Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Junky
    11-11 11:33 AM
    Bro nk2006, thanks for taking this initiative
    I have just send all the four letters.

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  • acecupid
    06-12 05:51 PM

    I am currently working in Skilled visa through one of MNC company.I am working for this company for last 4 years and prior to this company i worked in another small company for two years.When I join my current company i provided all the legal document like exp,last two month pay stub and releiving letter and they did BG . They did not find anything wrong with prior employer in last 4 year. recently they found something wrong about my prior employer and asking me providing additional document and unfortunately company is closed or rename. I have told my current employer that i don't have any more evidance of my prior employer.Because of this reason they are asking me to come back india.

    Is there any way that i can take legal action against this company in US because from last one week
    they are harrassing my like anything.

    Please let me know if anyone come across in this situation.

    They are just giving you BS. They are trying to use a fake reason to send you back to India. They might be using this fake reason (BG check) to avoid any legal hassles. Keep track of how they are harassing you, keep a copy of all emails and documents used in correspondence in this matter and complain to DOL.

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  • fromnaija
    01-16 09:57 AM
    Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right but though I had the choice I was not allowed to enter on H1. Now when my AP is expiring on 01/26/2007 would it mean I may go out of status even if I have a valid h1 till 06/01/2007?

    No, you will not be out of status. It only means you won't be able to travel out and re-enter after 01/26/2007 without obtaining another AP.

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  • brb2
    08-05 08:44 PM
    It will not help. Your aliases will be checked too. If you look at the names of 3000 or people stuck in name check, it is mostly Indians, Chinese, Russsians and a smattering of some Arab names from all over the world including middle east and Africa. Most are men. Evidently, this is racial and religious profiling based on "classified criterion". It will be interesting if AILA files a class action suit against FBI/USCIS by a whole class of people targetted, who in most cases have nothing to do with any crime.

    Look up the names of people stuck in name check to see how common names like Singh, Kaur and Kumar are caught up. Shows how intelligent the alogrithm is!

    my lastname is unique.
    will it help ?


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  • gcgreen
    08-07 01:42 PM
    Actually, many of the ROW folks here do want this. They are being selfless, because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

    Read your post again, we are already divided. Why would ROW candidate want to eleminate country quota and let you be in front of him...

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  • acecupid
    08-21 12:51 PM
    I just received my 2 year EAD. Priority date is Nov 2002 - EB3 -India. Well I guess that says it all. If USCIS thinks that Nov 2002 will take at least another 2 years then I dunno what about the rest. I didn't wanna think about EB2 porting being so close and spend another 10k, I guess just need to stop worrying about it now. :)

    It will be 10K spent well if you decide to do that!


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  • factoryman
    06-18 06:23 PM
    Biographic Information. Please read the form and the instructions in the ( site. Good night.

    Why do we need 325A?- i thought this was for people in illegal status. Our son entered the US on valid H4 visa. Also do we need to request in application to attach the file to mother or anything like that. I will give the USCIS a call and share that information here if I find anything more.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-03 03:16 PM
    Please clarify where exactly you are going and whats your proposal. Please be more objective and cut bureaucratic statements.


    This is a non issue now for all practical purpose because of recent Job Zone change for Computer Information Manager.
    The porting to begin with was unethical in our mind and we took a stand. We were challanged by several people on this forum but they did not realize the extent of our convictions.
    Unlike others with their lawsuits Ideas, in this case we did follow up on this issue by contacting DOL in early September with our greivance along with a famous lawyer on our side. Enclosed is our letter to Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao and other senior officials. We would like to think that our effort has contributed to the recent change in the Job Zones for Computer Information Manager, as that was specifically mentioned in our letter.. This was not exactly our intention as we just wanted DOL to put some more control around the process. Hence our apologies for the unintended consequences of this effort on the future applicants.
    Thanks to these members who actively/morally supported us.
    GCtest, abhijitrajan, Abhinaym, computer_gig, django.stone, jindhal, jonty_11, kalinga_sena, Karthikthiru, kevinkris, Leo07, newbie2020, nilendu, pmb76, prioritydate, rahulp, Still Waiting, vkannan and several others

    We have further indication that any research position may be upgraded to Zone 5.
    US educated may be viewed favorably espeicially in non IT engineering positions


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  • mani_r1
    10-05 11:09 AM

    Finally we got our receipt numbers today from the Check Images. Our Application reached USCIS on 07/03 by USPS Mail. Don't know who signed it. Have been waiting for it patiently. All our receipt numbers start with SRC so from Texas. My I140 was approved form Texas and there was an LUD on the I140 on 07/28.

    All the best for whom ever is waiting for the receipt numbers. You guys should get it pretty soon.

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  • pitha
    10-05 04:15 PM
    Seems like there might be an internal memo or understanding between USCIS and DOS not to approve many Eb2 India 485 even though there dates are current, this is the only explanation I can come up for the lack for eb2 india approvals in October. Even with the limited number of visas every quarter I was hoping there would be lot of approvals because of Visa spillover occuring every quarter instead of once every year, but looking at the USCIS performance in the first week of october it seems like there wont be any quarterly spillover at all.


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  • nish
    06-15 10:37 PM

    One of my friend is working in L1 on Informatica tool for one of the financial client.
    Does it mean that his company is violationg rules?
    His company is harrassing much for some personal reason and asking him to come back home country
    what action he can take against his company if his company viaolating L1 rules.
    Please anyone come across this situation then give us your suggestion.
    Appericiate your help in advance

    Can somebody reply to my question...?

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  • sundevil
    07-11 01:45 PM
    No disrespect to Al-Jazeera. But putting our story on that channel is not a good idea. People view anything on it with lot of suspicion, and Fox news interprets everybody Al-Jazeera sympathizes with as you know what.
    Don't come after me for saying this, its not my opinion. But general opinion that I have observed from people who are not well informed(read majority of people). Lets focus on the main stream media in US, outside coverage is not that significant anyway.

    Some one from Al Jazeera is requesting for more info. Please contact him (if its not done yet) for a story on the flower drive. Other members who participated in the drive please call and talk a few details.

    His request is pasted from another thread:

    I'm a producerfor Al Jazeera English, the international TV network. I'm hoping to talk with some of the people involved in the flower campaign. If you have time to contact me it would be great- 202-496-4519 or 202-651-1613. Many thanks,
    Kelly Rockwell


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  • ujjwal_p
    01-05 05:38 AM
    This is TRUE and a Very Valid One. And this the time for such a bill.

    I agree. IV Core should add this as a priority item in addition to the recapture and other issues.

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  • jonty_11
    06-21 12:32 PM
    dude this is serious...that means can they stop taking application in mid month august or sept??:eek:
    Yes it is serious.....and given how many people are raring to islikely...

    As I have said before......we r just too many!!!!


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  • inderman
    10-22 07:21 PM
    Got my CPO email few minutes back... Thank you all for your support and ALL THE BEST!!!

    NO LUD after Feb 2009 when i did my second finger printing.

    Created SR thru NCSC, did not help.

    Went to Infopass, no help from ppl i spoke with there.

    Did congress man enquiry, not sure if this helped. (as of yday, they had not received a response from uscis and were still waiting for a reply)

    Sent letter to Ombudsman, they told me they were checking with USCIS...

    No Idea which one worked... Good Luck to all of you...

    PD JAN 15, 2005
    case was transferred to NSC from TSC
    NO LUD after Feb 2009
    Had applied AC 21 on Aug 2008

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  • Sri_1975
    06-18 03:35 PM
    Thinking about it instead of everyone filing individual complaints with ICE is there a way we can collectively file a lawsuit against companies ( atleast 2 to 3) on L1 misuse? Would this get some attention?


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  • ssa
    11-25 01:46 PM
    But, can somebody answer my question above..........why is the same house (not even a brick changed) being appraised at around 100k lower than it was done 2 years back, by the same bank??

    For the same reason S&P500 shares which used to be something like $130-140 couple of months back are now selling for $85. Now should I go blaming NYSE/NASDAQ for that and ask my money back?

    Buying house is not much different than buying stocks - both of them are investments at the most fundamental level and are hence susceptible to ups and downs. If you don't have stomach for it just don't do it.

    Now, if you say you don't treat your home as investment but as a place to live then you should not be bothered if your house value is down temporarily in the short term. You can still live in it.

    The very first post in the thread says the poster hoped to sell it off in two years and pocket a quick profit. Nothing wrong with that but it's called speculation and every speculation carries a certain risk with it. Own up to that risk! There is no investment with only upside. That's the very basic tenet of investment.

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  • dhesha
    06-27 03:45 PM
    Can anyone answer this question please?

    In I-485, when we enter I-94 information, I am not sure which date to use in the valid field.

    The date on my white EAD card expired already. I have a new I-797 which is valid until 2010. My guess is I should enter this date. Can any one please confirm?

    Thanks a lot!
    Can somebody answer this....

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  • rameshk
    03-31 11:13 PM

    I have donated $100 for the advocacy day. But I still cannot access the donar forum. How to request this access?


    Important information is available on this in the Donor Forum. VBKris77 have compiled the information from the previous analysis and the latest information released by Dept. of State and IV's recommendation.

    But I am not allowed to post the information here...:D

    08-22 01:26 PM
    please ignore the dots...the important thing is to make the lawmakers aware of the issue. As mirage mentions we should send a letter to the rep Logfren, (i have mailed the letters), we just want them to be aware that there is an issue, ROWs please send them too, you will also be impacted. Nothing against EB2's or the comments they have passed so far, we dont want to undermine your visas, the idea here is simply to make the lawmakers and DOS/USCIS aware of the problem.

    In a way DOS/USCIS have opened a pandoras box because EB3 as a whole will see slower approvals leading to a larger number of countries stuck in the process across a spectrum of countries. earlier it was mainly india, china and mexico. If visa allotment policy holds then you will see more countries getting retrogessed.

    Some one gave me this comment saying

    Show me where have I undermined IV efforts? And show me nonsensical or counterproductive posts that I have made -- that is, nonsensical or counterproductive to the cause of upholding the law (not pandering to a particular employment category/chargeability area).

    I have done my homework, and I have understood the law properly. I have time and again given logical proof, along with the text of the law, as to why EB3 is eligible get the EB1 numbers at the same time as EB2. On the other hand none of the detractors have provided proof, or material that shows EB3 does not qualify.

    And for all those holier-than-thou EB2, what is about the letter campaign to get NSC/TSC to process application according to PDs (no lawful basis for that), and asking the removal of NSC bosses and what not. You seem to have different standards when you are suffering, and when others are suffering. There is a word in the dictionary for that, look it up.

    09-25 12:41 PM
    Ok pull your I-140 approval notice.
    Go on Beneficiary name.
    Along the lines of your name.. shd be a number starting with A number. Thats your Alien number. Its on mine..