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andy murray 2011 french open

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  • va_dude
    09-23 05:20 PM
    The pdf with the pending numbers was created by a Rishi Lekhram, program manager at uscis, washington dc.

    Rishi Lekhram - LinkedIn (

    How ironic is that.

    Maybe IV ought to get hold of this guy :)

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  • thomachan72
    06-29 07:05 PM
    I dont know why everybody started to spit on ohio law firm. They just pointed out some news that they got from AILA, right? Lets hope its just a rumor and USCIS doesn't proceed with this revised thing. I am pretty sure that wont happen. Dont worry guys, but dont blame everything on ohio firm. I saw this on several other law firms too.

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-17 10:01 AM
    An article in news talking about immigrtion reform bill:

    The gist of it below:
    Employers concerned about access to foreign-born talent at the higher-skill end of the scale may also find that the New Year brings good news, of a sort. If the border security and guest worker issues are dealt with early in the year, some in Congress are evidently preparing to try and "fix" the employment-based immigration system, originally designed in 1952, which has become close to unworkable.

    However, a Congress fractured on immigration policy most likely lacks the political will to fully reengineer the system. Instead of a major renovation to make the U.S. competitive in the global market for highly skilled talent, there probably will be only the usual technical fixes around the edges.

    Good post.

    We need to be prepared whenever they decide to work on this. Our involvement may make a huge differecce with the "fixes". The can't fix anything unless they understand what needs to be fixed. We need to start educating the lawmakers.

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  • Saralayar
    04-09 02:08 PM
    Well it is their country. We are serving through our volition.
    We have an expectation, but in a free market it is demand and supply.
    i am Not trying to be negative - just a reality check on where we stand and how we can approach.

    It is a fact that immigration from Asia shot up at the turn of the millennium. This may look disproportionate to proponents of diversity.

    Now 1/6th of the world population comes from one country. But the quota for Iceland and India remains the same.
    Consequently many like us cannot: change employers, give up opportunities (lure of which we came here for) and wait for the same outcome that others achieve much faster, simply because they were born somewhere else or their employers & lawyer decided their immigration category. So much for free country and meritocracy.
    i believe our main point should be a level playing field and transparent
    system so that expectations are clear.
    For those of us who have suffered due to lack of clarity, for all fairness, must lobby for a chance to parity after multiple (say 10) years of serving LEGALLY.


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  • silverstone
    01-12 11:01 PM
    What about this bill and look at the following section. Does it mean EB visas will go up to 260,000. Then its good news.


    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the number of employment-based visas made available under sections 201(d) and 203(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(d), 1153(b)) for each fiscal year (beginning with the first fiscal year beginning after the date of the enactment of this Act) is hereby increased by 120,000'.

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  • lostinspace
    01-27 12:44 PM
    The requirement for a transit visa to enter the UK is not a new requirement. They were introduced because a significant number of passengers decided to remain in the UK rather than simply transit.

    Before they were introduced, passengers had the ability to remain in the UK for up to 24 hours, enter the UK, change airports etc (this is called TWOV or Transit Without Visa and still remains for applicable nationals).

    The intent of the Transit Visa is to ensure that the passenger will be accepted by the third country.

    There are still issues with passengers who hold transit visas with a stated intention of transitting the UK. Either they are not accepted by the transitting airline and are returned to the point of origin, or they simply claim "political assylum" when they land in the UK and then they become the responsibility of the British Government.


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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-24 09:40 AM
    Is this for a job?
    According to I-9 form, employers can't discriminate based on EAD. There are some exception where they require security clearance for the jobs.

    You might want to remind CapitalOne of this anti-discrimination notice on I-9 or bring it to the notice of USCIS.

    Yes, it is for a job which does NOT require security clearance.

    Is there a formal way / method to let the company and USCIS know of such discrimination ? Any published guidelines from USCIS ?

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  • vsoni
    05-04 02:12 PM
    My lawyer told me, It may talke 2 to 4 week.


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  • shx
    06-15 11:58 PM
    Fraud must not be tolerated for any reason. I endorse the actions of the OP in bringing these violations to the ICE, despite all the whiners on this forum.

    The primary reason for all these violations is the greed for money. Whiners, this is not a case against the L1 creatures or immigrants. This is against greed, corruption and injustice. So quit whining.

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  • PlainSpeak
    03-29 12:07 PM
    its been long time I have been waiting....if you understand hindi then

    "Mere jaisi ban jaoge jab Ishq Tumhe ho jayega"
    "Diwaro se takraoge jab Ishq Tumhe ho jayega"

    Ayega Ayega Ayega ....
    Ayega anne wala (GC) Ayega Ayega .....

    or as Bobby McFerrin says Don't Worry, Be Happy


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  • karthiknv143
    09-28 02:30 PM D

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  • saatiish
    09-10 07:17 PM
    I see soft LUD on my 485 today, but the status has not changed. I had an interview in Jan 2009 and at the end of interview the IO told me that he could not approve my case as it was not current. So I believe my case is pre-adjudicated?

    Someone in the same boat? Hopefully the approval e-mail comes in the next few hours or next week. <<fingers crossed>>

    Do you get emails when you get soft LUDs ?


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  • tempy
    09-09 07:38 AM

    Yes, it is normal , you will receive welcome letter in USPS mail not email in next couple of days and then GC.


    Today I got one more email (See below) and my status changed from CPO to Decision. What does that mean? Did they send an RFE?


    Your Case Status: Decision

    On September 8, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • skrishna23
    08-12 06:53 PM
    Finally got the CPO emails/texts today morning for both me and my wife.

    Came to USA in 1996 on H1. Masters (F1) from 1999-2000.
    All GC applications in EB2. Nationality : India.
    Applied in Mid 2001 : company (think $15B!!!) went kaput.
    Applied in Mid 2003 : I quit in mid-2005 - while labor pending.
    Applied Nov 22, 2005 : Approved Aug 11, 2010.

    Labor applied via PERM - approved in about 4 months.
    I-140 applied soon after - approved in about 4 months.
    I-485 applied during the July-August 2007.
    Receipt Date: Aug 16, 2007
    Notice Date: Oct 1, 2007
    At NSC.

    Quit in mid-2008 with 485/EAD, sent AC21.
    Got RFE in Sep 2008 (missed the 2008 boat).
    485 LUD stuck at 10/29/2008 forever until today.

    Opened a SR on Aug 5th.
    Took an infopass on Aug 6th - all I could get was, "your application is with an
    Immigration Officer since Aug 2nd". Nothing else!
    Don't know if either had an effect.
    Didn't do anything beyond the above two.

    I think anything that's helpful for anyone based on dates/apps/process/procedures are all listed above. Now for a bit of something in my mind. No particular theme but general rambling....if you so indulge..please continue. Else Have a good day and happy life. And thanks IV.

    It has been a long journey for sure. A lot of my friends who came to
    USA in 1996 are now citizens. I have NO regrets at all. I took my own
    path. Sometimes I used to think that if I had done the GC process
    in 1998/1999 instead of quitting my full time job to do full time masters,
    I might've gotten GC sooner. OR what if I had stuck with the 2003 application,
    sure, it would've taken longer to get even the Labor cleared but I would
    have gotten GC in probably 2007 - and worst case 2008. And heck, I would
    have made an additional $150K (since the company got acquired by "as big
    as it gets" tech company). OR what if I had chosen a very safe choice out
    of masters [believe it or not, I got 12 offers back in 2000 - but then heck,
    every body else got 12 offers as well]. OH btw, the full time masters ended
    up costing me about $45K in credit card loans. So point in contemplating
    all the "coulda woulda shoulda"s in life.

    As Nike says: Just do it.

    I strongly believe it was because of the masters that I got the first 2000/2001 company, I got into the next job - and because of it to the next one and because
    of that to the current one - where I am extremely happy and think
    will over time come out very well off too.

    At all times, I never compromised on my job. Took the job which offered
    me the most challenge and allowed me to learn as much as possible while
    working the smartest folks around. That I think was a great benefit - all
    along - since that component of life (work) never bothered me. And was never
    afraid of taking (apparent) risks either. To me they were calculated risks.
    The 2002 company I joined, it was a small startup - I was employee number 20-something and was the only H1-B until we had about 150+ employees.
    When I quit it was 450+ folks and was about 750+ when it was acquired.
    The company I joined in 2008 (via AC21), was and still is a startup. When
    I joined we were 8 employees and still now, remain lean-and-mean but
    kicking some serious ass. (if I say so myself..pardon me). :)

    The biggest hiccup as I think of it now was that my wife was not able
    to work from 2003-2007. But the EAD in mid-2007 finally solved that
    problem. Oh, I never hesitated traveling either : travel to Africa (three
    countries) one year, and to Europe (three countries) one year and
    Asia (two countries other than India) in one year.
    Also purchased a home in 2009 (it was very tempting during the
    2004-2006 times...but waited out for good).

    So yeah...H1-B/EAD/AP are all handicaps - only if you convince yourself so.

    A couple of times I had contemplated Canadian PR or really
    moving there or to somewhere in Europe (and even Aus PR).
    But pursued nothing mostly because I was lazy.

    But all along my wife fully supported in everything I (we) did.
    Be it change of jobs, other big decisions..what not.
    So thankful to god for that.

    Just a bit to go back in the way back machine.
    Long ago, labor was the bottle-neck. Then 485, then something else.
    Things repeat - old is new, new is old...repeat.
    There were times when there was no online checking, no sms, no email notifications.
    Six year h1-cap was strongly enforced. no concurrent 140/485. No one year extension of h1. No 3 year extenstions of h1 after 140. No 2 year EADs. No AC21. No priority date porting. I can go on....but a lot of stuff happened...happens.

    If there is one thing I learned wrt immigration, it is do things ASAP. Never postpone anything at all. As much as possible get first in the queue.

    A general piece of advice: Never reject an option you don't have. [this is more to do with folks who say, "I am only in year 1 in h1..I don't know if I need gc..let me see after 2-3 years.." - guess what einstein, it is easy to give up your gc after you get it, then to get it when you desperately need it.]

    Good luck and all the best to those who are waiting.
    EB2-IC seems in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.
    EB3-folks need some serious legislative help - please consider contributing a fraction of what you send for your immigration-lawyers and get something done. support IV.

    And finally: Be Happy!



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  • veerufs
    09-26 05:25 PM
    Today only I realized that I filed G325 instead of G325A. I am still not in teh system. But I am v depressed. Any one aware of similar case and what is the possibilities?

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  • ajkastar
    01-19 04:38 PM
    I'm also in same situation only difference is my visa stamped in PP is expired (Jan06), but has H1 till Jan 2009. I'm planning to visit India in Feb07 and return on AP. As I read in other forums that H1 will be valid and we can file for extension (even Cornin INS Memo (5-16-00)) memo says that. My attorney also confirmed that.
    Keep posted your experiences.

    Thank you.


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  • chanduv23
    11-04 10:22 AM
    Lets this stay on top

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 08:27 PM
    What are u guys trying to acheive and how will this help EB3 India?
    This is awesome lead. It suggests that barring 203 (which does not talk much about per-country limits) and paragraph 2 (which goes moot when there is spill-over), there should be no discrimination. But does the anti-discrimination apply to "qualification requirements" ?? That will be the counter argument against applying this section.

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  • gvenkat
    09-23 08:20 PM
    Yes I am curious to know where eb-3 would be next year last quater

    If there are 62K Eb-3 India applications I'm sure no one can file anything for Eb-3 what stops USCIS from clearing these.. This Data is flawed or If we are reading this wrong

    09-15 12:36 PM
    Can you pl tell the Service center ? Is it NSC or TSC

    Neither NSC nor TSC. My case was at USCIS San Francisco Local Office.

    good luck to you i see your PD Current

    02-21 09:22 PM
    Not so. There are no quota caps for spouses of US citizens, hence no retrogression.

    Thanks, but could i still file for a concurrent AOS even though i am currently in the country on a AP?