Friday, July 1, 2011

1966 Fiat 124 Familiare

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  • kumar1305
    01-22 07:44 PM
    I'm sick of you guyz. How long would you fight among us. We fought among us and the rest ruled us for more than 1000 years. We are educated but of no use, still fighting for no reason. Looking at you I feel the older generation made no mistake(atleast they were not as educated as us). But is it? Can't we be united? What could unite us?

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-15 08:12 PM
    We all know how media wants to make new so that they can get more hits on their webpages. Maybe is name randomly got selected and that is why he got grilled - we don't know what did he tell the officer which lead to all this. We all now know about "teachable" moment with the Harvard professor. The facts were not what they appeared initially.

    Just because one pays his taxes to the IRS does not mean s/he cannot be audited - even if he is Bill Gates. IRS computer randomly selects people for audit - irrespective of their status in life.

    It may be one of these occurrence - we will know with time and let's not speculate until then. Moreover he is an ordinary citizen without any diplomatic privileges. If you or me can be interrogated why can't he be. Every country has a right to protect itself and to set standards for it irrespective of the status of the individual.

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  • deepakjain
    05-28 11:17 PM
    EB2 and EB3 will be in queue for sometime, fact being the latest fraud by Indian IT firms.

    Please read then post comments.

    I personally know 7 people who came to US in 2008 via Indian IT firm - designations [Sr Project managers or Program manager]....

    Applied for GC under EB1 and every one of them have a GC now....not to mention few MNC's based out in India have done the of my friends who works for an US based consulting firm in Hyd is here in US on H1B [12 months] he has a GC.....EB1

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 06:56 PM
    My friend ..I care for you.

    Ahh MC you are a charming person using your charm to hit below the belt
    Now what do i do with you....

    I guess i will let this slide because i am not sure what your intentions
    If your next post are more informative maybe there would be a better reply (I know not that you care)


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  • mbawa2574
    03-27 01:57 PM
    widower zardari will be marrying kumari mayawati just after election to unite subcontinent and bring peace to world.


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  • ezee
    08-16 01:49 AM
    What use is this thread? How does it serve the purpose of IV. I see emotions flaring up time and again with every "incident" that media sensationalizes. Its high time administrators here took control of our messaging otherwise anti-immigrants are soon going to pounce on this. I sense an under-current of hatred in some posts as well. I am going to stop coming here if this mindless stuff does not get stopped from being posted. Personally I don't even think that forum should be on the home page.


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  • _TrueFacts
    09-04 09:47 PM
    This MF doesn't even have minimum decency to just leave alone a Dead Man.


    Shame on you. thoo

    In your love for YSR, you are behaving like him. Are you from Kadapa? Why unnecessarily picking on CHANDUV23. I got his profile id from Orkut.

    orkut - (

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  • johnamit
    07-12 04:11 PM
    I always has that question what is the real difference, hear people sayinig more taxes less salary and all that but don't know the actual difference yet.
    Will appreciate if someone can shed more light or post a link.

    Every time I hear "Canadian taxes are so much higher", I respond back with "really ? how much are you paying a month for health insurance?". I suggest a typical breadwinner with spouse + 2 dependents is probably paying $500 / mo + in health insurance premiums. Add that $6K / yr to your US tax bill, then compare it to your Canadian tax bill. ;)

    - GS


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  • cagedcactus
    06-21 03:20 PM
    I took upon a couple of new employess in 2004 October and trained them for couple of months as per my job requirement. The company later laid off few guys and substituted two approved labors with these two guys. They got their greencards last year, while I am stuck with a F***ing 2003 PD.
    I cant even say how mad I was over getting screwed like this, but hey, if there is any good left, maybe I will have my day too........

    I agree with your post here.....

    Many of us are not aware of the extend of labor subtituion and the impact that it has on the visa numbers .

    I personally know a case where 1-140 was filed in 2005, for a Labor which was approved as early as 2000.

    The person was able to get his green card in 6 months time (he has been in US only for 1 year, came to work with the Indian company and joined this new firm just to get his substitute LC) and ate away 2 visa numbers which a genuine GC applicant should have got.

    When there are applicants who are waiting for more than 5-7 years to get their green card and in some cases just to get through the labor certification process , isnt this grossly unfair?

    Advocates support LC substituion as it is just one more avenue for them to make more money. Unscrupulous employers support the LC substituion since it helps them to make money ( as I understand many of these companies sell LC) . Also same LC is used multiple times.

    The losers are genuine GC applicants who are ethical and companies which are ethical.

    As a H4 visa holder my life in this country has been so very limited that even opening a bank account or getting a driving licence is tedious as most people have no clue about H4 Visa-its limitations including absence of SSN and donot acknowledge ITIN number for many of the above purposes.

    We who are hindered by retrogression and the slow processing (actually no processing at all ) happening in the backlog centers should welcome this new legislation for Banning LC substituion.

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  • CreatedToday
    09-04 01:56 PM
    Why the &*#@ are you still POOR, being in US?

    Mr.Nair tell me is it Gulf or Gelf. Do you still wear lunky in office or smoke peedi...enda peedi malabar pedi, enda CM EK nayar...he he :D

    If its GOD own country...what are you doing there. Are you renting it mr.Nair

    by the way how is omana kutty.


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  • jthomas
    05-31 01:41 AM

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  • at0474
    12-14 04:29 PM
    Dakota Newfie,

    I understand your concern. But be rest assured that we are not going anywhere with this flawed concept; "we are discriminated because we are not given green cards!". When frustration is at work, commonsense goes on vacation.

    Also, IMHO, majority of indians posting here are taking it for granted that IV and the website is purely indian. It is not intentional though.


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  • unseenguy
    04-01 01:55 AM
    I completely agree with was Nehru who screwed up the country.

    I really feel that you are brainwashed and immatured. Although Nehru might have made some mistakes like China war, what did India really lose in that war? And how many years since then India has had to fix the problem? You should also read about Nehru's sacrifices and his movements along side Mahatma Gandhi that earned the nation its freedom.

    Now you have chosen to be a secondary citizen/ slave in america is a different matter altogether, but many back home in India are thankful they are free and independent nation.

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  • unseenguy
    05-29 02:54 PM
    No one is arguing that lot of EB1Cs do not deserve the classification, however; that is not the root cause why we are backlogged. You might get 1000more visas , you would think but at the end of the day , you will close that gateway as well. 1000 EB1 visas are not a major relief for us. And if you think that will resolve the issue, you are mistaken.

    There is a political decision to backdate the country dates and hence even if you take up Eb1 issue, they will close that line as well, but those visas will not translate into more visas for us. Bureaucrats can come up with gazillion excuses as to why spillover did not happen such as "there is now demand for religious workers".

    So do not deviate the focus of the community. Our purpose is to get our GC, not stop someone else from getting a GC. Thinking otherwise mean , divisive and selfish mentality! or plain jealousy. Has anyone stopped you from working for Cognizant?

    We need transparency and better predictability in the whole process. Someone said Oppenheim knows more than many of us. My question is why should we trust him? Shouldent there be a system that gives clear picture to everyone?

    Bottomline is we need to choose our battles! EB1 is not the battle we need to fight right now.


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-03 03:56 PM
    their office was not aware of this. Drew their attention to the statement by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.
    They ve promised to check & do what they can.

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  • cs.0
    05-29 03:20 PM
    hi friends,

    My suggestion is as follows : Let USCIS issue GC for primary applicants without considering PD :) and, issue GC to family members as per PD.

    Anyhow getting GC for primary applicant is important then dependent or let them consider whole family as single case instead of considering each family member as single.



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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 09:17 AM


    Excellent link. Good research by Macaca and logiclife.

    A couple more things guys:

    1) Matthew Oh has been known in the past to be a BIT of a sensationalist. Remember this past weekend and his scare regarding the yanking away of AC-21 provisions for I-485 filers? So lets take whatever he says with a PINCH OF SALT! ;)
    2) Let us please stop these messages about how Jesus and the saints would get their GCs processed. It may very well be offensive to some of the Christian members and to some Americans reading the forums.

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  • ramus
    07-03 09:35 PM
    This is strickly media drive thread.. please only post related to media drive..


    We should ask Congress to postpone the July 30th fee increase while it studies how USCIS can function year round with the same efficiency that it showed in the last two weeks of June.

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  • engineer
    07-08 12:33 AM
    1) I am EB3 ROW and my PD is Nov 22, 2005. My I140 is approved and my 485 is filed with Receipt Date of Aug 3, 2007. I have approved AP, EAD and finger printing is complete as well.

    Do you know how many EB3 ROW applications are ahead of me ?
    I am trying to understand how long it will take me to get Green Card ?

    2) What is the process to ask for information related to my case using Freedom of Information Act ?


    09-23 02:21 PM
    Sending link to TX chapter now.

    08-20 10:31 PM
    ^^^Not sure about the credibility of this news since its from TOI, but SRK seems to have bitten off a little more than he could chew! Rest assured, he will get his publicity one way or the other. :D

    SRK also equally crap to talk lets give this thread rest to peace..