PD) might be preferable because I feel older PD people are more active than newer ones.


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  • chanduv23
    06-27 11:26 PM
    First, prove there is a god.

    Is there a birth certificate somewhere? Was it registered timely and does it have the First Name and Last Name for mother father and son?

    Maybe he can get 2 affidavits instead of birth certificate

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  • bestia
    02-14 01:03 PM
    Hi Bestia

    I see your PD is Aug 2004 for EB3 ROW, and U already filed I 485.
    I need some help: My PD is also Aug 2004, I'm in the EB3 ROW. When can I start filling I-485? The March VB says 01JAN2005. What is the last date I can file?
    Thanks 4 help.

    You can mail your I-485 on Feb 29. USCIS must receive it in March. I would suggest you to file your app ASAP in March, because you never know - dates might retrogress again.


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  • ita
    03-29 11:12 PM
    So am I , I'm sure so are may others on this forum and in India.

    Like I said earlier, in my previous post I just summarized the performance of the last govt.So I'm sure you and others agree Congress won't get us where we want to be.(They didn't in last 5 years and look at my previous post to know where they got us)

    But looking at what is unfolding in India these days our simple and realistic ideas some how seem very far fetched .

    what's going on with Varun Gandhi?Current political scenario in India is kind of reminding emergency times. NSA has been invoked on Varun Gandhi.
    Those politicians are making fun of law.They are using NSA to finish political opponents.
    NSA is meant for nation's enemies not for politician's enemies.
    During emergency time a nation when asked to bend crawled.Hope nation stands up against the similar kind of abuse this time.

    Looks like if we have power in India we can do anything we want. No wonder all the successful film stars are jumping into politics at least in Tollywood.
    It happens only in India.

    I am looking for a visionary who can bring Indians out of poverty, who can give good education, security, health care and good infrastructure. Who can save us from the unstable countries and aggressive China. I am not bothering whether Sankaracharya is in jail or not. How its going to affect a common man who is begging even for basic amenities.

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  • thomachan72
    09-04 10:59 AM
    This is not contributing to anything. I dont think oposing parties in this discussion will ever come to an agreement so what is the purpose of carrying on. Please close this and lets concentrate on something else.


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  • godbole_sanjaya
    04-20 10:57 AM
    I wud suggest you against your wish.

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  • sankap
    07-10 01:06 PM
    FYI... Canada has much better public schools and health care...Never mind the high taxes...


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  • stemcell
    01-14 09:24 AM

    You have the right to an opinion, after all this is a free country. You have expressed it and some people may not like it. Just care less for them.
    But most importantly you need to understand that IV has the immigrant community best interests in mind. After all these are regular folks just like you and me who are doing this voluntarily....and we are reaping the benefits of it.

    But again you may have a different idea or opinion which is always welcome for debate. For example i do not support piecemeal legislation(DREAM act) but after hearing IV point of view thats the best shot we have right now. So it made sense to me.

    Long story short....IV has our best interests in mind.

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  • sumagiri
    07-25 08:40 PM
    I dont know what this means. He said previously EB3 backlog is massive. So assuming40 percent of indians would give 160,000. Out of those assuming 50 percent for EB2 would give 80,000. Question: Is eb2:eb3 ration 50% ??

    "I think that the numbers are generally accurate, but I disagree with the conclusion. In large part, I rely on what I was told in a conversation with the State Department officer responsible for calculating cutoff dates. He told me that the Indian E2 cutoff date is going to retrogress back to late 2002 or early 2003 in October. He said that the Indian E2 backlog is MASSIVE.

    Looking at the total number of people who have filed AOS applications, or who have been reported as documentarily qualified to consular posts, we see a group of at least 400,000. This was as of a couple of months ago, after much of this year's quota had been used. I'm told that between 40% and 45% of the people in the known backlog are chargeable to India - and most of those are E2".

    IMO, "MASSIVE" is a relative term. Even if there are 400,000 applicants and 45% of them are India and 60% of those are E2, the total is just 108,000. Not that bad if we look at the calculations and E2 numbers India gets this year and next year. I think it is sensible to say the actual number would be lower than 108K.

    Having said that, before horizontal spill over, all these numbers (spill overs) were going to E3 ROW. Why is E3 ROW still severely retrogressed? Apart from calculations, I am attempting to do all reality checks. Is the volume of E3 ROW so heavy that around 50k + additional visas are not helping to bring E3 ROW to current. Read some where about amnesty causing this back log. Any one knows this for sure?


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  • sunty
    06-02 10:09 PM
    If we do file a lawsuit against the discriminatory country-quota laws in EB immigration, in worst case scenario, even if we loose it might help highlight the issue and send a message to Washington that we are serious and we mean business. And the judgement might help us at-least get the recapture visas back if the court is made aware of our plight.

    IV has spent so much money on Patton Boggs etc. . Maybe its time we think about this option as well. Maybe this method might work as clearly other approaches have failed and we haven't gotten anything. And before the IV loyalists jump on me and ask me to contribute first, yes if there is a lawsuit by IV, I will happily contribute my half-month's salary to the cause.

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  • _TrueFacts
    09-03 11:00 PM

    Stick to the point, on YSR. Or open a thread on your favorite topics.

    AP has seen an unprecedented political killings, govt and personal land grabbing, corruption, and opportunistic politics just for one man thirst YSR.

    It’s better to have none than these factionist gundas. As for my id, yes just for this and more and it should not matter you. If you have point, talk about it, otherwise just shut up and don’t preach like YSR’s family member that “Someone or something is better than none”


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  • eager_immi
    02-12 10:46 PM
    only the uscis knows, maybe they need some h1bs to figure out the math :)

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  • Legal
    07-23 12:50 PM

    I hope you are right. But I am not convinced because there was a statement in USCIS testimony that they used up 65% of their target in first 5 months. So even if they used up just 30% in next 5 months, there will be very few Visas left over. If their target did not include the spill overs, then you are right. But in that case, a part of the spill over should also go to EB3. So EB3 should open up again. I am also EB2. So I hope you are right. But as of now, it appears that either there are not many visas left over or it can be that USCIS target was very low.

    that EB3 quota has been used up for this fiscal and will re-open in October only. I assume you're wondering whether some FB spill over would go to EB3. If that's the case they wouldn't have announced EB3 quota is over.

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  • Vishal2007
    05-02 12:46 AM
    read Indian history, you know how Gandhiji is self-fish.

    05-29 01:42 PM
    Ok, the guy that sets the dates says that he sees no possibility of dates moving forward for EB India and ppl are still thinking there is hope? I am an optimist and try to see the brighter side - and that side here is that we know there is no hope for those past 2005 in the next two years. That to me is sufficient to make decisions and move on. Be it changing to a different job or going back to the home country - most probably the former for me.

    07-03 09:35 PM
    This is strickly media drive thread.. please only post related to media drive..


    We should ask Congress to postpone the July 30th fee increase while it studies how USCIS can function year round with the same efficiency that it showed in the last two weeks of June.